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Here’s a coffee with a fun name and a really cool look!


Copper Moon Coffee Rainforest Reserve


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When I was searching for my next coffee to purchase and try, not only their fun design on the bag and their branding got me, but I figured an organic dark roast called Rainforest Reserve would be a winner!


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In my opinion, it should be pretty hard to make a dark roast bad!

The aroma and flavor of Rainforest Reserve is great! The flavor itself is delicious, but read on for the full review please and I’ll explain some more to it…

Overall, I’d rate this coffee about 6.5 out of 10.

And that’s not bad! I would probably say that anything below 5 is where I would say I don’t recommend a coffee.

This coffee is really good, to be sure! But there’s just something that keeps me personally from giving it a 7, 8, or higher…

With that being said, here’s my full review of this great coffee!

The Taste

First off, the aroma is really awesome! Vanilla, caramel, and sweet. It smells like a caramel latte or something! Both the whole beans and the brewed coffee give a nice aroma. I really enjoy it.

The taste is a silky body and sweet taste, subtle hints of caramel. It seems to have a general sweetness to it with a slightly robust touch. The vanilla that’s in the aroma isn’t really pronounced in the taste.

This coffee is smooth yet bold, with a smooth aftertaste as well.

Copper Moon Coffee

The thing about Rainforest Reserve though, is that the flavor is a bit muted.

I’ve talked about this in other articles and reviews, but some coffees for some reason have an aroma that’s quite a bit stronger and more appealing than the taste.

And while this is a great coffee, I wish the amazing things I smelled in the whole beans came out more in the brewed coffee!

But, this isn’t the worst thing that can happen with a coffee. Some coffees just have a disgusting taste altogether.

Rainforest Reserve does taste good, absolutely, but the flavor is just a bit lacking.

Referring to what I mentioned above about writing this in other articles, it’s similar to tea.

So often, tea has a strong and wonderful aroma and then you take a sip and you’re thinking… what happened, did the flavor evaporate in the steam or something!? Where did it go?

It’s certainly not that severe with Rainforest Reserve, but it was a similar experience.

But, if you just want a good quality, smooth coffee with subtle flavor notes and nothing that sticks out too much, this one would be perfect for you.


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Pros & Cons

Let’s see here…


  • Good quality, organic coffee
  • Fun design and packaging
  • Wonderful aroma


  • Muted flavor


I feel like it’s pretty straight forward here.

When you drink Copper Moon Coffee’s Rainforest Reserve, you can definitely tell it’s quality stuff. No doubt about that.

And while taste is so much more important than branding or packaging, they have a fun design on their coffee bag, and a great vibe. I like that.

The aroma is just great. This is still less important than having a great taste, but at the same time also very important. I feel like it’s not that often my coffee beans smell like a flavored latte or Frappuccino or something!

When it comes to the con I wrote, we’ve already discussed that.

It’s a good coffee, and maybe the fault is on me and my expectations just because the smell of it was so tantalizing!

It’s Only A Copper Or Paper Moon

With all that being said, I would also like to mention that I’d love to try another coffee from Copper Moon Coffee!

I can tell that this is a good company that has a quality standard.

So it would be great to try another roast and flavor by Copper Moon.

The mix of the robust dark flavor and the sweetness actually makes for a pretty nice balance. Also, it is nice that the other flavors aren’t overpowering.

I’ve tested different coffee brands and gotten a few different flavors and found that I like one much better than another. So maybe that’ll happen with Copper Moon! So I’m going to plan on trying another one from them.

Wrapping It Up

If you go with this coffee and give it a try, I do hope you’ll really enjoy it!

The bottom line with me and Rainforest Reserve is this: I enjoyed the flavor, I just wish it popped out a bit more!

And with that being said, here’s a link to purchase it on Amazon if you want to try it for yourself!

I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to write them in the comments section below! Coffee cheers!


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Hector Soto

I like how you compare the coffee and how you show the difference, as well as how you wrap everything up and how you describe the flavors.

Oct 03.2020 | 02:27 am


    Thank you Hector! I appreciate you letting me know. I certainly do my best to describe the coffees to the best of my ability! I’m glad to know that it helps!

    Oct 03.2020 | 08:50 pm

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