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If you read my first review of a Mr. Brown Bean coffee, then you noticed how I was just loving and pleasantly surprised by this San Diego guy’s coffee.

Hector, or Mr. Brown Bean, roasts coffee in San Diego and delivers it to your house.

So this recommendation is especially for fellow San Diego dwellers! It is so worth it to get a bag of his coffee. I’ve loved it these first two times, and I can’t imagine being disappointed by any of his other coffees.


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In this review, I tried his Costa Rica ‘Sonora Catuai Rojo’.

Mr. Brown Bean Costa Rica coffee

I was up for trying another South American coffee from Mr. Brown Bean. Although, he offers African coffee as well.

So let’s start with the most important part of the coffee… the taste!…

The Taste

This is a great tasting coffee.

I’ve really loved both of Mr. Brown Bean’s coffees that I’ve tried so far!

Before I talk about the flavor of this coffee, I should let you know something.

Mr. Brown Bean has an amazingly accurate palate.

On both of the coffees I’ve tried, the flavors that are written on the bag are completely spot on. I’ve hardly had any other coffees where I’ve totally agreed with what the bag described.

But in both of the coffees I’ve tried from Mr. Brown Bean, the flavor descriptions have been right on.

On the coffee bag for this Costa Rica ‘Sonora Catuai Rojo’, it describes the flavors as honeydew, maple syrup, and walnut.

Costa Rica coffee and French Press

In one sense, I don’t have anything to add! Perfect description!

Like a honeydew melon, this coffee has a slight sugary sweetness to it. It’s balanced with maple notes and definitely a nutty taste. This is a well-balanced Costa Rica coffee.

It has a light body, and with a fruity/berry acidity. The aftertaste is nice and smooth and to me, the honeydew flavor is what sticks around the most.

This is a delicious coffee.

The Freshness

With this coffee and the first one I tried by him, they were both recently roasted and the freshness was evident.

As you can see from the picture, this coffee was roasted on October 5. He delivered it to me around October 20 and I finished it on November 10.

So I finished it about a month after it was roasted. That’s pretty great!

Sometimes, or maybe often, we can buy coffee from a grocery store or online and when we get it, it’s already around 6 months after the roasting date.

But it’s not only about the date, but it’s obvious in the taste that it’s great quality, fresh coffee that he makes.

Let’s Support Locals!

I’ve said it before, but isn’t it great to support local small businesses?

And well, the thing is… you can only get Mr. Brown Bean’s coffee if you’re in San Diego. Sorry for anyone who would like some who’s reading this from another part of the world.

Anyway, not only is it great to support local businesses, but Hector’s coffee is reasonably priced. I’ve purchased coffee that was more expensive and not as fresh and tasteful as his.

On his website he talks about his passion for fresh coffee, and it shows when you drink it!

You can check out his website here, and his Instagram is @freshcoffeebeanss if you’d like to follow him there!

Here’s The Deal

After trying two of his coffees, I can definitely tell he likes to make sure his coffee is fresh when it’s delivered!

Both times I’ve tried coffee from Mr. Brown Bean, it’s been wonderfully fresh.

Fresh Coffee Beans

You can’t go wrong with trying one of his coffee! At least the two that I’ve tried so far…

There’s also the fact that he’s a nice guy who’s friendly, nice to talk to and passionate about what he does. For me, customer service and the people behind a business – no matter what the business is – is really important.

So I’m happy to say also that Hector is a nice guy to talk with.

So if you’re around these parts, I highly recommend this Costa Rica coffee! And I hope that if you try it, you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did!

Coffee cheers!


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Hector soto

Thank you for all the support that you gave me. I am happy that you liked my coffee. I’m glad that you liked it and hope the best for your business too.

Nov 18.2020 | 06:59 am


    Thank you Hector!! I also greatly appreciate your support and cheers to both of our businesses growing.

    Nov 18.2020 | 04:44 pm

      hector soto

      thank you

      Nov 23.2020 | 10:14 pm

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