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It’s always nice to find a good coffee blend.

Here’s one of my top favorite blends I’ve tried if you want to check that out or purchase it!

Anyway, River Roast Blend from Grace Farms Coffee caught my eye and is a really cool blend of coffee!

It’s a medium roast that has coffee from Indonesia, Ethiopia and Colombia.


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All three of those countries produce some awesome tasting coffee.

So this coffee definitely caught my eye when looking for a new coffee to try.

Grace Farms River Roast Blend Coffee Review - A Citrus and Earthy Treat


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Although, it says “Drips” in really big letters on the bag, neither this company nor the coffee is called Drips.

That’s just a side note.

Overall, I’d give rate this coffee 6.5 out of 10.

Read on to find out why, and see my full Grace Farms River Roast Blend coffee review!

The Cupping And Taste

This coffee seemed to have a deep, strong and wonderful aroma from the whole beans, and while the coffee was very nice with little complaints, it didn’t seem to be as deep and flavorful as the aroma of the whole beans.

This coffee was a bit of a phantom coffee… meaning, it was sort of hard to pinpoint the flavors, they were pretty different with the different brewing methods I tried.

With that being said…

The aroma is citrusy, floral/earthy and robust. It’s kind of sweet and almost has cinnamon notes.

Taste is very similar to aroma.

The first things I pick up on are citrus, and floral/earthy flavors. I can pick up on fruit notes as well.

But the robust, earthiness from the Indonesian coffee really shines through.

It says on the bag that there are chocolate tasting notes in this coffee, but wow I couldn’t even pick up the slightest hint of chocolate whatsoever!

There’s not too much acidity in this coffee that I can notice, but the citrus notes from the Ethiopian coffee give it that zesty zing, but it’s just subtle.

The body is very smooth and light-medium. This coffee really has a nice mouthfeel.

And the aftertaste is very smooth, crisp and clear. It leaves a nice feel on the palate that’s refreshing from the floral notes.

I was really impressed with the body and aftertaste of River Roast Blend… it feels good on the tongue!

Let me also say that my favorite brew method for this coffee was the Hario V60.

The V60 is not very often my favorite brew method for coffees, but somehow for this one it really seemed to work the best.

It brought out more of the bright, fruit notes from the coffee and actually made the flavor profile the widest. So that’s certainly my recommendation when it comes to brewing this coffee!


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Indonesia Shines Through

I do enjoy this coffee, and I can tell it’s made with quality beans.

I also recommend it!

But, it seems like an interesting mix of coffee, a good one for sure, but interesting because the Indonesian coffee really seems to cut through the flavor of the other ones a bit.

I know the taste of Indonesian coffee, and I love it!

Grace Farms Coffee best deal

So it’s not a super big problem for me actually.

But if you really want to be able to taste the citrus notes of the Ethiopian or the fruit flavor from the Colombian, you’re a little hard pressed for it.

I’m not sure what ratio Grace Farms uses for each of these coffees.

And it may be that they use equal amounts of each, but Indonesian coffee can tend to be overbearing because of its very strong and earthy flavor.

It’s usually made into a dark roast coffee and if you’re getting single origin Indonesia only, it can taste so earthy that you’d think you’re drinking a cup of dirt.

River Roast Blend is, of course, not a single origin coffee so it’s quite far from tasting like dirt.

It’s also a very nice mix of coffee.

But you may find if you try it that the earthy, floral notes from the Indonesian coffee to be pretty prominent.

Wrappin’ It Up

I personally rated this coffee at 6.5 out of 10.

What I’ve noticed many times, and it’s starting to bug me more and more… is that there are very many coffees that have a better or stronger smell than taste.

There are also coffees that have a stronger taste than smell.

The latter is always a nice treat, because it’s a pleasant surprise when you think a coffee might not taste very exciting because of the smell, you get a wonderful treat when you taste it and it’s better than you thought it would be!

Unfortunately, River Roast Blend is one of those coffees that has a really nice aroma in the whole beans, and then when you taste it you’re wondering, I smelled such a nice, deep and amazing citrus and fruit aroma, so where did it go? Did I grind it out when I grinded the coffee???

This coffee is not bad, please don’t get me wrong.

It’s a really nice coffee.

If it was bad, I would’ve rated it at around 5 or below.

But the taste when compared to the aroma of the whole beans left some to be desired.

And I tried it with multiple brew methods.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy this coffee if you try it!

I did enjoy it because I love coffees from Indonesia, Ethiopia and Colombia. And the chances are, if you enjoy coffee from all those regions, you’ll like this one.

The quality of the coffee isn’t in question, I can taste that it’s good coffee.

I truly hope you found this review helpful, thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!


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