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People do what they do for a lot of different reasons.

If you hang around me long enough, you’ll find out I love boxing.

Well, the honest truth is that I mostly just love watching it. I’ve never gotten in the ring myself.

But anyway, I love boxing and watching the sport.

And in boxing, just like in pretty much any area in life, people do it from different motivations.

It’s an interesting thing to see! Fame, glory, a world title, money, letting out aggression… usually you can tell after a while of watching someone why they do what they do. In boxing, I feel like I’ve seen all those.


Keeping with boxing, one of the most interesting people in boxing has got to be Floyd Mayweather.

His nickname is “Money”, and if you hear him talk at all, you’ll find out why.

He’s obsessed with money, and he has no problems at all saying that. He’s actually proud of it!

And he’s not ashamed to show off his fashion, watches, hangar of cars, and huge house.

At at least a few points in the 2010 decade, he was by far the highest paid athlete in the world. He far surpassed even Tiger Woods.

Check out this super interesting video from Forbes to see for yourself…

While he’s an extremely talented boxer and a defensive master at the sport, he has made it clear in the latter half of his career that he cares much more about making piles of money than he does about simply enjoying the sport and doing it for the love of the game.

And this is exactly the reason why so many people love him, and so many people hate him.

He has an “unbeaten” record of 50-0. I write unbeaten in quotation marks because if you watch some of those fights, it looks like he may have used some of his big money to pay off some judges.

I talk about Floyd Mayweather because for many people, myself included, he’s not one of those ‘one my my favorite boxers, does it for the love of the game’ kind of people.

He’s money hungry and used his undeniable talent to get it.

For Floyd Mayweather… it’s all about money, not his love of the game.

What do you think about that?

The Brutal Truth

And well, the honest truth is that many of us do what we do just because we need to make money, or because we want or need more money.

It’s an age-old problem… we may have to have a job or career we don’t really love because we need money or income.

Money can be a weird thing like that.

Some people like Floyd “Money” Mayweather do it because he just wants to make piles of money that he doesn’t really need.

And other people do what they do because they can’t find anything else and they need the money that they get to barely make it.

There’s two sides of the “money” coin.

But the bottom line is that in some way or another, money seems to get the best of most of us!

For The Love Of The Game

Ok so going back to boxing…

My favorite boxer is Marvin Hagler.

He was amazing and his fights are thrilling to watch. That is, if you enjoy boxing at all. If not, that’s ok!

The thing about Hagler is that, you can tell he did what he did for the love of the game.

He loved what he did, he did it with all his heart, and he did it amazingly.

He was the undisputed middleweight champion from 1980 to 1987.

When he was a teenager, he made his own poster and put it up on his wall and it said something like, “Marvin Hagler, middleweight champion of the world.”

He loved boxing, he was passionate about it, and he accomplished his dream.

It’s not that he’s my favorite boxer just because he did it for the love of the game; he’s my favorite because he’s flat out amazing!

I Can’t Pretend…

Now, I can’t pretend like I do everything I do just for the love of the game.

Some things I do for sure, like music for example.

If I was doing music for money, I would’ve quit a long time ago!

I do make a very small amount of money with music and performing, but in terms of cost of living it’s pretty minimal.

I do music because I absolutely love it!

But getting a little more nitty gritty… and being very candid and straight-forward with you… I do this coffee blog for different reasons.

I would like to say I only do it for the love of the coffee game.

And that’s mostly true.

But not totally.

The first and foremost reason I do it is because, yes I love coffee. I love making it at home, trying new coffees and brewing methods and other things and sharing it with you!

I only love sharing it with you though if you enjoy it too! So comments on the articles and other feedback is much appreciated!

I love writing (I’ve written a book by the way), and I do have a lot of fun making videos on my YouTube channel when I have the time for it.

But, being in the affiliate thing can be challenging.

I wouldn’t keep doing this blog if I didn’t love coffee so much.

This is because, just like pretty much every single person on earth, I’d love to make money doing what I love to do!

I’ve been writing articles here and doing reviews and videos and everything else for almost two years now.

The website costs money, I’ve spent countless hours doing the work, and as an affiliate marketer, I want to make money off this blog!

It’s not the only reason I do this like I said, but it’s definitely a reason!

If I didn’t love coffee so much and sharing my passion for it with you, I would’ve quit months ago.

Because out of these nearly two years, I’ve made less than 5 sales from my affiliate links!

Can you believe it!? I can’t!

Anyway, I want to remind you that if you purchase anything through my Amazon links on this site, the only thing that happens is that I get a small commission from the sale.

Oh and it’s quicker and easier for you. You don’t need to open a new browser tab and go to Amazon yourself to find it.

I’m kind of leery to click on links from websites sometimes too. But the ones from My Home Brewed Coffee are absolutely safe and do not do anything bad or weird at all to your computer or phone!

I do hope I make more sales from this blog in the future.

But no matter how many sales I do or don’t make, I’ll keep writing the articles. Even though it’s very discouraging sometimes the lack of sales that I have.

Don’t Give Up

All that to say, if you enjoy doing something…

Don’t give up!

When I’m tempted to give up on this blog, the question I need to ask myself is this: Why am I doing this? Is it for the love of the game, or for money?

If my main reason is anything other than simply for the love of the game, I probably should quit.

But it’s not!

And maybe that’s a question we should ask ourselves if we become frustrated with work, relationships, hobbies or any other area in life.

“Am I doing this for the love of the game, just because it brings me joy, or for something else?”

If it’s not for the love of the game, it doesn’t mean you should quit.

Maybe what you should do instead is find your passion for it again. Find your love for what you do once again.

Maybe sometimes you need to quit, but more often than not you just need to keep going and rekindle your love of the game.

For me and this coffee blog, I’d rather find my love and passion for it again than quit!

So let this article that took me a couple hours to write be a reminder to keep going and keep finding your joy in what you do!


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