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The choices we have for coffee to purchase are only multiplying it seems.

If this was an Instagram post I would now write #1stworldproblems.

It’s definitely a 1st world problem that we have to think so much about which delicious, fresh roasted coffee we should have delivered to our door.

Let’s just own it proudly.

The reality is it’s pretty awesome.


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There are probably thousands and thousands of coffee roasters and brands to choose from!

My recommendation, of course, is to go with the coffee that looks the most hipster. Go with hipster and follow the crowd, don’t go with taste. Whatever you do… don’t think for yourself! Hipsters always know best.

Now take those last 4 sentences and completely disregard them, and you’ll do just fine 🙂

Anyway, jokes aside, here’s a list reviewing the last 4 coffees I’ve had, starting with my favorite! The others are in no particular order.

Stone Street Coffee Company – Organic Sumatra Gayo

My Last 4 Coffees - The Reviews and Recommendations

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The first thing I would like to say about this coffee… it’s pure awesomeness.

If you like a dark roast that is bursting with rich flavor, you’ll love this one.

It’s woody, earthy, slightly smokey and chocolatey, and a hint of floral. The finish is pretty smooth and leaves you with mostly woody and earthy notes.

It doesn’t have many “bright” flavors like sweet, berry or citrus, but when it comes to a dark roast this is a wonderful balance of dark roast flavor and aroma.

The aroma of the brewed coffee is not very strong, and seems a bit lacking. But honestly, the amazing taste of the coffee makes up for it 10 times over.

Taste is much more important than aroma.

But the aroma of the beans in the bag is amazing, very rich and just how you’d like dark roast beans to smell.

A little back story… I bought a 2-pound bag of stuff because I had previously “accidentally” bought a light roast coffee just before this, and I wanted to have a dark roast for a good little while.

This just so happened to be the perfect choice. For me, I don’t think one pound would have been enough and I can’t wait to get another bag of this delicious coffee!

This is my favorite coffee out of these four and I highly recommend it!

Well done, Stone Street Coffee Company.

Death Wish Coffee Company – Classic Blend

What's the best coffee?

Death Wish… the coffee that supposedly gives one superpowers.

You can read my full review of this coffee here.

Death Wish coffee packs a punch, in both taste and caffeine content. The taste is a rich, full-bodied dark roast.

It’s a robust taste, which seems fitting because they use an Arabica and Robusta coffee bean blend.

This coffee is earthy tasting with a nice aroma. It has a light body and some subtle citrus notes.

It also has a lot of caffeine. Fortunately, the “coffee buzz” you get from Death Wish coffee isn’t an uncomfortable, overly jittery one. It lasts for a long time and doesn’t have as much of a crash.

This is strong, rich, robust coffee that has a kick!

Screen 18 Coffee – Kenya AA

Screen 18 Kenya Coffee

I love Kenya coffee.

It has such a unique and classy taste.

So when I saw this one on Amazon and noticed it was a medium-dark roast, I thought I should definitely give it a go.

It certainly doesn’t disappoint. It has a really smooth and almost subtle taste. The acidity is very balanced with its fruit/berry flavor.

Full-bodied and complex, this is yet another Kenya coffee that won my taste buds over.

I would say that this is a coffee for the not overly adventurous coffee lover. It’s not too dark and robust, but also not overly light and acidic tasting.

So if you’re looking for something that is a nice middle ground but still has a great, balanced taste, this is a good choice.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters – Hair Bender Blend

Stumptown Coffee Hair Bender

This coffee is… an interesting one. For a few different reasons.

When I was browsing on Amazon, I really wanted to find out if this was a light, medium or dark roast.

I wasn’t in the mood for a light roast! So, I did a CTRL+F search on the Amazon page and typed “roast” and there was nothing to be found indicating the roast level, anywhere.

But it said it has citrus and dark chocolate flavor. I was intrigued by the combination of light and dark roast characteristics here. AND, it said it’s their most popular coffee.

So I almost needed to give it a go!

I very quickly found out it’s a light roast.

The aroma of the brewed coffee is very pungent, and the taste of the coffee has a highly pronounced acidity.

Unfortunately, even though they describe it as having citrus and dark chocolate notes, almost the only thing I taste is a very strong and sour acidic profile with only the slightest hint of dark chocolate.

I do have to say, I cannot make out any citrus notes at all.

One cool thing about this coffee is that after the grounds have sat for a while after I brewed them, I decided to smell them, and they had a very nice dark chocolate aroma.

It was a very nice aroma. But this was a bit late for my taste! It would be great if that came out in the flavor more.

This is a pretty good light roast coffee, but because of the strong acidity and not marking anywhere that it’s a light roast, it is without a doubt my least recommended coffee on this list.

Side note: They say they use this coffee in their shops for espresso. But it’s a light roast? Hmmmm…

I don’t know if I’m missing something but I’ve never heard of a light roast being used for espresso. To be honest, I can’t imagine drinking this as espresso! Is this a hipster thing???

Follow Your Heart… No I Mean… Your Taste Buds

I would say there’s something for pretty much everyone on this list. Light, medium and dark roast coffees which, whether I personally recommend them or not, they certainly deliver.

I am merely your guide on your quest in coffee enjoyment.

Just kidding. But I do sincerely hope that this article will help you and give you at least one new coffee to try that you’ll love!

The Sumatra coffee is my favorite one here, but I hope that you’ll find something that suits your taste very well.

I’m looking forward to making another list of reviews after I try more.

Coffee cheers!


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Tammy Cotten

Well now I’m going to have to buy more coffee. I like Death Wish but I’m going to need to try the Kenya coffee. You won me over on your thoughts with that. Guess I’ll know soon. ♥️☕️🙌🏻

Jun 16.2020 | 07:32 pm


    Awesome, the Kenya coffee is so good! Thanks for the feedback! I hope you love the Kenya coffee. You probably will if you enjoy Death Wish

    Jun 17.2020 | 04:53 am

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