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Here’s a coffee that caught my eye pretty quick.

A coffee named after a well-known jazz saxophone player!

Red Bay Coffee Coltrane Review


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I glanced at the description when I saw it on Amazon and decided this was going to be my next coffee to try.

John Coltrane isn’t my favorite jazz sax player, but he’s a colossal figure in jazz, and to name a coffee after him was pretty cool I thought. And just like Coltrane himself, this coffee is pretty classy and smooth.


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I give this medium roast an 8.5 out of 10… at least!

I really enjoyed it from the first time I tasted it. So here’s my review of Red Bay Coffee’s “Coltrane”…

The Taste

First things first, let’s talk about taste!

On the bag, they describe Coltrane with flavors of black grape, dark chocolate, and cane sugar.

When I tried it, from the first cup I made I loved it! Here’s what I found for the flavor profile…

Coltrane has a nice, full-bodied, juicy acidity.

For the taste I picked up on different sweet notes like black grape, dark chocolate, fruity, sugary.

So, pretty similar to what they describe on the bag.

This coffee really has a nice balance of the juicy acidity and sweetness.

There’s definitely a red wine kind of profile and bold red wine aroma, also a plum flavor in the taste. This is probably the most wine-like coffee I’ve tried.

And I dig that.

It also has a sweet, clear, clean finish.

We could say that like the master Coltrane himself, this coffee is beautifully sophisticated.

Red Bay Coffee review


Pros & Cons

Here they are…



  • Juicy, delicious acidity and great overall flavor
  • Great packaging



  • Small bag (not enough coffee!)


For the pros, I really want to give a big shout out to Red Bay Coffee.

Medium roast was a perfect roast for this coffee.

And they have given a wonderful acidity that’s crisp, clear and juicy.

Not to be a jerk and call out coffee companies… but the opposite would be Stumptown Coffee… where the acidity is sour, pungent and very overpowering.

Coltrane has one of the best acidic profiles in a coffee that I’ve tried.

As I’ve said before, coffees from Asia and the South Pacific are usually my favorite, while South American coffees are further down on the list.

But this one, a Colombian coffee, is a delicious and high-quality cup of Joe!

Not only is the acidity juicy and vibrant, but the sweetness and grape/wine flavors are just great. No matter which brewing method I used for this coffee, I never had a cup I didn’t like.

Also, their packaging is very nice. They have a zip lock on the back side of the bag.

I love this!

It makes the bag look better and more appealing after it’s opened. And, it’s so simple and quick to seal the bag and pouring the coffee beans out is nice and easy with the zip lock.

Guys… It’s Complicated…

Not only is this coffee delicious, it’s complicated, enigmatic, mysterious, sophisticated, perplexing, and so many other synonyms of the sort!

Ok, basically all I’m trying to say is that this coffee can taste kind of different any given time you brew it.

Not radically different like it tastes like a different coffee or anything, but like different elements can be pronounced.

And like I said before, I never once brewed this coffee and didn’t like it. But it’s a pretty “fluid” coffee in terms of how it can taste on any given brewing. It’s not even a bad thing, just something I noticed.

After trying different brewing methods with Coltrane, I found…

Best With AeroPress

I don’t know that I make a lot of definitive statements.

But if I’ve ever made one, here it is…

This coffee tastes best when brewed with AeroPress.

I tried different brew methods with Coltrane, and I liked AeroPress the best for sure.

If you didn’t know, AeroPress is my favorite coffee maker.

But with that being said, there are still some coffees that I think are better with pour over or French press. But this one certainly is most tasty when it’s done with AeroPress!

With many coffees that have a pronounced acidity, the AeroPress seems to squash the acidity, and you’re left with a flat, sour, or just plain bad tasting coffee. AeroPress can often be a litmus test of a good coffee, in my opinion.

So Coltrane is tested and true as a great, quality coffee because even though it’s got that wine-like profile, the AeroPress doesn’t just crunch that down… it makes it better!

So my recommendation for this coffee is to go with AeroPress.

Gettin’ Jazzy With It

We have a great coffee named after a jazz great.

That’s a winner in my opinion.

I love trying coffees on a whim, and seeing if they jive with my taste buds or not.

This one is jivin’.

Oh and the last thing I want to say about this coffee is that the smell of the whole beans in the bag is fantastic. It’s so good I just want to keep smelling them over and over.

It makes me want to have a Coltrane-scented air freshener, or a Coltrane-scented face mask.

Those were semi-jokes, but seriously the aroma is wonderful and makes me look forward to brewing it.

I hope if you get this coffee you enjoy it as much as I do! Stay jazzy, friends.


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I hope you found this review helpful! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know in the comments section below and I’ll be happy to hear from you. Coffee cheers!


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