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I love African coffee.

I’ve talked about this before in other articles.

The citrusy zest and bright flavor that African coffees almost always give are just awesome.

Rarely if ever have I been disappointed by a coffee from Africa. After all, it’s the place where coffee originated!

So today I’m reviewing Gourmazia Coffee’s Ethiopia Limu. Limmu is in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, well-known for growing coffee.

Gourmazia Coffee


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And as it usually goes with me, I found this one and decided to get it!

Overall I’d rate this coffee at 7 out of 10. Here’s why I enjoy this coffee, and the pros & cons…

The Taste

Just like pretty much every other African coffee I’ve tried, this stuff doesn’t disappoint!

The aroma is slightly fruity, zesty, and milk chocolaty. With this combination I was eager to see what it would taste like!

The bag says notes of apricot, melon and milk chocolate. That’s pretty intriguing, right?

But alas, I didn’t pick up on these very strongly myself. I feel like these things come out more in the aroma actually.

The coffee has a medium body, and a savory and citrusy flavor profile. I pick up on a lot of lemon flavor in the taste. There’s a fairly strong acidity, but it definitely isn’t harsh. Aftertaste is also lemony.

So in a nutshell, the taste is mostly citrusy and lemony, with slight melon and apricot notes.

On the bag it says that the acidity is lemony. I’m not sure if I understand this way of putting it totally.

It’s reasonable to write that there’s a lemon flavor in the profile, but if it’s the main thing that shines through when you drink the coffee it should be written in maybe a different way than just saying that there’s a lemon zest in the acidity!

Well either way, with this being said I do think it’s a nicely balanced coffee and the other flavors do come through enough to make this a fine tasting coffee.

Ethiopia coffee and AeroPress

Pros & Cons

Let’s look at some pros & cons of this Ethiopia Limu coffee…


  • Nicely balanced African coffee
  • Really cool design on the bag


  • It can maybe get “boring” quickly


These do pretty much speak for themselves.

Like I mentioned in the previous section about the taste, this coffee is pretty well-balanced. It’s not the most balanced coffee I’ve had, but it’s good.

And while it’s not as important, I do love a good design and look from the company!

This Ethiopia Limu coffee has a really cool design on the bag and the bag comes with a tin tie for sealing it.

For a con I wrote that it can maybe get boring quickly.

The reason I say this is because the lemon flavor in this coffee really shines through! So, even if this is something you really enjoy, like I do, it may be a bit much after brewing it five or 10 times…

This kind of happened with me as I was making this coffee. I think it’s nice to have another type of coffee at the same time to brew occasionally, if the lemon flavor becomes a bit much.

But hey, I love lemons and lemon flavor after all!

The Birthplace Of Coffee

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, not only is Africa the birthplace of coffee, but in fact Ethiopia is specifically the first country to ever produce coffee.

If you’ve drank enough coffee from enough different places, you know that every coffee growing continent and/or region tends to have similar flavor profiles.

South America, Asia, Africa, and even the different countries within those continents usually have a similar spectrum of flavors.

African coffees tend to contain citrus, floral, berry or fruity tasting notes. But in my opinion and experience, the citrus notes are usually what shine through the most in coffees from Africa.

The taste and quality are always the most important things about any coffee, no matter where it comes from. But I really like drinking coffee that comes from the birthplace of coffee! There’s something special about that.

Coffee and a metal filter

Coffee from Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia are probably the most popular African coffees, respectively.

Wrapping It Up

This Ethiopia Limu coffee by Gourmazia is a very nice coffee that has a great lemon/citrus flavor.

It has other flavor notes, but it’s not the most balanced or sophisticated coffee I’ve ever had. That being said, it can maybe get old quickly if you’re not up for a citrusy coffee.

On the other hand, when I think of a good African coffee taste, this Gourmazia treat comes really close to what comes to my mind!

I hope that if you try this coffee, you really enjoy it. Coffee cheers!


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