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Lavazza is a huge name in the coffee world.

They are known for delicious espresso roasts and coffee alike.

They are certainly espresso masters by any standards.


What's the Best Lavazza Coffee?


If I see a Lavazza logo at a coffee shop somewhere, I can be almost positive that I’m going to love the coffee!

And a great thing about Lavazza is that it’s very accessible. You can easily purchase it for home brewing!

You can get it online and find it in stores also.

Today I want to just write a short article about Lavazza and what I think their best roast is!

If you want to just skip right there and find out what’s the best Lavazza coffee… it’s at the bottom.

But if you want to just keep reading, let’s look at some info about Lavazza and their coffee!


The name just has such a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

They’ve been around since 1895, so Lavazza has had plenty of time to become known as one of the world’s leading providers in quality coffee.

They estimate that there could be as much as 80% of the people in their native country of Italy drink their product.

As their coffee bags always tell you, they are originally based our of Torino, Italy.

To be a little more specific, it all started when Mr. Luigi Lavazza opened the first Lavazza store in via San Tommaso, Turin in 1895.

Lavazza's best espresso roast

Luigi Lavazza was a man of inventiveness and passion for his work.

He passionately studied coffee and the origin taste of different coffees from around the world and was well-versed when he started to create his blends.

Which, by the way, espresso roasts are usually always blends, and not single origin coffees.

After a trip to Brazil, Lavazza was able to see the potential coffee in an era of great change.

The Lavazza enterprise grew from a small shop to a larger business. They began selling more packaged coffee and they steadily grew throughout the 1900s, even after World War II.

In 1947 the first Lavazza logo was created, designed by Aerostudio Borghi in Milan.

The letter “A” in the middle of the word was larger than the other letters, which was an iconic design feature which has remained, even to this day.

Two years after the logo, Lavazza patented a cylindrical container with a pressure cover, and thus the first Lavazza tin was born.

They created their legendary “Lavazza Blend” in 1955 when more family were entering the company.

In short, the company has grown and grown and now they are one of the world’s most well-known coffee companies.

They are most known for their espresso, being an Italian company, but they produce both espresso roasts and regular style coffee.

Where to buy Lavazza coffee online


Their Best Coffee…

Lavazza has dozens of coffees to choose from.

And there are reasons why I say that this one is the best.

The taste is awesome, it’s a super good price for what you get, and others.

One of the great things about it is that it’s an espresso roast, but it works so well for either espresso or regular coffee brewing.

This espresso is a %100 Arabica blend from South and Central America and it has highly aromatic notes, amazing flavor and a rich body.

The beans are long-roasted which gives it an authentic, distinct Italian espresso taste.

Espresso Italiano roast

One thing I really like about it is that while it has a nice robust, strong flavor that’s characteristic for espresso, it’s nicely balanced with some fruit flavor notes as well.

It’s a rich and bold espresso, but it’s smooth at the same time.

It’s “safe” enough to where most anyone would love it.

After trying different roasts and flavors from Lavazza, and by the way there are so many good ones from them, I think this is the best one to go with because it doesn’t really get old.

It’s well-balanced enough to where I can easily go through a bag of it and still want more.

The juiciness of it and the nice, medium body contrasted with the bold, smoky and robust espresso roast qualities are a wonderful combination.


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You won’t be disappointed by this one!

It’s just all around awesomeness.

Like I said, one of the things I love about it, and maybe the best thing, is that it just works so well as either an espresso or just brewed like regular coffee.

It’s a very delicious and versatile coffee.

I hope if you try it, you love it as much as I do.

And with that, coffee cheers!


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