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Mr. Coffee is a staple of American coffee brewing.

It was actually the first automatic drip coffee maker for home use, just to give you a little fun fact.

In 1971 the patent was filed for the revolutionary coffee machine and coffee history was made.

Here we are now, and automatic drip machines are by far the most popular way in America to make coffee.

The company Mr. Coffee was truly a ground breaker in this.


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And when it comes to automatic coffee machines, Mr. Coffee is the king of them. Not in the sense that it’s the “best” per se, but in the sense that it’s a very popular brand and… it was here first!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried a lot of automatic drip coffee machines in my day. There’s no way I could remember how many brands and models I’ve used.

If we’re honest, there are so many around the same price range… they’re like a dime a dozen.

There are also quite a few coffee makers that are more pricey, closer to 100 dollars or more.

I did a review of the Moccamaster which is an awesome automatic drip coffee maker but it’s much more expensive than a standard Mr. Coffee machine.

Here are some tricks, tips and info if you’re looking to buy a nice, affordable automatic coffee maker. Mr. Coffee is a great buy if that’s what you’re looking for!

Mr. Coffee - America's Classic Coffee Machine

Don’t Get The 4-Cup Coffee Maker!

For me, this is just a rule of thumb.

If I want to make a small amount of coffee, I will definitely go with something like a AeroPress, French Press, or pour over.

The reason is this: for some reason that I just can’t figure out, coffee made in small amounts from automatic drip machines like the 4-cup (or even making 4 cups with a bigger coffee maker) just doesn’t seem to turn out as good!

I really have no scientific explanation, and no proof to give as to why.

It’s just that every time I’ve made it in that small amount it doesn’t turn out as good!

My theory is that the very small amount of water used with the automatic drip machine process maybe pours too fast and doesn’t steep the coffee long enough.

But either way, I’ve done it enough times to know that it’s not my preference.

Also, I think it’s nice to just brew 5 cups at the least and that way if I finish a few cups of coffee and decide that I want more, it’s right there for me to drink πŸ™‚

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A Good Coffee Maker For The Price

Like I said before, there are boatloads of coffee makers really similar to Mr. Coffee that are around the same price.

But to me there’s something about paying homage to the first company to make an automatic coffee machine for home use.

It was really a huge trailblazer.

This is also a durable coffee maker.

If you get one, it will last you a while. That’s one thing I like about the brand.

There are many people who drink coffee every day and don’t care about trendy or fancy ways of making coffee like pour over or AeroPress or other things, and that’s totally fine!

This website is not just for people who know a lot about coffee or are experts with coffee brewing.

Even though I talk a lot about those specialty manual coffee brewing methods, there’s nothing wrong with a good old automatic drip machine like Mr. Coffee! In fact, it’s great.

For the price of a Mr. Coffee machine, which is usually under or around $30, you really do get a good, quality machine.


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A Classic You Can Trust

To me there’s something about a brand or a product that has stood the test of time and continues to make products that last and are durable.

It’s generally true that brands that have been around for a long time and still make products and do good business are very trustworthy and usually the best brands to buy from.

There are definitely coffee maker brands that for me are associated with the thought of breaking down or parts breaking or just being cheap!

But Mr. Coffee is a faithful brand that’s lasted since the 1970s and has been making quality products since then.

I’m not exactly sure why it’s usually the brands and products that have been around for the long haul that make the most trustworthy products, but it just seems to be the case.

True Around The Board

Have you noticed that with other products or things that you enjoy? I definitely have.

For example, I enjoy the guitar brand Martin because to me their guitars are made well, they play well, their durable, they sound absolutely amazing, they look great, and I find no fault with them!

They were established in 1833…

That’s a long time to be making guitars! Coming up on 200 years. They’ve been doing it well for a long time and they stay in business by ensuring a quality product.

Great brands stand the test of time.

It Makes Good Coffee!

Well, here’s the thing…

If we’re honest, many or most of the coffee makers in the $30 price range make pretty comparable coffee.

There’s not one of them that makes heavenly coffee that ranks far above the rest. But I can say that Mr. Coffee certainly makes a good cup of coffee!

And if you’re thinking about taste when it comes to a 20 or 30 dollar coffee maker, it delivers!

Remember, use proper coffee-to-water ratios, as I’ve talked about in other articles like this one. If you do that, your coffee in a Mr. Coffee brewer will turn out great!

A lot of the time, brewing good coffee comes down to just understanding good technique, or maybe a few simple changes in technique.

I have plenty of posts about it and if you search under the category “Coffee Tips and Tricks” you can find many more.

Here’s another pro tip from Captain Obvious here… no matter what coffee maker or brewing method you use, including Mr. Coffee… use good coffee when you do!

Consider this a personal request from me.

You can put Folgers for example through an AeroPress, French press, Moka Pot, $1,000 espresso machine, pour over, Mr. Coffee… and it simply will not taste good! It’s Folgers for crying out loud!

But use good coffee, use the proper technique and coffee ratios, and you’ll do just fine *raises mug and gives you a coffee cheers to that*.

You Just Can’t Go Wong

I recently read an article on Buzzfeed where a girl was saying after all the fancy coffee brewing methods and coffee makers she’s tried, that her trusty old Mr. Coffee machine was still her very favorite.

It inspired me and reminded me that yes indeed, Mr. Coffee is an automatic drip machine but it’s not only a pioneer for coffee making, but it’s also maybe the longest standing automatic drip machine brand.

And there’s something to be said for that.

So if you’re looking for a recommendation for an automatic drip machine in the wide world full of them, Mr. Coffee in my opinion is a wonderful choice for these reasons.


I hope this article was helpful for you. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to write them in the comments section below and I’ll be happy to hear from you!

Coffee cheers!



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