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Kicking Horse is a popular coffee roaster that’s kicking butt and taking names all the way up in the Rocky Mountains in Canada, where they roast their coffee.

Their Three Sisters roast is the first coffee I’ve tried from them, and I was pretty excited to give this stuff a try!

I ordered it from Amazon, waited about a day, and alas, it arrived at my doorstep.


Kicking Horse Coffee Three Sisters Review


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Overall, I’d give this coffee a 7.5 out of 10.

So without more rambling, here’s my review of the Kicking Horse Coffee ‘Three Sisters’ roast!

The Flavor Profile

When I first smelled the beans, the aroma hopped up onto two hooves and kicked me in the face!

It was quite pungent and I honestly didn’t know what to make of it! It smelled salty or like vinegar…

When I brewed the coffee the first time – and I do need to give Kicking Horse some props for this – it was so fresh that the savory flavor was a bit too much for me at first!

It was like a buckin’ bronco in my mouth.

But after a few times of brewing, I’ve come to really enjoy this coffee. It’s delicious.

It’s a very unique taste and after I warmed up to it a bit, I really came to like it!

Made with pour over, the coffee is quite smooth. It has a unique, silky body.

The aftertaste is also very nice because of the superb body/mouthfeel. It’s a savory, smooth and slightly sweet aftertaste.

It doesn’t have very strongly pronounced flavor notes. It has a lot of subtle notes… savory, a little toasted grain, woody, a little sweet.

This is a medium roast coffee, but the thing is, it’s a mix of light, medium and dark roast coffee!

That’s probably why we can detect so many subtle flavor notes.

Also, it doesn’t taste as salty and savory as it smells. Even a few days after opening, the smell is still pretty salty and pungent! But the taste is great.

The body is very nice, this coffee seriously has a great feel to it. That’s one of the things that jumps out the most about Three Sisters roast.

I think I can say that this is the most mysterious, enigmatic coffee I’ve tasted. It’s hard to pick up on the flavor profile, it changed strength/pungency, and at the same time it’s very good coffee!


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Pros & Cons

Here they are, the pros & cons…


  • Very fresh, superb quality coffee
  • Nice packaging


  • The flavor was a bit strong at first


I feel like it’s hard to say much of anything negative about this coffee or Kicking Horse actually.

I’ll elaborate a bit on these pros & cons but I can definitely say when it comes to this coffee overall, I am looking forward to trying another coffee from Kicking Horse.

Quality Coffee With Quality Packaging

Another thing I really liked about this coffee was the packaging.

It’s a really nice pouch that it comes in, beautiful design, and they make it easy to open, seal keep fresh!

On the bag there’s a line that says where to cut, and there’s a tin-tie you can use to easily close off the top of the pouch. I have zero complaints about their packaging!

Kicking Horse Coffee

The bag is very well sealed which, as I’m mentioning all throughout this article, really seems to maintain the freshness!

Man, That’s One Unique Flavor!

This stuff really does have a unique flavor.

And it’s seriously so strong when you first open it, you may want to consider waiting a day or two before you brew it!

That’s how strong it was. The savory, salty flavor was practically too strong at first.

But really, you can’t fault a coffee company for having their coffee beans too freshly packaged right? It’s better to have it too fresh than too old and stale!

I’ve heard it said that weakness is an overdone strength. I wouldn’t even call this a weakness really, it’s just something that my palate seemed to pick up on.

So even though the taste was pungent at first, it did calm down after a few times brewing it and I really enjoyed the stuff! And I’m sure you’ll love the body of this coffee!

Maybe that’s why they wrote “seductive” on the description?…

Ok anyway, moving on…


Doing a tasting for this coffee has been an experience!

I can pretty much say I love this coffee.

Kicking Horse Coffee


I hardly have any complaints about it whatsoever. I can genuinely say about Kicking Horse Coffee Roasters and Three Sisters roast: it’s quality you can taste.

The freshness of this coffee was very impressive.

I would gladly purchase this coffee again, and it’ll be a pleasure to try their other roasts.

I think next time I get this coffee though, I’ll probably wait a bit after opening to brew some! Even though it’s sort of a medium roast, I’d say this coffee is pretty bold in its own right.

So just keep that in mind as you’re purchasing it and/or brewing it.

I hope that if you get Three Sisters roast, you’ll really enjoy it!


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If you have any questions or comments about this review, please feel free to let me know in the comments section and I’ll be happy to hear from you! Coffee cheers!


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