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I’ve loved the band Led Zeppelin since I was in high school.

If you don’t know much about them, their most popular album is Led Zeppelin IV. It has their classic “Stairway to Heaven” and other great songs.

My favorite album, though, is Led Zeppelin III. And my favorite song from the album is “That’s the Way”.


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This coffee + music pairing review won’t be too long. I mean, it’s not even a full album I’m recommending here it’s just one song! But this song is amazing and I high recommend you give it a listen along with your next morning coffee.

Led Zeppelin III

Most people know Led Zeppelin as simple a heavy hitting rock band.

And well, this is mostly true. They have many hard hitting songs, I personally love those too. Their first two albums were all rock n roll.

But on Led Zeppelin III they took a pretty big turn towards more folk and acoustic songs. They still some amazing rock songs on the album like “Immigrant Song” and the highly underrated “Out on the Tiles”. But overall the album is a wonderful, dynamic and eclectic mix of rock n roll, blues and folk.

After touring their first two albums, they went for a retreat in a cottage that had no electricity or running water. This idyllic setting inspired them to write three of the folk, acoustic songs on the CD.

The Song That Embodies Nostalgia

At least for me it does.

The lyrics, the instrumentation, the melody, the syncopated rhythm… it somehow seems like the perfect combination to me. I’m not sure how else to describe nostalgia and how this song really does it, but it certainly does!

The instrumentation consists of a 12-string acoustic guitar, mandolin, and some steel guitar fills. Percussion and bass only come in briefly for the outro. Robert Plant’s vocal performance on this beautiful ballad is very on point.

Here’s the YouTube link so you can hear it for yourself…

The whole Led Zeppelin III album is amazing in my opinion and worth a listen. It seems that after their first two heavy-hitting albums they were out to prove that they were more diverse than just pure rock n roll and could crank out amazing acoustic and folk music as well. In my humble opinion, they proved themselves well.

Led Zeppelin III

A Great Coffee To Go With

Here’s an amazing coffee that I am currently drinking in my daily routine.

It’s a Sumatra Gayo dark roast coffee that tastes absolutely delicious. From the first time I took a sip I love this coffee!

It’s a very well-balanced, complex coffee that’s woody, earthy, slightly smokey and chocolatey, and a hint of floral. It’s a robust, strong dark roast that’s beautifully smooth and even though it’s a strong dark roast coffee it doesn’t have too much bite.


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I bought the two pound bag on a whim and that’s what I recommend because it’s that good! Here’s another article about some recent coffees I’ve purchased and reviewed if you’re interested to see some other coffee recommendations.


I really hope that you enjoy this beautiful, nostalgic pairing as much as I do!

Or even just the coffee or the song by themselves. Led Zeppelin might not be music for everyone, but in my music library, this song and the whole album is a timeless classic. Here’s a quote from this album that I’d like to leave you with…

“I’m telling you now, the greatest thing you ever can do now, is trade a smile with someone who’s blue now, it’s very easy…”


Coffee cheers!


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