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In the espresso and coffee world, Lavazza is pretty top notch.

Especially for its reputation for espresso.

But they have so many good coffee blends, and this Qualita Oro is one of them!

Lavazza Qualita Oro Coffee Review


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I’ve written plenty about Lavazza and reviewed a good amount of their coffees and espresso roasts at this point.

But no reason to quit a good thing, right!?

And I can tell you straight away, this roast from Lavazza is a winner too.

It has a unique flavor profile in terms of their coffees, and I’ll write more specifically about that in the next section.

Overall, I’d rate this coffee 8 out of 10… if not more.

So read on to read my full Lavazza Qualita Oro coffee review, starting with the taste!

The Taste

Here is my full cupping of this awesome coffee, from the aroma to the aftertaste!

The aroma is woody, sweet, berry-like, and slightly citrus maybe, but could be a little hard pressed on the citrus.

The taste is woody, nutty, berry, and tangy.

I’d say it’s a bit more sour than sweet if we’re thinking about those two tastes, but it certainly has some of both.

This Qualita Oro blend has a medium and very straight forward acidity.

And it’s a very light bodied coffee.

The aftertaste is very smooth, it doesn’t stick to the palate at all.

It’s a bit hard to describe, but it’s a very unique coffee, especially for the likes of Lavazza.

The rustic, natural feel you get from the balance of woody, nutty, and sweet notes makes it like your in the forest on a crisp, cold day enjoying a beautiful coffee blend.

These strong qualities of woody and nutty, in my opinion, make this one an excellent “coffee blend”.

And by that I mean it’s a great blend for making regular coffee as opposed to espresso.

If you know me, you know that I love my coffees to be well-balanced, and I’d say this Oro blend is a well-balanced coffee, with at least 3 flavor profiles beautifully shining through.

An Excellent Choice For Brewed Coffee

I’ll simply re-emphasize what I said in the last paragraph and say that if you’re looking for a Lavazza coffee to make brewed coffee (as opposed to espresso), this is really an excellent choice for that!

I’ve tasted and reviewed their Amazonia coffee as well, and that’s another one that would be way up there on the list for brewed coffee.

Between this Qualita Oro and the Amazonia, it’s hard to choose a favorite when it comes to regular coffee.

Although, I think I would prefer this Qualita Oro the best for brewed coffee!


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The Amazonia is delicious, to be sure, but it has a more tangy taste that can be a bit too much too quickly, at least more so than this coffee.

The Qualita Oro has a wonderful, balanced woody, nutty and sweet taste that I could brew and drink for a long time!

So, if we’re talking Lavazza for regular coffee, I think I’d say this would be my highest recommendation.

Wrapping It Up

While the flavor of this coffee isn’t especially exotic, it’s just an all around nice coffee that should be enjoyable for almost any palate.

I’ve tried plenty of Lavazza coffees now, and this Qualita Oro is absolutely one of the top ones I’ve gotten to taste from them.

I’d say this is a “safe” coffee to try, meaning it’s really not very out there.

It’s well-balanced which makes it something that I personally can enjoy making for a long time and not get tired of it.

Some of the espresso blends that Lavazza offers are more strong and robust, they pack more of a punch or have more of a main flavor that shines through which can make it a nice coffee or espresso blend, but it can get old quickly.

But this is one that I hope I’ll brew many times in the future as I love that woody and nutty flavor!

If you go with this one, I sure hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

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And with that, coffee cheers!


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