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I’ve been reviewing coffees for a little while now.

Some of them really stand out, and some of them… just don’t.

Although I can appreciate a light, medium or dark roast, my preference is a good dark roast. I also love to buy a coffee on a whim, meaning, I look at a coffee, maybe check the reviews and just give it a go!

It’s a great way to discover new delicious coffees, and to help you find new ones and hopefully avoid mediocre coffee!


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That’s one of my goals here.

Today I’m reviewing the Stone Street Coffee Company’s organic Sumatra Gayo coffee.

Stone Street Coffee's 'Sumatra Gayo' Review

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This coffee was reasonably priced on Amazon and I know that usually I love Sumatra coffee. So I gave it a go, and it’s a huge winner!

The Taste

I’ll get to the pros & cons in the next section.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty and talk about the most important thing first: the taste!

This is a dark roast coffee.

First off, the aroma of the beans before you grind them is amazing. They have a deep, strong herbal aroma that gives you a hint that when you brew the coffee it will also have a rich flavor.

It’s earthy, woody, slightly smoky and chocolatey, and a hint of floral notes.

The finish is smooth and leaves you with mostly woody and earthy notes. It doesn’t have many “bright” or light roast flavors like sweet, berry or citrus, but when it comes to a dark roast this is a wonderful balance of dark roast flavor and aroma.

Stone Street Coffee

When doing a coffee tasting, a wonderful characteristic and one of the most important things is that it’s well-balanced.

You don’t necessarily want a coffee that has only chocolate flavor notes. As much as we may love chocolate….

The body and acidity of this coffee are also very pleasant. It tastes like a low acid coffee that has little to no acidic bite.

The aroma of the coffee when it’s brewed is not very strong. But the amazing taste of the coffee makes up for it 10 times over!

Taste is much more important than aroma.

The aroma of the beans in the bag is amazing as I mentioned, very rich and just how you’d like dark roast beans to smell. Tea is another beverage where the smell of it when it’s brewed can be pretty different from the taste, and often times when tea doesn’t have much of an aroma it will taste really good…

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros & cons for Stone Street Coffee Company’s Sumatra Gayo:


  • Amazing dark roast taste
  • Reasonably priced
  • Organic and very clean otherwise


  • The bag is a little hard to open?


Ok so the taste of this coffee is fantastic. Don’t need to go on about that again!

This coffee is also reasonably priced. I bought the two-pound bag for $28. So one pound this coffee is about $14.

That’s not bad. Some quality coffee roasters can be around $20 per pound. In my opinion, for what you’re getting $14 a pound is a swinging good deal!

It’s also a very clean coffee in that it’s organic, fair trade, rainforest safe and Kosher.

Here’s their website if you would like to take a look around there.

When it comes to the cons of the coffee, it’s hard to find any. Except that the bag is a bit difficult to open. But this really seems to be a pattern with the craft, quality coffee roasters.

So I’m not sure what else there is to say about it!

Sidenote: you’ll also need a clip or clothes pin to keep the bag closed because it’s a fairly large bag.

Chemex and Stone Street Coffee

It’s advertised that this coffee is for serious New Yorkers… and although I’m not a New Yorker, I can say that this is just a great coffee that is good for someone anywhere in the country!

The Bottom Line

To be honest, I really can’t think of much more to say about it.

This is just a straightforward coffee that packs a taste punch I’m sure you’ll love!

For some reason I decided to buy the two-pound bag of this coffee when I tried it for the first time. I’m honestly not even sure why, I just know that it was worth it!

Since I did, I’m going to also recommend the two-pound bag for you! If you choose to buy it, you can of course change the size to one-pound and there’s also the option to have it ground.

They say it’s for serious New Yorkers, I say it’s an amazing coffee for any serious coffee drinker or just about anyone who wants to have an awesome Sumatra coffee!


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I really hope this review was helpful, and that you’ll get to try this great coffee! If you have any questions please feel free to let me know. Have a wonderful day.

Coffee cheers!


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Daniel Horton

I bought this from your recommendation 2 weeks ago, and WOW you are not kidding this is a great coffee! I thought 2 pounds would be too much as I usually purchase coffee in smaller quantities, but now I’m thinking it’s not enough! Thanks for the great recommendations, Danny!

Aug 26.2020 | 03:03 pm


    That’s awesome thanks Dan! And you’re very welcome!

    Aug 27.2020 | 04:42 am


Hey Danny, thanks for trying out Stone Street’s Sumatra Gayo coffee for us. I do like dark roasts too and this one sounds great. I’m not a serious New Yorker, but I do love a cup of good coffee. Thanks again for sharing this. I’ll definitely use you links to check it out on Amazon. Cheers!

Sep 23.2020 | 08:14 am


    Thank you Ivan I appreciate that! That makes two of us then who aren’t New Yorkers but like a good dark roast. I really hope you enjoy it if you get to try it!

    Sep 24.2020 | 02:42 am

Sean Bennick


Where the heck has this site been? Or rather why didn’t I know about it before today?

I’m from Seattle so naturally, I enjoy some good coffee. I need to check out some of your other low-acid recommendations, but I’ll be buying this one as well.

Sep 23.2020 | 07:08 pm


    Thank you Sean, much appreciated! If you’re from Seattle I’m sure you know what a good coffee is! This coffee is delicious and I have some others that I absolutely love, like Grizzly Claw… that one is fantastic! I sincerely appreciate the support and really hope that you’ll love the coffee! All the best

    Sep 24.2020 | 03:11 am

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