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When it comes to more expensive, luxury coffees, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee can be one of the top choices for many.

That and Kona coffee are some of the most sought after luxury coffees.

In the eastern third of Jamaica, there’s a perpetual mist with a blue hue which hovers over the mountains.

Aside from being a natural wonder in themselves, these misty mountains are home to some of the world’s greatest coffee, one could argue.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee


Although this amazing coffee comes from these mountains in Jamaica, and the nation is right in the coffee belt, Jamaica otherwise isn’t especially known for its coffee production.

It’s not nearly as popular as countries like Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, etc.

But the coffee that comes from the Blue Mountains is really something special.

Let’s see why!

The Taste

In general, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee has a flavor profile that can be herbal, sweet and creamy, with a bright, vibrant and clean acidity, and a full body.

You can expect notes of nuts and chocolate.

The unusual combination of a strong acidity and a full body makes for an amazing coffee that’s rich and creamy but also bright and zesty.

One special thing about this coffee is that there’s almost no bitterness in it.

And that’s something people love about it; with its wonderful flavor and lack of bitterness it ends up being one of the smoothest coffees in the world.

With a price tag of about $10 per cup if you buy it from a coffee shop, it better be good.

I don’t buy it often myself, as it can also be a bit hard to find, but when I do and it’s brewed well, it’s really worth every dollar.

It has a taste like no other.

The Best Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffees

Now let’s get to the really good part.

If you’re looking for the best options to purchase for this delicious coffee, I’ve gathered the best in this list!

So let’s get started!

Volcanica Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Wallenford

Volcanica Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Wallenford


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Volcanica is a coffee company with a great reputation for freshness and good quality coffee, sourcing coffee from some of the finest regions such as Kona and the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

This is my top pick if you’re looking to buy some amazing Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

The taste of this one includes sweet, chocolate and orange notes, with a slight buttery profile and a rich, full body.

The aftertaste is chocolate and orange, with a great smooth finish.

It also has a nice nutty aroma that’s strong and intense.

One cool thing about this coffee is that it’s a medium roast.

Many roasters who produce 100% pure Jamaica Blue Mountain will only dare to give it a light roast, to let as much of the origin flavor shine.

And that makes sense.

But Volcanica dares to go medium roast with this wonderful coffee and this gives it an amazing profile.

I personally prefer medium roast coffee over light roast as it often times can be the best choice for a coffee; and such is the case with Wallenford, I believe.

Volcanica Coffee gives a freshness guarantee to where your coffee beans will be delivered to you from 3 to 30 days after roasting.

If you’re paying that much for coffee, don’t gamble with freshness.

This coffee is a winner all around and it’s on a whole other level.

It’s no wonder many people call this the best coffee in the world.


JA Coffee Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee


The best deal for Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee


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This one comes from one of the finest regions of Jamaica to produce a great coffee, Clydesdale, 5,000 feet up in the Blue Mountains.

This one from JA Coffee has a creamy, floral and honey flavored sweetness; also slight fruit and spice tones.

It has mellow and sweet notes that are gentle and beautifully balanced.

This is a grade 1 coffee that’s hand-picked and sure to give you an amazing cup.

Also a medium roast, it has practically no bitterness, a light acidity, and a pleasant and light aftertaste.

Another great thing about this option, as compared to the Volcanica, is that it’s much less expensive.

So if you want an amazing Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and want to spend a bit less money, this is a great option for you.

They also have high standards for freshness and if you purchase this coffee, you’re sure to get it in good time after roasting.

This is another option you absolutely cannot go wrong with, and reasonably priced for this very high end, rare coffee!

In Closing

First off, ending this article I want to say as I said in the article about Kona coffee… if you want the real thing, avoid like the plague anything that says blend.

In my opinion, you’re only getting ripped off because you’re paying more money than for other “regular” coffees, but at the same time you’re still not getting the “real thing” when it comes to the Jamaican treat.

How can you know what Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee tastes like when there’s other coffee mixed in?

And why spend extra money for something that’s diluted?

With that being said, I’m not at all forbidding you from getting a blend!

It could be your thing, if you want to kind of get a taste for Jamaican and don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on coffee. Just remember, you’re not technically getting the real thing.

The two coffees in my list are board certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.

They both have the stamp of certification that has a barrel and says “Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee”.

If you buy a cheaper brand and it doesn’t have that stamp… you may not be getting the real thing.

These are a few important things to keep in mind when looking for this coffee.

If you get the real thing, the chances are you’re getting an amazing coffee that is worth the price.

It might be only a once in a while coffee for you, but that makes it even more of a treat.

I hope you found this article very helpful and that if you try one of the coffees from here that you’ll really love it!

You simply cannot go wrong with either of them.

And with that being said, coffee cheers!


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