by Danny | 7:00 pm

Gourmazia Coffee Ethiopian Limu Review – A Nice, Lemony Coffee

I love African coffee.

I’ve talked about this before in other articles.

The citrusy zest and bright flavor that African coffees almost always give are just awesome. Rarely if ever have I been disappointed by a coffee from Africa. After …

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by Danny | 9:42 pm

Chemex Coffee Maker Review – A Classic, Beautiful Pour Over

Chemex has made a huge comeback in recent years.

Yes that’s right… I meant to say comeback! Chemex was actually invented in 1941 by a guy named Peter Schlumbohm. It’s been around for a while.

Chemex has a beautiful design …

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by Danny | 5:57 pm

AeroPress Coffee Maker Review – The Little Coffee Maker with a Giant Taste

AeroPress Coffee Maker*I receive commissions from purchases made through product links in this post. I sincerely appreciate if you use my links if you decide to buy something and help me in this way! And if not, no problem. To learn more

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