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Here’s a marvel of the modern coffee world: gooseneck kettles.

Gooseneck Kettles

They have a nice, classy and sleek look to them, and it’ll definitely enhance the vibe of your kitchen.

This is just one of the pros about gooseneck kettles.

When it comes to the ways you can heat water for at-home coffee brewing, there are at least a few… a gooseneck kettle, a traditional electric kettle, a teapot, the microwave, etc.

In this article, I’m going to show you why a gooseneck kettle could be a great investment for your coffee brewing, the pros & cons, and the best gooseneck kettles on the market.

If you’re just here looking for the best gooseneck kettle for you, go ahead and scroll down to the “Best Gooseneck Kettles” section!

Why Are Gooseneck Kettles So Great (Or At Least Popular)?

To answer the question as briefly as possible… they’re so great and so popular mainly for making pour over coffee. It makes pour over coffee a heck of a lot easier to do!

But there’s a lot more to it than that.

They are awesome for many other reasons other than just being helpful for making pour over. I use my gooseneck kettle for any type of coffee I make and for tea and basically any time I need hot water!

The reason that it makes pour over so much easier with a gooseneck kettle is because they have a slower pour and more control than traditional wide-mouth electric kettles.

So this is also great for brewing AeroPress, and even French press, Turkish coffee, and any other brewing method where you pre-heat the water manually.

I think one of the other main reasons they’re so popular is because of their fashionable design and look. But let’s talk about that more in this pros & cons part…

Pros & Cons

Here they are:


  • They look great
  • Slower pour, more control
  • Pour over coffee is much easier with them


  • They’re smaller than many traditional kettles (don’t have as much capacity)
  • Other kettles pour faster


The Advantages

Aside from the fact that they’re so good-looking – which I’ve already mentioned at least a few times – the real advantage of gooseneck kettles is how they pour and how much control over the brewing they give you.

The smaller stream of water which gives you more control because if you’re brewing with AeroPress, a pour over, even French press and almost every manual coffee brewing method that requires you to heat the water, you can pour the hot water slowly.

With traditional kettles, the water comes out much faster so it makes the pour over or AeroPress or French press just more messy and less controlled.

You can really notice the difference when you’ve tried both of them.

And if you haven’t, trust me that gooseneck kettles make your coffee brewing much more easy and convenient!

The nice things about traditional kettles is that they can pour faster and they usually have more capacity.

Sometimes it can be nice to have something that just pours faster.

Although in reality, you’re only saving yourself about 5 seconds with a more traditional, wide-mouth kettle. You’d have to be in a big hurry to really appreciate that!

Another advantage with the traditional kettles is that they are bigger than gooseneck kettles.

They usually can hold a liter or more of water. Gooseneck kettles usually don’t hold even a liter of water. I’d say that for at least 90% of the time, for manual coffee brewing, this is enough.

It might not be, but you would have to be making a very large amount of coffee for it to not be enough.

So the chances are that a gooseneck kettle would be great for you!

The thing is, a lot of people suggest that it’s good to have a gooseneck kettle just for pour over.

But the fact is that they’re good for any manual method of coffee brewing, and for much more than simply pour over coffee brewing.

I love using my gooseneck kettle for my AeroPress coffee maker!

The Best Gooseneck Kettles

Here are the best gooseneck kettles available. These are in no particular order. I recommend electric kettles but stovetop kettles are also great.


*I receive commissions from purchases made through product links in this post. I sincerely appreciate if you use my links if you decide to buy something and help me in this way! And if not, no problem. To learn more click here. Coffee cheers!*


1. Hario Buono Electric Kettle


Hario Buono Electric Kettle


Click here to see the best deal on the Hario Buono kettle!

(This is probably the most popular gooseneck kettle out there)

Capacity: 0.8 liter

Thermometer/Adjustable Temperature: No

Price Range: Mid



2. Bodum Melior Electric Kettle


Bodum Melior Electric Kettle

Click here to see the best deal on the Bodum Melior kettle!

(This is the gooseneck kettle that I personally own and use. I love it.)

Capacity: 0.8 liter

Thermometer/Adjustable Temperature: No

Price Range: Low



3. Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle


Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle

Click here to see the best deal on the Fellow Stagg kettle!

Capacity: 0.9 liter

Thermometer/Adjustable Temperature: Yes

Price Range: High



4. Bonavita Digital Electric Kettle


Bonavita Electric Kettle

Click here to see the best deal on the Bonavita kettle!

Capacity: 1.0 liter

Thermometer/Adjustable Temperature: Yes

Price Range: Mid



5. Brewista Artisan Electric Kettle


Brewtista Artisan Electric Kettle

Click here to see the best deal on the Brewista Artisan kettle!

Capacity: 0.9 liter

Thermometer/Adjustable Temperature: Yes

Price Range: High



6. Yabano Electric Kettle


Yabano Electric Kettle

Click here to see the best deal on the Yabano kettle!

Capacity: 1.0 liter

Thermometer/Adjustable Temperature: Yes

Price Range: Low


A Few Last Thoughts… And Some Comments About These Kettles

If you get one without a thermometer but you need to be aware of the temperature, it is also a good idea to invest in a thermometer that can clip onto your kettle.

That way you can pour the hot water when it’s at the temperature you want.

And if you’re steaming milk for your coffee too, you’ll need a thermometer!

Not only is it an inexpensive investment, it can be quite useful for coffee brewing and other things, and it makes you look that much more pro.

From the list of kettles above, there are some things to mention.

As I said, I use the Bodum Melior kettle.

It’s a great kettle and I really enjoy the cork handle and cap, it functions well and gets the job done nicely.

There are some high-priced kettles on the list that have so much temperature control and other functions you are really all set with those.

If you don’t really care about the look and just want an all around good kettle with all the desirable functions, the Bonavita and the Yabano both have temperature control and are reasonably priced.

The Yabano has so many features and even comes with a metal pour over filter and scoop and is an amazing deal for what you’re getting.

But the bottom line is that a gooseneck kettle is a wonderful enhancement for your coffee brewing, and all of these kettles above are awesome for making coffee, tea and many other things; you simply can’t go wrong with any of them.


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Well thank you I just ordered a beautiful new kettle because of this article. I love the knowledge you put in on this blog. So impressed. Thanks.

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    Awesome thank you so much! I’m so glad to hear. I appreciate the support very much and I hope you love your new kettle.

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