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Kick starting your morning with a good ol’ cup o’ Joe is great, blissful, and deliciously delightful, no matter what. Right?

We all know that the best part of waking up, is… coffee in your cup. (There are, however, some brands I just can’t recommend, sorry!)

Instant coffee may not exactly be the baristas first choice… it may not be mine either.

But even though I don’t always love and get googly-eyed instant coffee, you know what?… I don’t hate it either!

I’ve tasted some pretty mighty fine instant coffee.

And if it’s your beverage of choice, there’s no judgment from me whatsoever!

I wrote an article about how instant coffee is made and the process of it. It’s actually pretty fascinating and you can read about that here!

So I won’t talk too much about the manufacturing process of it in this article. But just as a reminder, it’s made from real coffee beans.

So it certainly isn’t “fake” in that sense.

The coffee beans, which are sometimes Robusta beans, go through either a freeze-drying or spray-drying process.

But those details are not for this article, so just a bit below here are my recommendations for the best instant coffees you can get!

Better Or Worse…

Not all instant coffee is created equal.

I mean, sure the same thing is true about coffee beans too. There’s just no comparison between, for example, Folgers and Kicking Horse coffee.

But some people may think that all instant coffee is just no good.

That’s definitely not true. As I mentioned, I’ve had some instant coffee that’s perfectly enjoyable! Europe seems to do instant coffee particularly well from my experience…

Interestingly enough, Europe is the leading consumer of instant coffee in the world, followed by China, and USA in third.

The Best Instant Coffees

Without further ado, here’s a list of the best instant coffees, factoring not only the taste, but also the price, quality and/or healthiness, and other aspects. These are in no particular order!


*I receive commissions from purchases made through product links in this post. I sincerely appreciate if you use my links if you decide to buy something and help me in this way! And if not, no problem. To learn more click here. Coffee cheers!*


1. Waka Instant Coffee

The Best Instant Coffee


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2. Mount Hagen Instant Coffee

What's the best instant coffee?


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3. Starbucks Via Instant, Italian Roast

Starbucks Via Instant coffee


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4. Death Wish Instant Coffee

Death Wish Instant Coffee

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5. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Instant Coffee

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Instant Coffee


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6. Medaglia D’Oro Instant Espresso

Medaglia D'Oro Instant Espresso


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7. Anthony’s Organic Instant Coffee

Anthony's Organic Instant Coffee


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8. Jacobs Kronung Instant Coffee

Jacobs Kronung Instant Coffee


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Pros & Cons

The pros & cons of instant coffee would be like the pros & cons of other processed, quick-make foods or beverages.

It would be comparable to making a real homemade lasagna vs. buying a frozen pre-made lasagna and just putting it in the microwave. So the pros & cons are pretty obvious.

One of them tastes much better, fresher and richer but takes longer, and the other doesn’t taste as good and you can tell it’s more processed but it’s much more convenient and easier to make.

That’s the pros & cons in a nutshell! You sacrifice quality for convenience.

But at the same time, just like some microwave lasagnas can taste good, so can some instant coffees taste good! You just need to find the right ones, and that’s why I’m here to help!

Here’s a fun video of the British coffee expert and YouTuber James Hoffman doing a taste test of instant coffees if you’re interested.

The winner of his taste test is a coffee that is difficult to get in the states unfortunately, or else I would happily provide a link to it.

But here’s their website if you’re interested.

And just to answer his question that he posed in the video thumbnail… supermarket instant coffee can indeed be good!

Dalgona Coffee

A fun and tasty treat you can make is Dalgona coffee.

This has been a viral internet coffee sensation, and a sweet coffee treat. It’s fun to make and it tastes pretty good!

If you want to see how to make it and more info about it, check out my article about it. Dalgona coffee only works well with instant coffee.

My words were chosen carefully there, by the way. It works well with instant coffee.

Apparently you can make it with regular brewed coffee, but I haven’t tried that and can’t imagine that it would work as well or taste as good as with instant coffee!

So this is another great use for instant coffee. I personally wouldn’t make Dalgona coffee all the time but I think it’s very enjoyable to make on occasion!

Dalgona Coffee

There We Go!

Even though instant coffee may not have a reputation of being the best stuff around, you can most certainly find some good instant coffees on the market!

I’m sure there’s at least one from this list that can tickle your fancy. There’s at least a few that really tickle mine.

And feel free to let me know if there’s an instant coffee you enjoy that you think should be included on this list!

Coffee cheers!



Very interesting. Hmmmm. So you’re saying Deathwish has instant coffee too. Well you should know I’ll be the proud owner of that very soon. I dig instant coffee. However, I never really appreciated the quality or flavor of what I was actually drinking until I found this blog. So the bar has been raised. Thank you for this.

Jul 01.2020 | 10:09 am


    I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! The Death Wish instant coffee is low acid so I really like that about it. And thank you very much for saying that I’m so glad to hear!

    Jul 01.2020 | 06:59 pm


I was searching instant coffee for me when I Came Across on your post, Awesome you’ve reviewed all the Best instant coffee in details and your post helped me a lot.

Oct 19.2022 | 05:33 am


    Thanks so much Anderson! I’m glad it helped you!

    Oct 22.2022 | 10:03 am

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