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A beautiful coffee bag, a nice design, great tasting coffee and an unmistakable freshness!

Volcan de Fuego Guatemalan Coffee Review

I’m quite happy to be reviewing a special coffee with a cool story.

Someone from the company heard about my blog through a friend of mine and wanted to give me a bag to try!


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I was blessed and I’m grateful they did this, so I’m happy to be reviewing this delicious coffee!

There’s a lot of perks to it, and I’ll talk about those.

This is a single-estate Volcan de Fuego Guatemalan coffee, a medium roast, grown at an elevation of 7,000 feet.

So here’s my review of the coffee, starting with of course… the cupping!


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The Taste

This is definitely a unique coffee in terms of the taste.

This single-estate coffee has an awesome, earthy profile that pretty much any true coffee lover should enjoy!

This was what I noticed in terms of the cupping. I should note that this was my personal experience with this coffee and you may notice something different when you taste it!

The aroma is buttery, earthy, floral, smooth.

The body is a medium-full body, and kind of silky.

Its taste is almost exactly like the aroma! Buttery, earthy, floral and definitely smooth! Maybe a very slight nectarine taste that I noticed as well.

I would describe this as an earthy and smooth coffee.

And if you know me, you know I love earthy coffee!

The bag says it’s a smooth coffee and it’s the truth!

It’s also kind of spicy, and kind of sweet.

The finish and aftertaste are mostly just earthy. Pretty crisp, and a great mouthfeel for the finish.

This coffee has a really rustic and natural and earthy feel to it.

It’s also very fresh and you can really tell when you drink it. It’s a low-acid coffee as well, which is a great thing in terms of taste and being easier on the stomach.

And it pairs very well with sweet foods! I was eating a sweet breakfast with it one day and it was a nearly perfect combo. So if you’re eating something sweet for breakfast, break this coffee out with it and you’ll love the pairing.

Like I said, it’s really a unique coffee!

The Bloom

Normally I don’t talk much about the bloom when it comes to a coffee review.

I’m not sure if a larger or fuller bloom is necessarily an indicator of taste or quality of coffee, but it sure is cool to see. And the bloom just may be an indicator that the coffee is more fresh, on the other hand.

But I haven’t been able to find anything written about it, or done any home tests myself.

But anyway, this coffee has an amazing bloom!

Like wow. It has the biggest bloom I’ve ever seen in a coffee!

So if the size or the measure of the bloom does happen to be an indicator of freshness, then this is some very fresh coffee.

From my year and a half of doing a coffee blog and reviewing coffees, this Volcan de Fuego coffee has the puffiest bloom I’ve seen! I love it!

The freshness

And while we’re speaking about freshness, this company prides itself on freshness.

And rightly so, because this is such an amazingly important factor to good coffee!

On the bag it says, “Roasted on the day it ships.”

Guatemalan coffee

Now that, my friend, is a good policy to have! Because the freshness (or unfreshness) of a coffee is something that is very noticeable.

This coffee company is adamant about sending customers fresh coffee, and it shows. The flavor really shines through because of this, and the coffee will keep longer.

It’s single estate, super fresh, delicious and with an awesome earthy flavor.

To me, there’s no question about the fact that this is a solid company, that has utmost regard for making quality, delicious coffee that they are certain will satisfy any coffee lover’s palate and with great customer service.


Kona coffee is really popular because of it’s unique flavor…

This coffee is somewhat similar because it’s grown on a similar climate.

It’s grown on a volcano with an ideal balance of sunlight and shade, growing amongst cacao trees.

So if you like Kona coffee, or if you want to try an amazing coffee that has a similar profile and maybe even better quality than a lot Kona coffees (which can sometimes be just a gimmick), you should definitely give this one a try!

It’s also not nearly as expensive as Kona coffee; it’s a very reasonable price for the quality of coffee you get.

The only interesting thing about this coffee for me was the fact that when I did multiple cuppings with this coffee, the flavor profile I noticed was pretty different from what they listed on their website!

As I mentioned earlier, I tasted a coffee that was buttery, earthy, floral, smooth and a hint of nectarine.

On the website it says the taster’s notes are heavy chocolate, citrus, herbal, sugar cane.

There’s a big difference between what I tasted and what they tasted! Although, I can pick up on the citrus and herbal notes.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened when I’ve tried a coffee though, as people’s palates can be different.

But either way, it’s delicious coffee with a freshness that you’ll love if you try it.

In my reviews I always say if I recommend a coffee or not.

And if it wasn’t already totally clear, I highly recommend this coffee!!

I’m so grateful that they gave me a bag of their coffee to try, and this again shows that it’s a company who is confident in their product and cares about their customers.

So if you’d like to get this awesome coffee, you can view and/or purchase it here at their website!

I hope you enjoy this coffee as much as I did if you get it! Coffee cheers!


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