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I’ll start this off by saying I haven’t tried many coffees from Guatemala.

But when I met a fellow Instagrammer named Hector who delivers coffee in San Diego, I looked at his selection and when I saw the description of this organic Guatemala Huehuetenango, I was sold.

His coffee company is called Mr. Brown Bean, and he delivers in San Diego.

Gutemala coffee

I must say, it was pretty nice to have a delivery from someone other than Amazon!


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Here’s my best description of his coffee…

The Taste

This is a nicely balanced coffee! On the tasting notes on the bag it says “Fruity, orange, milk chocolate, maple”, and this is a perfect description! For once, I’m not sure that I have anything to add to that. Whoa.

The maple flavor is pretty amazing. To me it’s pretty unique and I haven’t tried many other coffees with maple flavor notes. It’s almost like a toffee flavor sometimes (depending on how you brew it and what brewing method).

The acidity is definitely there and pronounced, but it’s a good acidity that’s not overbearing. I’d describe it as a bright, nicely tart, citrusy acidity. This really goes well with the maple and chocolate flavor.

The coffee has a light, silky body.

The aroma really has that silky maple feel. It almost has a cane sugar feel.

This Guatemala coffee has an aftertaste that’s fruity, smooth and tangy!

It’s really a well-balanced coffee. And you know me… I love balanced coffee. Otherwise, if it’s not balanced it falls flat on its face. Ok enough jokes now.

It’s also a pretty versatile coffee. Meaning, it can taste pretty different if you use different brewing methods. AeroPress, pour over, French press… you’ll notice different elements emphasized with each one.

Guatemala coffee

South American Coffee: Quality vs. Bleh

I want to take a moment now to mention something.

If you’ve read some of my other articles about South American coffee… you may have noticed that I prefer coffee from Asia/South Pacific or Africa. This is still true, although I’m learning something lately.

It seems that there can be a big quality gap especially in South American coffees.

I’ve had countless Colombian coffees specifically that are so bland, mediocre and boring.

I don’t know why Colombia in particular, but it seems like the low quality coffee companies have special relations with Colombian coffee growers or something.

But lately I’ve had at least a couple coffees from Colombia from quality roasters that have been delicious! I’ve been very pleasantly surprised.

So, with this Guatemalan coffee from Mr. Brown Bean, it was evident from the first sip that it’s a great quality coffee from a great roaster.

The flavor is pronounced, it’s vibrant, and it’s just delicious! It’s very different from the cheap as dirt major brand name coffee that has tainted the reputation of South American coffee.

If You’re In San Diego

… Then check out Mr. Brown Bean!

I like supporting local, especially if it’s great stuff.

Hector is a nice, friendly guy who sells good coffee!

If you’d like to look at his selection, here’s a link to his website.

I would definitely recommend his coffee if you’re in the San Diego area, and especially the Guatemala Huehuetenango!

Wrapping It Up

If you happen to be like me at all and are wary of South American coffee, you maybe just need to try more good quality ones!

That was the case for me.

This Guatemala Huehuetenango coffee from Mr. Brown Bean is an awesome example of delicious South American coffee! I will certainly buy from him again and I’m looking forward to trying some of his other coffees.

So let me say it again, the bottom line… if you’re in the San Diego area, I highly recommend Mr. Brown Bean!

Coffee cheers!


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Note: I am not an affiliate with this company and I make zero money if you purchase from it. I just want to recommend good coffee and products to you!


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hector soto

Thank you so much I really appreciated it, I am glad that my coffee made a difference. Thank you so much hope to serve you soon.
Have a great day

Sep 27.2020 | 09:27 pm


    It’s my pleasure, Hector! Thank you once again for great coffee and I hope there will be more people trying it!

    Sep 29.2020 | 03:45 am


    It’s my pleasure, Hector! Thank you once again for great coffee and I hope there will be more people trying it!

    Sep 29.2020 | 03:45 am

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