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This is a subject I haven’t touched on for over a year, I believe.

When I was first writing articles here at My Home Brewed Coffee, I was poking fun at hipsters all the time.

You Don't Have to be Hipster to Like Good Coffee

All in love and good fun, of course.

But I haven’t mentioned it for a while, and I felt like it’s time I did again 🙂

Before I ever tried an AeroPress (my now favorite brewing method), I was nervous about trying it because for some reason I had the impression – I honestly don’t really know why – that only hipsters were allowed to use an Aeropress.

And I’m one of the most un-hipster people you’ll ever meet.

Maybe it’s because of Instagram, I don’t know… but I thought that it must’ve been hipsters with beards, beanies and red plaid lab coats who invented AeroPress in the first place.

So I figured that if they invented AeroPress, there’s no way that the hipster code would allow for someone like me to use an AeroPress with good conscience.

But it turned out I was totally wrong, it wasn’t hipsters who invented AeroPress! It was actually a jovial, older man named Alan who invented it!

And Alan isn’t at all hipster, either. He’s just a seemingly jolly guy who has a passion for good coffee.

The Instagram Invasion

Yes I’m an Instagram user too.

But somehow with all our social media today – and it’s not just Instagram – it would almost seem like hipsters own coffee itself.

Ok but really, if you’re an Instagram user too, you may have also been inundated with photos of guys with beards, beanies, plaids and really sleek leather backpacks and other leather gear who only make their coffee while camping somewhere in the wilderness… of the Pacific Northwest.

After seeing all these beautiful photos, I was wondering if I could ever measure up and be able to use a pour over, AeroPress, Minipresso, etc.

I thought I’d be confined to only being able to use an automatic drip machine, and maybe a French press if I’m lucky and either grew a beard or wore plaid that day.

It’s true, Instagram has really glamified coffee culture.

And hipsters, while they certainly can make great coffee, in many ways haven’t helped very much in making coffee very accessible to the common folk… AKA non-hipsters.

Ok but seriously, I was so turned off by all the ‘perfect’ pictures and the “camping with my AeroPress #thatcoffeelife #thathipsterlife #nature #mylifeisperfect” photos that I was seeing, it really hindered me from wanting to try some of the amazing brewing methods that I love now.

But the bottom line is that you don’t have to be hipster to like good coffee.

If you’re anything like me, which maybe you’re not, all this hipster-ness that’s happened to coffee in the last 10 years or so has made you skittish about trying good coffee or brewing methods.

But I hope you’re not like me in that way.

The Good News…

But here’s the good news: you can be not hipster at all and still make wonderful coffee.

Your coffee won’t taste any better because you have a beard, ridiculously skinny jeans, a closet full of plaids, rolled up pants with boots, a beanie, a house made completely made of wood in Portland, or even a travel/camping Instagram page that features your Pacific Northwest adventures with coffee and has 500,000 followers!

All you need is to know how great coffee brands, how to make good coffee, and which brewing method(s) works best for you.

And I’m here to help you with all of those.

I mean, I’m not hipster at all, but if I do say so myself I still make some pretty awesome coffee.

In my opinion, you can use automatic drip machines, AeroPress, French press, Chemex, Hario V60, or whatever you’d like.

You can make really nice tasting coffee with any of them, and while a hipster might be prone to judging if you use an automatic drip machine, I certainly won’t.

As long as you use a good coffee, instead of Folgers or other cheap, nasty coffee, that’s a big leap.

And I’ll give you a recommendation for an amazing coffee below.

My Story

For me, I grew up liking coffee.

And even while I was using automatic drip machines in my 20s, I still wanted to make good coffee.

For me at that time, that just meant that I wouldn’t make weak, thin coffee.

I’ve always hated that.

Then later on, I thought that if I made good coffee with an AeroPress or a Chemex, that I would somehow automatically become a hipster.

And I don’t ever, ever want to be hipster.

So if you make great coffee through an AeroPress, or a pour over or another manual brewing method, I’m here to tell you… you don’t have to show it off on Instagram, and it doesn’t automatically make you a hipster.

And, you don’t have to know all the ins and outs of your brewing method and talk about the craft (the ultimate hipster word) of coffee making.

You can just know how to make it, with a coffee you love, and do it in peace in a lovely, non-hipster environment.

When I was tired enough of cheap coffee from an automatic drip machine, I gave in and tried an AeroPress with some good quality coffee.

It was like an enlightenment for me, I was hooked.

So if you’re like me where you feel like you make mediocre coffee and want to make better coffee or just branch out a bit, but you feel like you don’t need to learn everything from hipsters trying to sell you handmade wooden and/or leather everything at the same time, you’ve come to the right place here at My Home Brewed Coffee.

The Bottom Line

I always like the bottom line.

And here’s the bottom line: whether you’re totally hipster, or totally un-hipster, I love you and want you to have amazing coffee.

And this is a gentle reminder that that’s the very reason I created this blog.

No matter who you are, where you are, what kind of clothes you wear and how much homemade leather goods you may or may not have, I’m here to help you make great coffee!

So please feel free to check out my tutorials, reviews for coffee and brewing methods, and my other fun info here!

Here’s the question for today, which coffee maker is the more “hipster” coffee maker, AeroPress or Chemex?

Let me know in the comments!

And just one more side note… the Wikipedia page for hipster is really funny, especially the introduction paragraphs.

You should read it to get a good laugh, and get some good info for understanding your local hipster.

And last but not least, here’s my favorite coffee that I’ve tried, if you’re interested to try it or take a look at it!

Coffee cheers!


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