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Coffee and music is a wonderful, often sublime experience.

Could you imagine going to a coffee shop without music!?

I actually can’t.

It’s literally impossible for me to imagine there not being some kind of folk, jazz, indie, pop, rock, reggae or any kind of music playing in the background while I read or hang out with friends or just sit there by myself and enjoy the moment.

I love coffee pairings, whether that’s food and coffee… or music and coffee!


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Or even all the above.

But I would love to share about albums that go together seemingly perfectly with your morning, afternoon or even evening Joe.

Coffee + Kind of Blue - A Cool, Mellow Pairing

For this first coffee + music pairing, I would love to recommend to you the most popular selling jazz album of all time… Kind of Blue by Miles Davis.

Miles Davis was a jazz trumpeter who had a long and fruitful career. He played with many other greats. And had his own band as the bandleader for many years.

Kind of Blue is a beautiful album with such a mellow, timeless and emotional feel. For me personally, it enhances my coffee experience in a beautifully nostalgic way.

Kind Of Blue

This album is an iconic jazz album.

Not only is it the best-selling jazz album in history, it features some great musicians.

Bill Evans is the pianist on most of the album, with Wynton Kelly (my absolute favorite jazz pianist) stepping in on one track, “Freddie Freeloader”.

The album also features the well-known saxophonist John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley also on sax, and among other great musicians, Jimmy Cobb on drums.

As I write this in June 2020, Jimmy Cobb has just passed away and was the last living musician from this album. He was 91 so it’s nice he didn’t pass at a young age.

Kind of Blue has an amazing feel to it.

The music isn’t abrasive at all, it won’t disrupt your concentration in nearly any situation. But it’s not elevator music, and these seven musicians are the polar opposite of amateur.

The subdued nature of this cool jazz, as Miles Davis’ jazz is often known as, is in my opinion perfect for background music or as ‘foreground music’.

The overall feel of this CD is it’s really mellow for one thing. The music is so beautiful, there are no fast tunes on it, it’s extremely elegant jazz.

It makes me feel like I’m riding in a cab through New York on a crisp, clear and beautiful night after work and the only thing I can do is enjoy the peaceful moments and give myself over to the wonderful tranquility of them.

A Beautiful, Contemplative Experience

I think that jazz and coffee generally pair quite well together!

And basically if you listen to this album as you sip your home-brewed coffee (I’m sorry I just have to throw that in sometimes), you get a cool, peaceful, mellow experience. That’s the bottom line of it.

Some of my favorite tracks from Kind of Blue are “Freddie Freeloader”, the track where Wynton Kelly plays piano. Also, “So What” and the delicate, forlornly beautiful “Blue in Green”.

Why Is It A Good Coffee Pairing?

Well basically because, coffee and jazz are both classy, sophisticated things.

With food and coffee pairings, there are definitely certain types of foods that go well with certain types of coffee.

But of course, it doesn’t matter at all what kind of coffee you drink or brew method you use when you listen to Kind of Blue. It’s a matter of how you want to feel.

When I listen to this album and drink coffee, I feel creative, inspired, peaceful, artistic, and content. Music always brings feelings and evokes emotions.

I realize that not everyone loves jazz like I do though! Don’t think I’m naive enough to think that everyone loves jazz. I know a lot of people can’t stand it. Most people either love it or hate it I suppose.

So if you do enjoy jazz, I’d recommend this album for a coffee + music pairing.

See How You Feel

Give it a try.

Sometime when you are just sitting down to enjoy a coffee, put on this album. See you how feel when you listen to it.

Maybe it’ll be different from how I feel. Maybe it’ll be better!

It’s far too often in our post-modern culture we find ourselves much too busy. Another sad fact is that we don’t even find ourselves… we simply get lost in it and become stressed, overworked and unhealthy because our minds are much busier than they were meant to be.

Give yourself some beautiful moments with this album. And feel free to let me know how it goes for you. Coffee cheers 🙂

Here’s the playlist for the whole album on YouTube if that helps!


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