by Danny | 11:09 pm

I Have A Webstore! – Feel Free to Give it A Look

I’m going to be really honest with you here.

Well first off, I’m super excited because I just launched my very own webstore on Shopify called “Coffee Cheers Merch“!

Coffee Merchandise

I figured, what better name to use than “Coffee …

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by Danny | 4:24 am

Copper Moon Coffee “Rainforest Reserve” Review – A Smooth and Sweet Blend

Here’s a coffee with a fun name and a really cool look!


Copper Moon Coffee Rainforest Reserve

*I receive commissions from purchases made through product links in this post. I sincerely appreciate if you use my links if you decide to buy something and

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by Danny | 11:29 pm

Mr. Brown Bean “Guatemala Huehuetenango” Review – A Delicious Coffee From a Local San Diego Guy

I’ll start this off by saying I haven’t tried many coffees from Guatemala.

But when I met a fellow Instagrammer named Hector who delivers coffee in San Diego, I looked at his selection and when I saw the description of …

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by Danny | 5:10 am

Coffee + Giant Steps – A Pure Swingin’ Combo!

I just finished a bag of an amazing coffee called Coltrane by Red Bay Coffee.

And since I love talking about how well coffee and music go together, I almost couldn’t help but listen to some John Coltrane while drinking …

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by Danny | 12:13 am

Red Bay Coffee “Coltrane” Review – A Classy Colombian Coffee

Here’s a coffee that caught my eye pretty quick.

A coffee named after a well-known jazz saxophone player!

Red Bay Coffee

*I receive commissions from purchases made through product links in this post. I sincerely appreciate if you use my links if you

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by Danny | 3:05 am

Kicking Horse Coffee’s “Grizzly Claw” Review – A Dark, Rich, Delicious Brew!

I’m always on the quest for an amazing dark roast coffee.

Sometimes I strike gold, sometimes it’s a bit flat.

I had previously tried Kicking Horse Coffee’s “Three Sisters” blend. You can read that review here if you’re interested.

It …

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by Danny | 3:56 am

What’s the Best Grocery Store Coffee? – Find Out Here! And Some Bonuses…

Have you ever found yourself staring at the coffee section in the grocery store for five minutes too long?

How about 10 minutes too long?


I won’t say if I have or not. But I’ll bet now you know, anyway!…

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by Danny | 3:37 am

Stumptown Coffee’s “Holler Mountain” Review – An Acidic, Bright Coffee

Here it goes.

My second review of a Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ coffee!

I’ve also tried and reviewed Stumptown’s Hair “Bender coffee” at the bottom of this article, if you’re interested to read that.

This is a popular coffee roaster …

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by Danny | 9:29 pm

Coffee + ‘In My Room’ – A Fun, Eclectic Pairing

Jacob Collier is a musical genius.

But that might be an understatement… he’s more like a musical super-genius. He’s an anomaly.

Aside from that, he also just has a really fun personality and seems like an easy-going dude.

In My

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by Danny | 10:50 pm

Paper vs Metal Pour Over Coffee Filters – Which One’s Better?

Chemex, Hario, Kalita Wave, Bean Envy, Bodum, OXO Brew… what’s your favorite pour over?

I have my favorite, but that’s another article. Honestly, it’s really hard for me to choose a favorite, and… it can be subject to change!…

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