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Sometimes in coffee there are some funny names for things or terms that are thrown out.

When it comes to the roast level in coffee, there are actually more names for roasts than just light, medium and dark… believe it or not.

I won’t be explaining all of them for you today, but we will be looking at what exactly is full city roast.


What's Full City Roast?

The honest truth is that this term isn’t used very much and you may not ever really need to use it in your daily coffee life.

And that’s ok.

But for our purposes, let’s look at what this roast is now.

What Is Full City Roast?

If you just wanted to know exactly what it is and that’s it, here you go: full city roast is medium roast coffee that’s roasted after the beans have the first crack but just before they reach the second.

It’s also called full medium roast, which can maybe help better clarify it.

The second crack in coffee roasting is when coffee becomes a dark roast, but full city roast is just before that.

So it’s the darkest it can get and still be a medium roast coffee.

The roasting time for full city is about 11 – 12 minutes.

Some of the other names for it are light French roast, light espresso roast, medium roast, and Continental roast.

The beans themselves after roasting at this level will be mostly dry with maybe slight oil.

It also tends to have greater body and sweetness than a city roast with a more moderate acidity.

A Good Example Of A Full City Roast

There are so many examples I could give of this roast.

It’s basically any coffee that’s on the darker side of medium roast.

But it’s really not just any coffee that’s a medium roast.

Some of them are closer to the border of being a light roast… which is not a full city roast.

One of the coffees that I’ve tried, loved and reviewed was one called Blue Nile Blend from Allegro Coffee Roasters.

It has a seriously amazing flavor profile, with a mix of blueberry and tobacco flavor.

If it sounds like a strange combination, don’t worry it’s delicious.

This coffee is also quite inexpensive which is always a plus.

So if you’d like to try a great example of the roast in question today, I can highly recommend it, as I’ve purchased it multiple times and never been disappointed!


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Wrappin’ It Up

Full City Roast is basically a fancy way of saying a darker medium roast.

But again, there are so many coffee terms that even many of the highly knowledgeable coffee aficionados can hardly even keep up.

However, if you throw that language around at your local coffee shop, the baristas will be impressed… if they even know what full city roast means.

For many people, this roast is ideal for espresso.

In Italy it’s a very common roast to use for espresso.

I hope this article was helpful in understanding exactly what full city roast means, if you’ve ever heard anyone say it but didn’t understand.

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