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Captain Beefheart was probably the weirdest musician who ever lived.

A lot of people think Frank Zappa was weird, and sure he was.

But he was more well-known than Captain Beefheart.

And I think the reason was because that Zappa’s weirdness was more palpable than Beefheart’s. They were making music at the same time and were friends though, they even worked together.


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Today I’m going to be talking about a pairing of coffee and Ice Cream For Crow, Captain Beefheart’s final album before he abruptly retired from music to pursue a career as a painter.

For about 95% of the people who read this, unless you’re already a Captain Beefheart fan, this album will probably be way too weird for you and you probably won’t be able to handle much more than about 30 seconds of it.

The combination of his gravelly, atonal singing/screeching/yelling and the nonsensical music make this album a pure masterpiece, and way too much for most people to listen to!

Most people say that Trout Mask Replica is Beefheart’s masterpiece, and sure it’s also a great album.

But my personal favorite is Ice Cream For Crow.

Let’s get into why not only the band Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band is so amazing, but especially album.

His Farewell Album

In my opinion, he had become a very well-seasoned artist at this point and this album reflects that.

It’s just all-around a great album.

The instrumentation, the mix, his vocals, his a Capella poetry tracks, it all goes together so fluidly.

Some of my favorite tracks are “Ice Cream for Crow”, “Hey Garland, I Dig Your Tweed Coat”, and “Cardboard Cutout Sundown”.

If you’re interested in watching, he has a music video for the title track that is pure bliss.

Apparently, Beefheart really enjoys pointing.

As I said, his music is so absolutely different from the other coffee + music pairings that I’ve written about, like even Bob Dylan, as bad as his voice may be. Bob is still very popular.

Something that I love about Captain Beefheart and this album in particular is that it makes me laugh, really hard.

I don’t know if that’s what he intended at all, and I surely hope that it wouldn’t offend Van Vliet that I say that.

I only say it with the highest respect.

It’s specifically his poems like “Hey Garland, I Dig Your Tweed Coat”, and “81 Poop Hatch” that are comical to me.

Not only his poems but all of his lyrics are stream of consciousness style writing, which I really enjoy.

Surprisingly enough, the album reached number 90 in the UK album charts, and stayed in the charts for two weeks.

I Hope You Maybe, Possibly Enjoy

I always write on my coffee reviews – if it’s a coffee I enjoy – that I hope you enjoy it too.

And I hope the same for this album!

Although, the chances are that you probably won’t!

I realize that I’m pretty weird in my own right.

And seeing that I used to be a punk rocker, I think I still have that in me somewhere.

And Ice Cream For Crow just strikes that chord in me so perfectly.

Here’s a link to the album on YouTube if you want to listen to the whole thing!

And if you want to enjoy some fine coffee while you listen to this masterpiece of an album, check out the reviews section here on the website, and you can find plenty of great coffees I’ve reviewed!

And don’t worry, I never give a good review to any coffee or coffee product that I actually don’t like or don’t enjoy!

I’m always honest in my reviews.

So, here’s hoping that you enjoy this album as much as I do! Or at least get a good laugh from it too…

Hey Garland, I dig your tweed coat.
I’ll trade you a domino this size, mothball-scented…


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