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I’m going to be raw and honest here: I’ve been going through a lack of motivation lately and I feel like I’m running dry on my creativity!

I’m having trouble thinking of new ideas for content on social media, what to write about here on my site and feeling a bit low on energy.

Don’t worry though, this isn’t a ‘woe is me’ post! It’s simply to say, we all go through those times.

Have you gone through a lack of motivation, anxiety or other difficulties mentally lately?

The thing is, I’m not alone in that, and you’re not either!

I don’t have all the answers, and I might not be able to fix your problems, but I want to help you today and give you what is possibly the very starting point to help you through demotivating, stressful, anxious or depressing times.

Here it is, how to stay motivated step one…

Love yourself, accept yourself and accept where you’re at right now.

How to Stay Motivated

Have you ever had problems with a computer or some other electronic device not working, and you look at everything on the actual computer itself, you could even open it up and look at the circuits and electronics… but it doesn’t turn on?

You push the power button over and over and over and nothing happens. When the computer doesn’t come on you check every single thing possible…

Except if the power cable is connected to the wall.

Accepting yourself, loving yourself and being ok with where you’re at mentally and in your life is step number one to getting into a better place of motivation and contentment.

Strange, Wacky And Crazy Times

You know what, let’s just say it like it is.

America is going through some weird and hard times right now!

The whole coronavirus situation is just… weird. The riots and other political stuff going on right now too is just crazy. The loss of jobs and the effect this is having on mental well-being is honestly horrible.

For some people it is the root cause of stress or anxiety, and for others who maybe already struggle with that stuff it’s just fueling the fire and making it worse.

There’s probably hardly anyone in the world who, at this moment on July 24, 2020, is doing better since all this coronavirus stuff has been happening.

I really do want to give my opinion about the coronavirus situation, but this isn’t a post for that. However, if you’d like to see my attempt to make a funny video about masks, check this out!

The point is though, these strange times have had an effect on almost all of us. Some more than others.

Steer Yourself In The Right Direction

If you’re in any kind of rut like what I’m talking about, the starting point to get out needs to be accepting yourself and accepting where you’re at.

If you don’t then whatever kind of thing you’re dealing with most likely stick around for a while, or maybe even get worse.

If you’re feeling tired or burnt out, for example, and you don’t accept yourself in this or you say to yourself, I can’t believe I’m feeling so burnt out lately, there’s no reason to and I have things to do. I don’t care how I feel I’m going to keep going because it’s stupid that I’m feeling burnt out.

This is the kind of inner dialogue I’ve had with myself at times…

But if you do this and don’t accept yourself, it takes much longer to get out of your funk.

It’s not the only thing or the fix all, but the first step in the right direction is self-acceptance. Acknowledge that it’s ok that you’re feeling something, that you need to rest, that we all go through hard things.

Once you do this, you’re more ready to take whatever steps are next to move forward.

It Won’t Last Forever

Let me say it again… It won’t last forever!!

It might if you let it, though.

The chances are, if you don’t just accept and love yourself, what you’re doing is just getting frustrated about whatever the problem is.

When you get frustrated, irritated or angry about something, you put a lot of focus on it.

And whatever you focus on is usually what you move toward.

Our problems almost never last forever, but if we just get angry or don’t give ourselves a little grace in them, we will probably walk through them longer.

We Always Have A Choice

That’s the wonderful news that we should remember, but we forget it all too often.

We don’t have control over everything in our lives. What I mean is, for example, we don’t have control over if we’ll get sick or not, if we’ll go through financial hardships, if we’ll go through depression, if we’ll lose loved ones, etc.

What’s the one thing we have control of in these hardships? Our attitudes. That’s the one thing that we can control. And quite frankly, it’s also the most important.

Having the right attitude doesn’t make everything better instantly or perfect again, but you know what it does? It takes us the first step in the right direction.

I know, I’m sounding like all the other motivational speakers you may have heard. But it’s true, isn’t it!?

The problem is often that even if we know this to some degree, we forget it and get a victim mentality when we go through the hard stuff.

And if you’ve never heard anyone say it before, then let me emphatically tell you now… your circumstances don’t determine your attitude, you do!

If this weren’t true, then I guess every millionaire and celebrity would probably be the happiest people on earth right?

They usually aren’t.

You can be way too poor, way too rich, sick, healthy, but if you have the right attitude that begins with self-love and self-acceptance, you’ll be alright.

Be Your Personal Motivational Speaker

Like I said, this won’t fix every problem you may be facing right now, but it’s really the starting point.

These really are some strange times and especially with the coronavirus situation. The principles of loving and accepting yourself are really important always, but the coronavirus situation is the main reason I’m writing this article.

I’m not going to share my view about the coronavirus handling in this article, but if you write a comment in the comments section below I will gladly discuss it there.

I don’t know if some of the things I’m writing sound cheesy, or like I’m trying to be the next big motivational speaker. I’m really not trying to be cheesy or a motivational speaker!

The truth is, we all go through hard things. No one is exempt from it.

And while I can’t fix all your problems and give you a detailed action plan with every step to make things better, what I’m giving you here is my best attempt to help you and give you the very first and one of the most important things you need.

I just want to remind you to love yourself, because you’re a person who has value no matter what, regardless of how much you can or can’t do right now, regardless of your circumstances.

Your situation may or may not be tough, but you are awesome and you’re a person of intrinsic value! Please remember that today, and whenever you need it.


I sincerely hope this article helped you and encouraged you! And if you any questions or comments at all please feel free to write in the comments section below, I’ll be very happy to hear from you.


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