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I’ve been on an espresso kick lately.

I mean, I’ve always loved espresso, so in particular I’m talking about brewing espresso at home!

I just love espresso… with a little half & half, just black, all different kinds, at home or at a coffee shop. It doesn’t matter how I have it, it’s just a delicious treat!

But I’ve been writing a lot of articles about espresso and topics related to it recently.


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If you want to know how it is to use regular coffee for making espresso with, you may really want to read this article. You’ll find some fun and interesting info there!

But today I’m writing about my taste test doing just the opposite, using espresso roast to brew regular coffee!

I used a Lavazza espresso roast to make regular coffee, and here’s how it was…

If you just want to know the short answer, I’ll give it to you right now.

It’s delicious!

It’s a very good espresso roast that Lavazza makes, and it also happens to be great as regular coffee.

And now I’ll elaborate a bit…

The Coffee

Lavazza makes many different espresso roasts.

They are known world-wide for their awesome espresso, whether made in coffee shops or at home.

I’ve tried a few of their roasts, but this particular one I’m writing about today is the Espresso Barista Gran Crema.

Lavazza Gran Crema Espresso Roast

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This is a dark, robust espresso.

When I actually make this one as espresso – how it’s supposed to be – it has that robust, European feeling.

Robust really is a good word for this stuff.

It’s like I’m sitting in a cafe in Italy or France and just had it delivered in a small demitasse.

Lavazza writes the intensity of each roast on the bag. And Gran Crema is 7 out of 10 for intensity…

I think a good way to think about this espresso is that, when you think of a classic Italian espresso, how it would taste and smell… that’s basically how it tastes and smells.

But I’ll give it a full review it in another article!

Espresso And Coffee

See, part of the reason I wrote this article is because I’ve recently written the article I mentioned in the introduction about using regular coffee for espresso.

So this was sort of my ‘taste test’ doing the opposite.

There’s no strict rule that says you can only use espresso roast to make espresso, and all others for making regular brewed coffee.

As I mention in the other article, usually it’s best to use them for their designated purpose. But there’s no one stopping you from trying it the other way!

I’m sure there are some espresso roasts that I wouldn’t enjoy as regular brewed coffee.

But this one just so happened to be a home run.

It feels a little strange for me to take the bag of Lavazza espresso, grind it for regular coffee and brew it with a pour over or my AeroPress.

But if it tastes great, no problem.

Give It A Try

You don’t need to just buy this Lavazza espresso and make regular coffee with it every time.

That would maybe just be silly for me to tell you that.

But, if you like making espresso at home and want to be a bit adventurous, try making regular coffee with your espresso roast!

Here’s what’s maybe the bottom line of this whole article: the chances are that if you like it as espresso, you will probably also enjoy it as regular coffee.

Either way it won’t hurt to try it!

I wrote this article and the other one about using non-espresso roast to make espresso just to show you that it’s not a hard and fast rule about what roast to use for each.

As I’ve said and encouraged you to do for a while on this blog, try something new and see how you like it!

Let me know in the comments section below how or if you like it!

Coffee cheers!


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