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Just black, with cream and sugar, just cream… cottage cheese???

How do you prefer your coffee?

When it comes to how I take my coffee, I’m usually a “just black” kind of guy.

And then there are some of us who like a little coffee with our cream.

I won’t comment on that just now.


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Cream and sugar are certainly the classic two ingredients that people top their coffee with.

As far as what to add to coffee, you’re safe sticking with these.

People have been experimenting with new and unusual ingredients for quite some years to make their coffee experience a bit more… exotic.

So I thought I would share some of those today. Maybe you’ll love them, and maybe you’ll hate them!

But, if you’re up for an adventure or a new taste, it might be worth a try.

I have tried all these odd sounding top-offs, and while I don’t drink them all the time, I do enjoy having some of them, sometimes.

They may sound strange to pair with coffee, but hey, I’m almost always up for some adventure!

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Buttered Coffee

As far as weird stuff to mix with coffee goes, butter may be the most popular.

What to Add to Coffee

Some even swear that buttered coffee has extra health benefits.

The claim is that the butter helps keep you full and the coffee helps burn fat. Or something like that.

Whatever the case, in my opinion, buttered coffee has a pretty nice taste that I enjoy occasionally. What I’ve noticed is that I enjoy making buttered coffee most with my stovetop espresso maker.

Somehow the strong, acidic taste of stovetop espresso is well-balanced with the butter. It takes a little of the bite from the stovetop espresso.

And then there are times when I want the bite and just drink it black! You can give this crazy sounding concoction a try with any method of brewing coffee.

If you want to try buttered coffee, just put a teaspoon of butter in your cup of coffee and stir.

Simple enough.

Buttered coffee is often called Bulletproof Coffee.

This was coined by the entrepreneur and “life guru” Dave Asprey. But of course you have to use expensive, ultra-quality butter and coffee for it to be deemed worthy of the true “Bulletproof Coffee” seal.

If I do buttered coffee, I just use regular butter with whatever kind of coffee I please.

There are plenty of other ways to be healthy than dropping salty dairy in your morning Joe. If I do it, I do it mostly for the taste.

Let’s move on…

Coconut Oil

Since we’re already talking about health and health trends, why not mention coconut oil?

Out of all the items on this list, when it comes to taste, coconut oil is your safest bet. It hardly changes the taste in the slightest.

Also, when it comes to feeling full, I’ve noticed that coconut oil does a better job for me than butter.

And it’s not as salty.

Coconut oil is a highly trending topic in the nutrition world.

There are certainly many health benefits from it, but that’s a whole different subject. If you want to get more health benefits with coffee, I think coconut oil is your preferred option to go with over butter.

The recipe is almost the same as with butter: simply add either a teaspoon or a tablespoon of coconut oil to your coffee and stir.

Coffee and coconut oil

Coconut oil does produce funny looking bubbly orbs in the coffee.

But again, it hardly affects the taste. In fact, I think the aroma is refreshing.

It almost makes me feel like I’m sitting on a white sandy beach, sipping on my coconut coffee in the land where palm trees sway –  while in reality it’s winter time and I’m freezing my rear off.

Maybe we should try olive oil too? I’ll wait a bit before I try that one. If you do, let me know how you like it.


After trying salt once in my coffee yesterday, I quickly realized that it was once more than I wish I had tried it.

In my unbiased, subjective, and authoritative opinion… it tastes disgusting.

That’s a joke, of course, except for the “it tastes disgusting” part. This is coming from the guy who occasionally enjoys butter in his coffee.

I had read that adding salt to coffee could have originated in the Navy to reduce the bitterness of their strong coffee, or in Ethiopia.

Wherever the tradition came from, I’m not sure it was a bright idea.

I’ve also read on multiple blogs that “a pinch of salt will reduce the bitterness!”.

Well, I tried it. Just a small pinch of salt, in some nice French press coffee that I had made.

It sneaked up on me toward the bottom of the cup.

It tastes like salt water.

Can you put salt in coffee?

It was reminiscent of my childhood, swimming at the beach when sometimes I’d come out of the water and accidentally gulp down a mouthful of sea water, when my face ran smack dab into a wave I didn’t see coming.

I don’t know who thinks that salt takes away the bitterness from the coffee.

The only thing it did for me was make the coffee as sour as it could be, slightly enhancing the bitterness. This would be something to not add to coffee, I would suggest.

Was I doing something wrong? Maybe. But I gave it a shot, and now I can say I’ve tried it!

The last point about this one… it could make a good prank. Hehe.

Whipped Cream

I love espresso with whipped cream. This drink is called an espresso con panna.

Whipped cream can also go well with regular coffee.

I mean, it’s not really the most unusual addition for coffee; it’s a cream that has plenty of sugar!

If you haven’t tried this one, it’s well worth a try.

Especially if you enjoy espresso shots.

Coffee and whipped cream

The recipe for espresso con panna or coffee con panna?

Pour whipped cream on your espresso or coffee to your heart’s content.

Usually a dollop of whipped cream will do, or an even layer about one inch high around the rim of your cup.

Tip: you can also put the whipped cream on the bottom before the coffee! The presentation isn’t as beautiful, but it mixes perfectly that way.

I often drink this treat at coffee shops also. When I order it, I almost always ask for the whipped cream on the bottom.

The Sky’s The Limit!

You can just stay safe and stick with cream and/or sugar for your coffee. There’s nothing wrong with that.

This is a list of ingredients people have added to coffee which have become popular, or almost become popular.

And it certainly isn’t comprehensive!

Some runners-up are oatmeal, egg whites, protein powder, honey, nutmeg, cardamom, vanilla extract, lemon or lime.

The truth is you could put anything in coffee that you want to try.

I suppose you could put cottage cheese in coffee like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, maybe you’ll start a new fad!

Although, I haven’t heard of it thus far.

Were there any missing ingredients that I left out? Do you like salt in your coffee? Have you tried the other ones from the list? Let me know in the comments!

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Coffee cheers!


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