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Calories are a big deal when it comes to weight loss and health.

So it would make sense that with so many people counting calories, they would be wondering what the calorie count is in coffee.

The answer may surprise you.

There’s also a huge difference in calories depending on what kind of coffee you’re drinking, or most importantly, what’s in your coffee.

How many calories are there in coffee?

Since there’s such a big difference, I’m going to tell you about the calorie count of different coffee and espresso drinks, from black coffee to a Frappuccino (or other related blended ice sugary drinks).


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I’ll start right here with the calories in a cup of black coffee… ready?

Calories in a cup of black coffee: 1

Yes, there’s one calorie in a cup of black coffee.

So the ingredients that really pile on the calories in coffee or espresso drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, flavored lattes, Frappuccinos, etc are actually the milk, sugar and syrup!

With that being said, let’s look at the calories for coffee, espresso, milk, sugar, Frappuccinos, and others.

Read on to find out how many calories there are in coffee, all different types…

Coffee and Espresso

As I said before, a cup of coffee without milk or sugar has 1 calorie.

An espresso shot has 3 calories, without milk or sugar.

So if you’re counting calories and wondering if it’s ok to drink coffee, it’s definitely ok. It will do little to no damage on your calorie intake.

And in case you’re curious about fat content in coffee, while we’re on the subject of nutrition, there are 0 grams of fat on a cup of coffee and 0.1 grams of fat in an espresso shot.

How many calories in a latte?

When it comes to coffee or coffee drinks, what we’re really counting are the calories in…

Milk & Sugar

Milk and sugar can enhance many drinks, of course.

I often drink my coffee black but sometimes it’s nice to give it a little more flavor. Let’s take a look at the amount of calories in both milk and sugar:

  • Milk – 1 oz or 2 tablespoons = 18 calories (whole milk, 3.25%)
  • Sugar – 1 teaspoon = 16 calories

You can assume that if you have a cup of coffee with 1 oz of milk and 1 tsp of sugar, your coffee will have around 35 calories.

Some people like more milk or sugar, so you can adjust the calories accordingly.

2% milk or less contains fewer calories than whole milk.

In 1 oz of 2% milk there are 15 calories, just a bit less than in whole milk.

So even if you add both milk and sugar to your coffee, the calorie count still isn’t that high! If you drink two or three cups of coffee, the calorie count is going up to about 70 or 105 calories, respectively.

Lattes, Cappuccinos And Flat Whites, Oh My!

Now you know about calories in black coffee, espresso, milk and sugar! We’re making progress.

In lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, or any other drinks where the only ingredients are espresso and milk, it should be pretty obvious that you’re almost only counting the calories for milk.

If you know how many calories are in the type of milk you have in your drink, and how much milk is in it, you can count the calories.

Let’s say you have a latte made with whole milk. A latte generally has about 10 oz (give or take) of milk. So your latte has approximately 180 calories.

If you add sugar or syrup to your latte, the calorie count goes up from there, of course.

A 16 oz latte with a flavored syrup, like a vanilla latte, can contain about 150 to 300 calories.

This depends on which coffee shop you go, and which type of milk they use.

Last But Not Least… Frappuccino!

We’ve been climbing the calorie mountain, so to speak, and we’re now at the top!

I used to work at a Starbucks that was right by a movie theater.

I remember that if I was working on a Friday night when a popular movie would come out, I better be ready to make about 5,000 caramel Frappuccinos for the next few hours.

And I knew that the words “caramel Frappuccino” would begin to make my eye twitch.

I don’t want to only pick on Starbucks, though.

There are many other coffee shops that have blended ice coffee beverages with a similar calorie count.

Without getting heavy into numbers, here is the calorie count.

A 16 oz caramel Frappuccino has about 370 calories. But, a 16 oz caramel Ice Blended from Coffee Bean has a whopping 540 calories.

The same drink from different stores has different calorie content. So depending on where you buy it, the calorie count can be majorly different.

But it’s basically 350 calories and up.

We have officially blasted off from low-calorie land.


I’ve done more math and numbers in this article than I would normally prefer. Math was never my favorite subject in school.

So here is a quick, condensed recap of the calorie count for some of these coffee and espresso drinks:

  • Cup of black coffee – 1 calorie
  • Shot of espresso – 3 calories
  • Cup of coffee with milk and sugar – 35 calories
  • Latte (16 oz) – 180 calories (whole milk)
  • Vanilla latte (16 oz) – 250 calories (percent milk)
  • Caramel Frappuccino or other blended ice drink – 350+ calories

You can see that there’s a big leap when we get into the latte part and onward.

So the fact that milk becomes the main ingredient in these drinks becomes a major factor in the calorie count.

What’s your favorite coffee beverage? Black coffee, a latte, a caramel Frappuccino?

I hope you found this article helpful and if you have any questions or comments about this let me know and I’ll be happy to hear from you!

Coffee cheers!


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Walt T

Great information about coffee and mixed coffee drinks. It encouraged me to see how many calories there are for heavy whipping cream…103 per oz. I should probably have less of that in my life.

Mar 10.2020 | 03:11 am


    Thanks Walt! Yeah that’s the bummer is that usually the stuff that tastes best has all the calories. But wow that’s a lot of calories in heavy whipping cream haha. I love putting it in my coffee sometimes

    Mar 10.2020 | 06:21 pm

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