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This is now the third Kicking Horse coffee that I’ve tried.

And before I even go into the review of this coffee, I just want to say that Kicking Horse hasn’t disappointed me yet!

The trend I’ve noticed is that with Kicking Horse, you’ll always get a very fresh coffee that is bursting with flavor.

I love it.


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There haven’t been very many other brands where I’l try three different flavors or blends from, but with them it’s fully worth it!

Kicking Horse Coffee Kick @ss review



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I’d give this one an 8.5 out of 10!

Hardly anything to complain about here.

So with that, here’s my Kicking Horse Coffee’s Kick @ss review, let’s get into the tasting…

The Taste

The first coffee I tried by Kicking Horse Coffee was the Three Sisters roast.

Three Sisters was surprisingly savory.

Before than I had never tried a coffee that had such a savory flavor!

Kick @ss was kind of similar to this.

Kicking Horse Coffee review

Anyway, here’s the full tasting with all the five elements of coffee taste. On the bag it says, “Sweet, smoky, audacious”. Here’s what I found…

The aroma is sweet, savory and slight hint of chocolate.

The taste is a great mix of chocolate, molasses, and almost a hazelnut flavor. Again with a slight hint of savory touch. This is a dark roast that is bold and has such a beautiful balance of flavor.

It’s unusual for a dark roast to have so much flavor I feel like.

I found the body to be very light.

And the finish and aftertaste was a lingering sweet and smoky, kind of earthy finish.

It’s a really cool mix of flavor notes from a coffee that’s a blend of Indonesian and South American beans.

How Does It Hold Up To The Other 2?

As I said before, this it the third Kicking Horse coffee I’ve had.

All of them are awesome, and I can totally recommend getting any of them!

Kick @ss is kind of similar to their Three Sisters blend.

They both have a savory feel to them. This one is definitely more sweet and chocolatey than Three Sisters though.

But Grizzly Claw, the other one that I’ve tasted, is just superb.

I think Grizzly Claw is still my favorite coffee I’ve tried in my almost two years of coffee blogging on here! It’s just fantastic.

So while all of them are good and if you’re here to see how this coffee is, it’s a great coffee and I’m sure you’ll love it.

But if you want my recommendation for a Kicking Horse option… Grizzly Claw takes the cake!

But you won’t go wrong with any of them.

In Conclusion

Even though it’s not my favorite one that I’ve tried from Kicking Horse Coffee, it’s still awesome.

And if you came to this review only wanting to know about this blend, I hope it helped you and gives you a better understanding of this coffee!

Also, if that’s the case, I really don’t have any complaints about this coffee. There was no problems with the flavor or anything else basically!

What's the best Kicking Horse coffee?

If you haven’t tried a Kicking Horse coffee, this would be a great one to start with!

Although, it has more of a savory flavor than Grizzly Claw does.

The savory flavor can jump out from the coffee a bit, which for me isn’t a problem and I actually like it.

But for some people it may be a bit strong.

Nevertheless, it’s a delicious, unique coffee that has a wonderful balance of a sweet, chocolate, savory, smoky, and almost hazelnut flavor!

How could that be bad!?

I hope you enjoy it if you try it!


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Coffee cheers, and get ready for a kick in the butt with some great flavor!


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