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I’m going to be really honest with you here.

Well first off, I’m super excited because I just launched my very own webstore on Shopify called “Coffee Cheers Merch“!

Coffee Merchandise

I figured, what better name to use than “Coffee Cheers” because… well, I just somehow started saying it all the time in my articles and Videos of the Weeks!

So I just figured, why not just call it that!? I actually don’t even know why I started saying coffee cheers in the first place or when I first said it.

I guess I just like the thought of giving someone a cheers with coffee while merrily laughing and engaging in whimsical conversation.

Ok back to the really honest part…

I would really like to make some money from this coffee blog. It takes a lot of hard work to maintain it, a bit of money, and a lot of time to write articles and make my crazy videos!

So I’ve tried my hand at affiliate marketing. You can find out about what that is if you go to this page.

It’s been great, fun, fantastic and oh so many other synonyms of the sort.

But after just under a year, this site hasn’t had relatively many views, and one purchase on my Amazon links… from a friend who pitied me.

Time To Branch Out!

So while I don’t regret any of it and it’s been fun nevertheless, I figured it was time to try something new.

I basically have 3 goals of this website and my coffee ventures here:

  1. Help people make better coffee and offer amazing products!
  2. Have a ton of fun
  3. Make some money


My goal first and foremost is to help you out, point you in the right coffee direction, give you great tips for making coffee, and show you the best coffee makers, coffee beans, coffee accessories and other coffee stuff.

I really want you to know that.

And of course I have fun doing this. Or else I wouldn’t do it!

And lastly, you know what? I’m not going to beat around the bush at all with this…

I wanna make some money too! Just like we all do.

I can’t think of many people off the top of my head who like to work for free.

So I’ve decided to branch out a bit and create my own webstore!

Coffee Cheers Merch

Amazon vs. Me!

Basically, Amazon has a webstore that I think we’ve pretty much all heard about and probably purchased from.

I’ve purchased from them hundreds of times myself.

And it’s great, I love it. Most of the products I recommend on this website are on Amazon!

But the big boys at Amazon don’t give much of a cut to the people who promote their products, if we’re being honest.

Which is only part of the reason I’ve decided to create my own webstore.

I also wanted to offer you more stuff than is just at Amazon!

T-Shirts, Mugs And Coasters, Oh My!

At Coffee Cheers Merch I sell more than even those three things!

I sell t-shirts (some that I’ve created myself), mugs, coasters, coffee makers at a great price!, beautiful gooseneck kettles, coffee spoons, etc!

And some of these are all things you can’t find at Amazon.

I don’t claim to be a graphic designer or anything, but as I write this, so far I’ve made one t-shirt which I came up with the phrase and designed myself!

Well, I had a little inspiration from the philosopher Rene Descartes. But anyway…

There are fun products, really beautiful and nice looking products, and fun stuff there!

I’m really excited about it and I hope you’ll find something you’ll like!

Being Honest… AGAIN

You know, they say honesty is the best policy.

I’ve said this before so many times, and I’ll say this again…

If I endorse or recommend a product on Amazon with affiliate links, I really, truly enjoy it and can recommend that you purchase it also.

If I dislike something or am on the fence about that, I will always make that clear. Like I did with this horrible coffee hand mill that I wish I never purchased. Save yourself the trouble and don’t buy that overly popular coffee grinder, please.

I digress, I really believe in being honest.

Amazon has wonderful products, and I shop with them all the time.

But as an affiliate, they barely give me peanuts for the sales and the work I do to give them even more customers or purchases than they already have!

If you make a purchase from my webstore, this is my store. Thus, I have set my own profit margin and I make much more than from selling through Amazon.

Basically, I’m saying that it’s a much greater support (and financial profit) to me if you purchase products through Coffee Cheers Merch than through Amazon.

If you don’t like my stuff on there, please feel free to not buy it! I’m not just sitting here asking you to buy stuff.

But what I am saying is that I would appreciate it so much if you checked out the amazing products at Coffee Cheers Merch and if there are things you like, purchasing them is a huge encouragement and support for me!

Thank You!

I really appreciate you bearing with me in my openness and candor here.

Why don’t you share something open and honest about yourself in the comments section below?

Just kidding.

But seriously I just want to say thank you for your support and for reading til the end.

I will continue on my mission in search of the best coffee, coffee products, brewing methods and info and tips, and sharing all my findings with you to help us all become better at making coffee! And save you some groundwork.

I’ll also keep updating my webstore as I find more awesome products. And I really hope you’ll find things there that you’ll love!

Coffee cheers!

I said it again….



First off congratulations, I hope that you find big success in your store that you just opened, as well know that many people don’t have the passion that you have or the passion so you are doing a great job. Keep up with the great work you earned it.

Oct 14.2020 | 03:19 am


    Thank you Hector I appreciate that very much! I also wish you much success with your coffee business as you are making delicious coffee that people really need to know about!

    Oct 14.2020 | 10:19 pm

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