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If you’re on the market for a very inexpensive, portable espresso maker that makes a very fine espresso, Minipresso is a great option for you.

I recently reviewed the Minipresso espresso maker here at My Home Brewed Coffee.

Minipresso vs. My Generic Minipresso

There are lots of good things about it, and with such a low price tag you can’t go wrong.

But, I also sell a generic version of Minipresso at my coffee merchandise store, Coffee Cheers Merch.

Of course, if you have the real thing and a generic version of any product, they can both have good and bad stuff about them.


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The first part of the story about this article that I should tell you is that I bought the generic version from my own store first, because I wanted to use the product that I sell!

After some months of using it, I really enjoyed it and thought, if I like the generic one that I sell, I should definitely get a real Minipresso and try that too!

To be honest, I actually thought the real thing would be better in almost every way than the generic one from Coffee Cheers Merch.

But there are a few things I like better about my generic version!

So, here is my unbiased opinion about the real thing and the generic one (yes it really is unbiased)! Minipresso and my imitation one face off, let’s see who wins!…

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons for each of them.

And these are particularly how they compare to one another, not just generally.

If you want more information about it and how it works, you should read my review about the MInipresso or my article about the best espresso makers.

The best deal for Minipresso


So hopefully you already have an idea of what the Minipresso is like.

Anyway, here they are!…


The Real Minipresso


  • Sturdy and quality made
  • Comes with a small tote bag and “tamper”


  • The spout can loosen after assembly, potentially making bad espresso
  • Makes only one ounce


My Generic Minipresso


  • Makes two ounces
  • Less expensive
  • Smooth operation for pressing


  • The water container can loosen, potentially spilling hot water
  • Not as sturdy plastic


There they are.

Let’s dive a little deeper into this now.

Diving A Little Deeper…

So, going deeper into this…

It’s strange that both of them have problems with functionality.

On the real Minipresso, the bottom part (the spout) can loosen after you tighten the top part (the water container).

If the bottom part loosens, it won’t have the necessary pressure for espresso.

What's the best espresso maker?

Thus, what you end up with is a bad pour and “espresso” that feels and tastes more like weak, bad coffee.

This isn’t so fun after you’ve taken the time to grind the espresso and heat the water.

On the other hand, with my generic one, the water container has trouble tightening sometimes and slips.

This is really not so fun.

Because when that happens, hot water can leak out onto your hands a little, and that doesn’t feel very good.

To be candid, I was strongly considering taking it down from my store because of this. But that wasn’t necessary.

So it’s kind of a bummer that neither of them have perfect functionality. I would’ve expected that the real Minipresso would function without any problems.

Anyway, onto the next difference.

The real one makes only one ounce, and the one I sell makes two.

This isn’t a huge deal, per se, but man sometimes that extra ounce can really make a difference!

It’s pretty nice to have the option to be able to make more or less espresso for sure.

So I definitely enjoy that better about mine.

And on another note, even though they have functionality issues, the one with the actual Minipresso isn’t as big of a problem as the generic one. So that’s kind of one point for it.

The real Minipresso is more sturdy and thick and made of better material.

It definitely feels better as you use it.

Although, it squeaks when I press the button, whereas the generic one doesn’t.

Lastly and certain not least, my generic one from Coffee Cheers Merch is about half the price of the real one.

Even the original isn’t very expensive, but it’s nice to save about $25 on a comparable espresso maker!

Ok Enough Already… Who’s The Winner!?

This is the question of the day!

After a good face off, who’s the winner???

I can say with certainty that it’s a tie!

How to make espresso at home the quickest, easiest way

Both of them have pros and cons, to be sure.

When I bought the real one after I had experienced some problems with mine, I definitely thought the real one would be better and be the winner.

But when it was more expensive, made only one ounce, and also had a problem with a piece not being totally tight, I couldn’t say it’s better than the other one.

The truth is that they’re both great little machines, and depending on what you’re looking for, one might be better than the other for you.

If you want the real thing, don’t mind spending the small amount of extra money, and want a really sturdy machine, the original Minipresso is best for you.

If you want to save some money, want to be able to make two ounces instead of just one, then the one from my store is best for you.

Oh and by the way, the taste and quality of espresso is the same for both of them.

Here’s The Hacks For Both Of Their Hiccups

I’ve found out how to take care of both of their issues also, by the way.

For my generic one, you secure the water container on at just the right tightness.

It can sometimes slip of you tighten it too much, but it becomes easy to tell when that is.

After you secure it to just the right tightness, all you have to do is pump the pump about five times before you turn it over to pour the espresso into your cup.

When I’ve done this, I’ve never had issues with hot water spilling out.

The hack for the real Minipresso is easier.

All you have to do is tighten the spout on the bottom again a second time before you press the espresso.

You should only have to tighten it one time.

But because of this issue, and to avoid making nasty, thin “espresso” that’s really just a tiny cup of mediocre coffee, simply tighten the spout on the bottom again and make sure it’s very tight just before you pump the pump and and brew your espresso.

Summing It Up

The bottom line is this: they are both great espresso makers for their own reasons!

And if you’re in the market for a small, portable, and very inexpensive espresso maker, either one is an awesome option for you.

I couldn’t write about these great little machines without giving you the links to buy them if you’re interested! So!…


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I really hope that this article will help you choose a mini espresso machine that fits your wants and needs perfectly!

And just as a reminder… please remember to use the hacks that I mentioned before to make sure you make your espresso in the best way, without any hiccups or spillage or anything!

Espresso cheers, and happy coffee brewing!


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