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Sorry about the cheesy pun in the title. I don’t even like puns very much usually…

But Death Wish lends itself to those kinds of jokes, right?

In fact, I think the company secretly wants people to do that.

Let’s pretend like we don’t know that though…

When I first got it and read the label I thought, “After I drink this I should be able to run to Mount Everest, climb it, and then run all the way back home. In one day.”

I live in California by the way.

I heard the jog across the pacific ocean is really tiring for your legs… but with this stuff you’ll put cars, trains and planes to shame.

Death Wish coffee review


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I figured I would at least be able to boldly go where no man has gone before… or have the ability to travel through the space-time continuum and shuffle through different dimensions, or something awesome like that!?

It’s not even just that this stuff might give you a heart attack, but it also infuses you with the strength to survive it and become stronger after.

And then have an epic battle with Thor and win.

Ok seriously though, I think Death Wish is a great coffee brand. It took me a bit to get fully warmed up to it, but I really enjoy it.

Here’s my review of this popular coffee.

p.s. I know I’m maybe not the funniest guy ever, but if you want to read some really funny stuff then check out the Amazon reviews, some of them are hilarious!

Pros & Cons

Here are some pros and cons about this coffee.


  • Nice earthy taste
  • High caffeine content, and low acid!
  • Fair Trade and Organic


  • The flavor may be overpowering
  • The bag is really hard to open

For starters, when it comes to the pros, the taste of Death Wish is unique! I’m about to explain the taste in greater detail under the next headline.

But I can say it’s not for the faint of heart!

I like that they do a slow roasting process and that they mix arabica and robusta beans in their coffee.

This isn’t very common as many or most of the coffees on the market are 100% arabica beans.

Arabica is by far the most popular coffee bean because of its taste, but robusta is another popular type of coffee bean which has more caffeine content.

It’s also a fairly low acid coffee because of their roasting process and their beans.

And this is good quality fair trade, organic coffee.

The cons of Death Wish are, for one thing, that the flavor may be overpowering for some.

The high caffeine content may also be, for that matter.

I really enjoy the flavor myself, but it took me a bit to really catch on and like it a lot.

Also, – and this may have been just me – the bag was a bit difficult to open!

I didn’t want to cut it because that can make it hard to seal or close properly, and I practically couldn’t open it with my hands.

When I finally opened it, I tore the bag down the front and it ended up looking mangled.

Please understand that this may have been my own fault so there’s a possibility that this is the case.

But I don’t think I’ve ever had so much trouble opening a coffee bag.

What Does It Taste Like?

I bought the classic version of Death Wish coffee.

They have some different types or flavors to choose from. I’m also interested to try their Valhalla Java.

Anyway, if there’s one word I could use to describe this coffee it’s earthy!

There’s some serious earthiness going on there.

It took me a while to put my finger on it though.

I really did a proper tasting with this coffee and I had to actually do it a few times to really figure out what it was.

I was thinking, “Is this acidic? No, that can’t be. Is it sour or pungent? No, not really but almost… What is that???”

And then it hit me that it’s simply really earthy!

Other things I noticed about the coffee is that it has a light body, a hint of citrusy notes, and it’s pretty smokey and robust.

I wouldn’t say the coffee itself is smooth because it’s so earthy but the aftertaste and finish is pretty smooth.

Highly-Caffeinated Stuff

I enjoy that they call it Death Wish and they play off of their high caffeine content.

I think the two main reasons that it has higher caffeine content are that they have a slow roasting process, and because they put robusta coffee beans in their coffee.

8 ounces of Death Wish coffee contains around 470 mg of caffeine.

That’s a whole lotta caffeine.

The average 8 ounce cup of coffee has around 95 mg of caffeine.

They’re not kidding about their jet fuel!

One thing to note. Caffeine isn’t the only factor in how jittery, buzzed, energized or whatever it is we feel from coffee.

Even though this coffee has some serious caffeine content, for me personally it doesn’t make me feel like I’m about to explode or anything.

In all honestly it seems like a nice energy boost that lasts a long time and it even doesn’t seem to have a big crash like other coffees may.

Their website is also fun to look at. I love that they call their coffee pods “death cups” instead of K-Cups!

They Liked My Photo!

I did a #deathwishcoffee hashtag in my photo on Instagram saying that I would test if and wanted to see if I would rise off the ground and fly or figure out the secrets of time travel or whatever.

And they liked my photo!

Death Wish Coffee

I think it’s nice when brands get social like that. AeroPress also does this almost every time I hashtag them in a photo.

So it seems to me that Death Wish is a social brand that likes to know its customers enjoy the coffee!

The Bottom Line

Death Wish is certainly a fun and interesting coffee brand!

My bottom line is that in terms of the taste, I didn’t think anyone could outdo me when it comes to earthy coffee… I like it rich.

But Death Wish has nearly outdone me! It’s almost too much, but not quite. It’s a taste that has really caught on with me.

The bottom line overall is that it’s nice that it has plenty of caffeine and gives a good boost, and the taste isn’t necessarily at the top, but it’s pretty far up there.

This coffee is great for people really wanting a boost with their coffee and want it strong!

I would personally rate Death Wish a 7.5 out of 10. It’s a good coffee that’s worth a try especially if you’re looking to get a good caffeine kick!

Note that in my pictures here, I bought the pre-ground coffee.

It’s always better and fresher to buy whole bean coffee and grind it yourself just before you brew it!

So for the links to view or purchase the coffee on Amazon, I’m directing you to the whole bean, so that you’ll have the most fresh coffee experience possible!

But it can easily be changed on Amazon to pre-ground. Enjoy!


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I hope you found this review helpful! I’m here to help you choose the best coffee for you. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments in the comments section below.

Coffee cheers!


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