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Ricks Roasters Coffee Company has made an apocalyptic coffee with Four Horsemen.

Although I’m not sure if I was ready for the apocalypse.

This is yet another coffee I purchased on Amazon on a whim. And even if I drink coffee that’s not so great sometimes, I still think it’s fun to do it!

Yes I do review coffees that I don’t like on My Home Brewed Coffee, and I’m honest about it! I want to be as honest and helpful to you as I can.

For example, I didn’t enjoy the two Stumptown coffees that I tried at all. In my opinion, Stumptown is a highly overrated, extremely acidic coffee… yes both of them.

Anyway, back to Four Horsemen.

Ricks Roasters coffee

This is a dark roast coffee that looked intriguing, so I put it in my cart.

I have to give this coffee a 5 out of 10.

I don’t strongly dislike this coffee or anything, just to be sure. It’s just that it wasn’t anything special to me. So with that being said, here’s my review of Four Horsemen.

The Taste

Well, unfortunately, this isn’t the most flavorful coffee I’ve ever had.

See, the thing is, I can’t really bash on this coffee and say it tastes bad though. It doesn’t taste bad.

It’s just that, the only thing I taste when I drink it is, well… coffee.

There’s no sweet notes, no citrus, no chocolate or caramel or floral or anything else that I can detect… just robust coffee.

The aroma is nice, it actually has hints of berries! It’s a sweet, pleasant aroma.

The taste is just smoky and robust. Not too much else.

There’s a slightly more rounded flavor when I brew it strong, but I had to brew it really strong for it to happen. Like I said before, the flavor itself isn’t bad or unpleasant necessarily, it’s not a bad quality coffee. It’s just not well-rounded.

I picked up on a medium body with a nice smooth finish.

Four Horsemen coffee

Taste Aside…

One thing I can really appreciate about this coffee, or the company in particular, is that it’s veteran owned and operated.

I have a huge appreciation for veterans and am so happy to support them for the service they’ve given for our country.

So it definitely makes me glad that I’m drinking at least an ok coffee and supporting a veteran by drinking this coffee!

And just to be clear, it’s a fine quality coffee.

When I smell the whole beans, and in the taste it’s definitely obvious. They’re good quality beans, even if the taste is just really straightforward.

I’m A Danny Of Second Chances

Even though this is certainly not my favorite coffee I’ve tried, I did enjoy it enough to say that I would gladly give Ricks Roasters Coffee Company another chance.

On their website, they have a lot of coffees to choose from. Seriously, a lot.

Since Four Horsemen was at least a good quality coffee, I would definitely try another one of their coffees and see how it tastes. Maybe a medium roast or a single origin coffee would be more well-balanced than Four Horsemen.

So maybe in the future you’ll see me review another Ricks Roasters coffee on here.

Wrapping It Up

I can’t really say that I highly recommend this coffee unfortunately.

But I don’t hate it either! Like I said, 5 out of 10, I’m middle of the road about this coffee basically.

But maybe if you try it you’ll like it better than I did!

If you want to try it, I’ll have a link on Amazon for it below.


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I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful, coffee cheers!



It’s nice to see that you show us how we can tell if we are not having a coffee that doesn’t have much tastings notes. Keep up with more reviews I really liked them.

Dec 14.2020 | 06:03 am


    Thank you Hector! It’s my pleasure and I’m happy to give my honest opinion! I just want to help people out πŸ™‚

    Dec 15.2020 | 02:16 am

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