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I feel like at this point, me and Kicking Horse Coffee are really becoming good friends.

In today’s review, I’m going to talk to you about their Smart @ss coffee!

This is now the fourth coffee I’ve tasted and reviewed from Kicking Horse.

That’s certainly more than any other coffee company I’ve written about!

Every coffee that I’ve tried from them has been delicious and a great experience. They have a penchant for very fresh coffee that’s unique and bursting with flavor.

How can you go wrong with that?

And this one seems like the most unique of the four that I’ve tried.

Kicking Horse Coffee Smart Ass Review


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Overall, I’d rate this coffee 8 out of 10.

Read on to find out why, and to see my full Kicking Horse Coffee Smart @ss review!

The Taste

One thing I love about Kicking Horse Coffee is that for the flavor profiles they write on their bags of coffee, they don’t really give you the actual taster’s notes.

They give personality traits instead.

You need to know what kind of coffee you’re getting!

And to describe Smart @ss, they say “cheeky, bright, precocious”.

What's the best Kicking Horse coffee?

While this coffee does contain those characteristics, let me give you my breakdown of the taste, from the aroma to the aftertaste/finish.


The aroma of the whole beans is really chocolatey. Then as you grind them and brew them that gives way to other aromas.

The aroma of the brewed coffee is a velvety, almost fudge-like chocolate, mixed with a fruity, persimmon aroma.

And maybe a hint of sugar cane and honey.

It’s an awesome and unique aroma!

The Taste

The taste is really amazing and well-balanced.

On the description you find on Amazon, it says, “Tart red currant, notes of sugar cane and milk chocolate, with a honeyed berry body.”

I would certainly agree with this.

There’s just a slight tartness that tastes like red currant, and there are chocolate undertones throughout the whole cupping, from the aroma to the aftertaste.

When it comes to the sugar cane, milk chocolate, and honeyed berry body, I really pick up on these also. The sugar cane and honeyed berry body particularly shine through in the body of this coffee.

There is also a very slight savory aspect to this coffee.

Kicking Horse seems to have at least a tiny bit of this in all their coffees.

Although it’s most pronounced in their Three Sisters Blend.

I taste it in Smart @ss also, but only in a very small amount.

There’s a very slight bitterness it seems like to me.

But actually, with the big mix of flavors and how well-balanced this coffee is, it’s really not a problem and actually seems to just compliment it that much more.

Here’s yet another Kicking Horse Coffee that is super unique, deliciously well-balanced and an all-around awesome experience to do a cupping with!


This is a very low acid coffee.

In fact, it’s such low acid, I can’t really seem to notice the acidity very much!

For many people, this might be a bummer, but for me I love low acidic coffees so much that I really enjoy it.

But in the acidity, I can detect just a slight fruity profile.

It’s like the red currant from the taste.


The body is a full body, that again has that velvety feel to it.


The aftertaste and finish has this silky, milk chocolatey, fudge kind of feel to it.

Most of the sweetness goes away in the aftertaste and you’re left with a kind of molasses, chocolate feel.

And one last note about the taste of this coffee.

These tasting notes that I’ve described were mostly from making it with AeroPress, my favorite brew method in general… and also my favorite for this coffee.

I noticed that if I made it with Chemex or other pour overs, the tartness was there more.

And the flavor was great whichever brew method I used.


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The Red Currant Tartness

Aside from the delicious freshness of this coffee, which is a consistency I’ve found in all Kicking Horse coffees I’ve tried now, there’s another thing I really liked about it.

See, a lot of coffee seem to taste a bit better or worse maybe when you try different brewing methods.

And it’s a bit unfortunate that it happens.

But as I just mentioned above about trying different brewing methods with Smart @ss, this coffee honestly doesn’t get any better or worse.

It’s still amazing.

It’s just that different flavor notes become more pronounced.

When I tried it with either AeroPress or Chemex, for example – which are very different brewing methods – the milk chocolate, tart, red currant flavor and honey velvety body were all there.

But with Chemex, it was just that the tart, fruity taste was more at the forefront.

I think it’s pretty awesome how coffee brewing works!

Anyway, the bottom line about it is, this stuff is just awesome and delicious no matter what brewing method you choose.

And in fact, you should definitely try it with different ones because it’s a great experience to notice different characteristics.


Ok, I’m beginning to realize that truly, you can’t go wrong with any Kicking Horse coffee that you try.


This one has been a fun experience because of how different the coffee could come out, but still maintain a great taste and body.

This one isn’t my favorite coffee by this company, but that’s a hard act to beat… because it’s also my favorite coffee I’ve ever tasted.

But if you want a well-balanced, milk chocolatey, tart red currant, flat out delicious coffee, than you should really try Smart @ss.

And to that, coffee cheers!


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