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If you’re looking for healthier options for coffee, the choices are only multiplying.

Today I want to look at a few of the coffees that tout themselves are healthy coffee, for different reasons and in different ways.

Of course, it’s great to drink coffee that is quality, low acid, has added nootropics, fresh and otherwise healthy.

But it’s also really nice to drink coffee that tastes delicious and doesn’t cost a fortune!

These are all factors we’re going to consider when looking at these two awesome, healthy coffees.

But of course one of the most important factors when looking at any coffee would be the taste.

Does it taste good?

It should always be a non-negotiable that the coffee you drink tastes good!

Lifeboost vs. SmartJava Coffee

You never have to sacrifice being healthy for tasting good.

So let’s look at Lifeboost vs. SmartJava, and which one is really better! And if you just want to see the answer, feel free to go ahead and scroll to the bottom, with a great deal for purchase!

What Are The Health Benefits?

Let’s look specifically at the health benefits of each of these, and why they are both healthy.

I’m talking about the health aspect first because this is maybe the main reason people like these two coffees, because they are both more healthy than most other coffees on the market.

Lifeboost claims on its website, right on the homepage, that “It’s the healthiest coffee on the planet.”

Now that’s pretty audacious!

The reasons why they claim their coffee is so healthy are because it’s GMO free, shade grown, single origin, low acid, 3rd party tested for mycotoxins and pesticide free.

And that’s impressive, sure.

So it seems that Lifeboost is quite proud of the fact that right from the origin – the coffee beans themselves – are very pure and clean. No garbage included.

The beans themselves are just very clean and free from pesticides and other toxins.

Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be too much that they indicate about the healthiness of it.

But the one thing they talk about most is that it’s very low acid coffee. And it is.

It’s low acid and it tastes very good.

On the other hand, SmartJava doesn’t talk as much about the cleanness of their coffee like Lifeboost does.

SmartJava is all natural and organic coffee though.

For most, if a coffee is organic, that’s enough to know that it’s good quality and clean.

It’s like at the grocery store… if I want to buy clean fruit or vegetables, I don’t make sure they’re 3rd party tested for mycotoxins and pesticide free.

If it’s organic, it’s good enough for me.

And I think most people feel the same way.

But SmartJava, unlike Lifeboost, is loaded with vitamins, even spices, nootropics and nutrients.

And if you don’t know what nootropics are, they are natural supplements and drugs that have a beneficial effect on brain function.

The level of cleanness and purity of the beans between the two companies is pretty minimal. They’re both organic.

SmartJava is also 3rd party tested to be mold free, by the way.

The main difference lies in the fact that Lifeboost has no extra nutrients or health benefits other than that it’s low acid.

Which, by the way, SmartJava is also low acid coffee.

But SmartJava has vitamins B1, B6, B9, B12, D3, L-Theanine, Alpha GPC, cinnamon and turmeric.

I’ll talk more about these later!

The Taste

The taste of a coffee is arguably the most important factor, no matter what kind or which brand we’re talking about!

Lifeboost coffee tastes great.

What's the healthiest coffee?

The medium roast is the popular choice from them and it has such a nice, rounded flavor that really feels nice on the palate!

It’s buttery, sweet and floral. You can read a more full review of it in my article here.

SmartJava also tastes great!

The popular one for SmartJava is also a medium roast.

It tastes super smooth and fresh, just like Lifeboost does.

The flavor of SmartJava’s medium roast is a mild, sweet flavor, and a mild sweet aroma.

It’s very fresh and clean coffee.

So we can safely say that both coffees taste great, and fresh.

The Price Point

I’m sure we all know that the more healthy options for food, drink or whatever else is almost always more expensive.

Sometimes a lot more.

And it’s certainly the case with these two coffees, the price tag is bigger than most other coffee out there.

I think that’s the bottom line; both of these are really expensive.

SmartJava sells 10oz bags of coffee for about $20, and Lifeboost sells 12oz bags of coffee for about $35.


So if you do the math, Lifeboost costs about $11 more than SmartJava.

SmartJava coffee review, is it healthy?

But I guess that’s something we just need to be ready for.

If we want a healthy coffee, it just comes with a higher price.

The question of is it worth it to buy coffee that’s so expensive is a whole other topic though, in this article we’re just looking at which one’s better.

We’ve looked at the most important things about these two competitors… the health benefits, the taste, and the price.

Let’s see who’s the winner!

And The Winner Is!…

Drumroll please!

You may have guessed it by now…



What's the healthiest coffee?

These coffees are similar in at least some ways, they both have health benefits and are clean coffee.

They both taste great and are expensive!

But with SmartJava, first off it’s quite a bit less expensive than the ultra expensive Lifeboost, and I’d say the health benefits and the nutrients that are in it are so much more beneficial than Lifeboost.

The thing is, both of them are clean coffees, they are both third party tested and all those other great things.

But Lifeboost doesn’t have any added benefits on top of that, and it’s just so amazingly expensive!

SmartJava is expensive too but for what you get and for similar quality standard coffees, it would be very difficult to say that Lifeboost is better.

So if you’re looking for a delicious, healthy coffee that gives your body and mind a boost, check out SmartJava!


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If you get it, I really hope you enjoy it!

So coffee cheers to your health, and to delicious java!


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