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Here are two top-notch brewing methods that baristas have debated for years over which makes better coffee.

The question of pour over or AeroPress has baffled many a coffee aficionado. These two brewers are certainly very different.


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Statistically, I’m not sure which one is more popular. But it’s true that pour over and AeroPress are some of the most popular ways to make coffee, according to most baristas and coffee lovers.

I recently bought a Hario V60.

It’s probably the most popular pour over right now, and for good reason. It makes wonderful coffee.

So, since I now have the most popular pour over on the market, the Hario V60, and an AeroPress, I finally got to do a taste test. This means war…

What's Better, Pour Over or AeroPress?

You may know, if you’ve read any of my other posts, that I’m pretty starry-eyed over AeroPress… I love it! So of course, I had to let the two top-contender brewing methods duke it out in my taste buds!

One thing I will say about them… They are sooo different. It almost makes it hard compare them!

On the other hand though, big differences can almost make it easier to compare.

In this article I’m going to share the differences between the two brewing methods, and which one is better!… In my authoritative, fully accurate and ever-so-humble opinion.

That’s a joke of course.

If you just want to hear my verdict though, skip to the end!

Two Different Worlds… Let’s Start With Pour Over

There are many ways that the two are different from each other, but first let’s talk about the taste! That’s the most important thing, right?

The general flavor profile of coffee made with the Hario V60 or most pour over coffee makers is more of a light or medium bodied coffee, with crisp and clear flavor.

Usually the acidity is a bit more emphasized, also the origin flavor of the coffee beans.


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So the Hario V60 or most other pour overs will produce a cup that often emphasizes sweet, fruity, citrusy notes and will exude those flavors quite well.

It’s usually best to brew medium or light roast coffees with pour over.

The Hario is a favorite for so many baristas and when you use it you can understand why! It’s a bright flavor that I actually think is really nice for a morning coffee.

Then AeroPress…

AeroPress, on the other hand, produces a pretty rich and bold cup of coffee. In my opinion you can brew any roast with AeroPress – light, medium or dark.

It yields a strong, well-pronounced coffee that can have a different body or mouthfeel depending on which coffee you use.



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AeroPress also has a clear taste but usually emphasizes the flavor characteristics of medium or dark roasts more. Things like buttery, smokey, chocolate, carmelly, and such can be easily noticed with it.

But again, it’s versatile and the notes of lighter roasts can still come out nicely with AeroPress.

Although AeroPress generally makes well-balanced coffee and it’s smooth and clean, at the same time it’s bold and rich.

AeroPerss can be a bit tricky because sometimes your coffee will turn out better than other times… and there might not be any specific reason why!

You do the same thing but it’s a different result. But even if it can feel a bit inconsistent, the coffee usually always turns out very good!

It’s also a low-acidic brewing method. So the origin character of the beans might be a bit less pronounced with it, the characteristics mentioned above like sweet, fruity, citrusy… etc.

The Cleanup And Ease Of Use

This is a more minor point. But just to touch on it…

After the aspect of taste, the cleanup and ease of use is another major factor for myself and many others when it comes to brewing methods. I think we can all appreciate when it’s easier to use and clean!

Both the Hario V60 and AeroPress are pretty easy to clean. They both take under 30 seconds.

The Hario V60 is definitely easier to clean than AeroPress though. All you do is throw the filter away and rinse out the ceramic dripper!

Although, the V60 takes more attention and doctoring to brew than AeroPress. So it’s almost like they even out 🙂

Who’s The Winner!?

In my humble opinion… AeroPress beats the pants off of the Hario V60!

I’m not trying to be too biased because AeroPress has been my favorite coffee maker for some time now, but there are definite reasons.

But when I compared the same high-quality coffee brewed by AeroPress and Hario V60 I found that AeroPress was just so much better to me!

The main reason why AeroPress is better than V60 or pour over in my opinion is because I think it makes coffee that’s so well-balanced.

I’ve said it before many times, this is one of the most important aspects in a brewing method or in the beans themselves!

The V60 or pour over in general has a delicious, clean taste. I’m not going to deny that! I love pour over. But it just seems to bring out a smaller aspect of the flavor of the coffee.

While AeroPress emphasizes the flavor notes of dark roast more and makes a bold cup of coffee, the flavor notes from light roast coffees still shine through and create a wonderful contrast and balance of flavor.

The result is a cup of coffee that is complex, full of flavor, robust, and lower in acidity. The acidity point is also one that’s important for me.

The V60 emphasizes mainly the flavors of light roast coffee and is more of a one-trick pony. It does a wonderful job with the lighter, sweeter, fruitier taste. But for me I have to be in the mood for it.

The negative side of it is that the flavor becomes sour more easily. I don’t like sour coffee.

From my taste tests (yes multiple ones), when I go back and forth between the two, the coffee from the V60 usually tastes a bit sour to me compared to the AeroPress.

Author’s Personal Closing Remarks

Here’s a little note from the author…

This is just my opinion!

As I said, I have my reasons for it, and I think they are good ones.

The bottom line is that I think AeroPress is better than Hario because it’s much more balanced, less acidic and more robust.

But here’s my challenge to you 🙂

If you enjoy the Hario V60 or pour over better than AeroPress, or if you disagree with this article, please tell me why in the comments section! I would love to hear different opinions.

I think AeroPress is a better brewing method than the Hario V60 or other pour overs, but I would love to hear why if you happen to disagree. Or maybe you agree, and you can feel free to give comments about that too!


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I hope you found this article helpful, informative and maybe even a bit funny! Feel free to write any comments or questions in the comments box below, and I would love to hear from you. Whatever brewing method you love and use, enjoy your coffee. Coffee cheers!


Dan Horton

I really love my aeropress but want to try this pour over method now…

May 11.2020 | 10:54 pm


    You should give it a go! Chemex is also an awesome pour over that I like a little better than Hario probably but pour over in general is pretty nice. There’s definitely a reason why a lot of people say it’s their favorite.

    May 12.2020 | 04:42 am

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