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With a name like Good as Gold Coffee Roasters, I had high hopes as I was tasting this coffee!

I’ve tried Tanzania Peaberry coffees before but not extensively, just a cup here and there when I was a barista doing tastings at my coffee shop.

So in terms of Tanzania Peaberry coffee, I really don’t have much to compare it to.

But I enjoy African coffee generally, I wanted to try a medium roast and while I was browsing on Amazon for coffee this one caught my eye.


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So I went for it.

Good as Gold Coffee Roasters' 'Tanzania Peaberry' Review

Overall, I’d rate Good as Gold’s Tanzania Peaberry a 7 out of 10. It’s a pretty unique coffee compared with other ones I’ve tried lately, and here’s my review of it!

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The Flavor Profile

I must say, this is some great tasting coffee, and at the same time it takes some time to really get a feel for the taste and flavor profile of it.

It says on the bag that it has a buttery body and a sweet delicate finish. I’d say this is pretty much right on.

The flavor profile is mostly quite buttery, with woody/oak notes as well, and a bright and tasty medium acidity. It’s not a harsh acidity. The coffee has a medium body and a buttery aftertaste.

With most of the flavor notes being buttery, woody and oak it might seem like it’s not a well-balanced coffee. But the brightness and crisp but gentle acidity is a nice balance with the buttery notes.

It’s not very common to taste coffee with the “buttery” flavor note, so I enjoy when I get to have one.

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros & cons of this coffee:


  • Nice buttery taste


  • A 12-ounce bag is a bit small for me!


Well, the main pro about this coffee is just its great taste. Without knowing too much previously about Good as Gold Coffee Roasters, it seems that they roast some very tasty coffee!

This Tanzania Peaberry is a fine coffee and I would certainly recommend it. It’s also pretty inexpensive and I definitely appreciate that.

This was a 12-ounce bag that I ordered, and it feels like I burned through this stuff! Like wow, it went by fast!

Since it’s not very expensive that makes me feel better about it.

Also, many coffee companies make 12-ounce bags of coffee to sell – so this certainly isn’t any complaint to Good as Good Coffee Roasters or anything – it’s just a preference that I like it to be able to last longer.

Especially if it’s good coffee!

This coffee is roasted in small batches and the freshness is evident when you sip on it.

The Only Acidity I’ve Actually Enjoyed!

The acidity in this coffee is unique.

It’s a medium roast so the acidity shouldn’t be as pronounced as a light roast.

It’s one thing that really stands out about this coffee is that you can taste and notice the acidity, but it’s not bitter or sour or overbearing. It’s a pleasant and balancing element in this coffee.

Because of its bright and non-overpowering acid, I actually like brewing this coffee better with pour over than AeroPress.

It’s the only coffee like that for me!

And I don’t foresee that happening easily with any other coffee… since AeroPress is the best brewing method in my opinion!

This is probably because the acidity plays a big part in the flavor of this coffee, and AeroPress is a low-acid brewing method so it takes out a big part of the flavor and balance of this Tanzania Peaberry coffee.

Cute Little Beans

This is just a little thing… but the beans are so small and cute!

Tanzania Peaberry coffee beans

They’re smaller than the other coffee beans I’ve bought lately. I found this to be enjoyable 🙂

The Bottom Line

Some people, or maybe many people, prefer lower acid coffee.

Including myself.

But this coffee has an acidity that is noticeable but at the same time bright, pleasant and tasty!

The bottom line is that this is a great tasting, buttery medium roast coffee from a great roaster.

I think that if you use any pour over you’re sure to get a great cup of coffee with Good as Gold’s Tanzania Peaberry! It’s good with any brew method but my favorite is with pour over.

This is a delicious coffee that really delivers!


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I hope you found this review helpful. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, and I hope you enjoy this coffee as much as I do!

Coffee cheers!


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Daniel Horton

12 pounds would be a lot, Danny, haha. I don’t know how much coffee you’d have to be drinking to burn through 12 pounds fast! I think you mean it’s only 12 ounces– which isn’t even 1 pound!

Jul 08.2020 | 07:47 am


    You don’t know how much coffee I drink, Dan… not even 12 kilos is enough.
    LOLZ ok seriously though yes you’re right, and it has promptly been edited to ounces. Thanks for letting me know!
    Yeah man it’s not even a pound of coffee, it sure felt like I went through it quick haha…

    Jul 08.2020 | 05:37 pm

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