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It’s not too often I come across a coffee that has molasses in the tasting notes.

But when I found Streetlevel Blend from Verve Coffee, I noticed molasses and other delicious sounding things like red apple and marmalade on the taster’s notes, and I had to give this one a go!

Something kind of silly that you should maybe know about me is that I have a thing about words.

What I mean is that I just really like certain words.

And when I like a word, it almost doesn’t matter what the thing is, I am interested in it or I want to try it.

Molasses is definitely a word that I like.

And although molasses isn’t necessarily my favorite ingredient ever, it can definitely add a nice taste to things. I mean, aren’t molasses cookies just awesome!?

Anyway, when I looked at this coffee, the molasses really piqued my interest.

I couldn’t resist the molasses, basically.

This coffee is a great, delicious coffee to be sure.

Verve Coffee Roasters' Streetlevel Blend Review


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Overall, I’d rate this coffee an 8 out of 10.

So, read on if you want to find out why, and to see a link for the best deal on Verve Coffee Roaster’s Streetlevel Blend!

The Tasting

Streetlevel is a coffee where I actually agree with all the taster’s notes on the bag! Wow!

This doesn’t happen all that often actually, so I get excited every time it does actually happen.

But what they wrote on the bag – red apple, marmalade, and molasses – I’d say are almost more having to do with the body and acidity than the straight up taste of the coffee.

This is pretty unique and something I don’t think I’ve experienced before.

So it means that you kind of can’t just let the coffee sit on your tongue and look for the taste to see what they mean when they write their taster’s notes. You have to sip it, taste it, and swallow it to really notice it!

So here’s what I found when I did a full tasting of the coffee.

The aroma definitely has the molasses feel! It’s almost like syrup or tarry but very nice and powerful. It almost seems to have a body to it.

And that’s just the aroma.

When it comes to the taste… it’s almost more like cherry to me.

The marmalade and molasses are right on from the description on the bag. This is a powerful but balanced coffee.

The body is very silky. This is a medium bodied coffee but it’s definitely silky and again, tarry.

The acidity is bright and juicy, definitely pronounced but not too much. It certainly has that red apple kind of feel to it. Whether it’s cherries or apples or whatever fruit notes you seem to pick up, that awesome, crisp and juicy feel shines through in the acidity.

The taste is also a bit savory. It’s almost like sweet and sour somehow, with the fruity notes and the molasses notes.

The aftertaste is slightly sour in a good way, bright and the mouthfeel of the molasses lingers also. But at the same time it seems to be a mild aftertaste. This coffee doesn’t stick to your mouth and take over.

This is definitely a clean coffee, but not so clean that it’s hollow.

The acidity is juicy and crisp and bright enough to where you get some good substance with it. It leaves a nice feel in your mouth for the aftertaste.

Drinking Streetlevel is like having a cup of good old, down home southern comfort.

And I’m not talking about whiskey!

With the combination of flavors, from fruity apple to marmalade to the slightly caramelly molasses, this coffee is like a delicious comfort food from the south that just makes your soul happy.

The Best Brewing Method

Ok so, this coffee is great with whatever brewing method or coffee maker you use.

But out of all of them that I tried – French press, Chemex, AeroPress, Minipresso – AeroPress definitely was the best way to make it for me. And that’s by a long shot.

The low acidic brewing of AeroPress compliments this coffee perfectly.

Where to buy Verve Coffee Roasters

Streetlevel Blend by Verve Coffee Roasters is good with any of the above mentioned coffee brewers and more, to be sure! But there’s just something about that good old AeroPress.

Since AeroPress and espresso or Minipresso are kind of similar, I thought it would be great to try it as an espresso also.

And using Minipresso for Streetlevel Blend was probably my next favorite brewing method.

But I think it’s better as a regular brewed coffee, because of the complexity of its flavor profile. So AeroPress seems to be the perfect blend of bringing out the flavor profile and making it nice and strong.

Wrapping It Up

This is a modern day coffee lover’s coffee in pretty much every sense, somehow.

A hipster’s dream.

From the logo to the taste and all the other elements of coffee cupping.

But even me, being as UN-hipster as I am, still love this coffee.

This coffee kind of took me on an adventure and the tasting notes on the bag were totally spot on.

Even though I might describe the fruity taste as cherry instead of apple, when I noted the acidity I totally understand why they write red apple in their taster’s notes.

It’s just juicy like an apple.


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I’d certainly recommend this coffee. It’s clean enough to where it doesn’t get old fast at all, but the acidity is there enough to where you have some good oomph and substance to it, too.

The molasses taste and body is definitely very unique and I loved it!

I hope that if you give it a try, you really enjoy it! And with that, coffee cheers!


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