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Christmas comes but once a year.

And so does all the Christmas Blend coffee.

It’s kind of like Eggnog, you just have to get it and enjoy it while you can.

Christmas Blend Coffee


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If you’re wondering, what exactly is Christmas Blend coffee?… or what makes it a Christmas coffee?, here’s the answer.

A Christmas Blend is a coffee that’s obviously a blend (not single origin), that is crafted to create a true Christmas-y, holiday feel to it.

It usually includes coffees that have flavor notes such as spicy, sweet, and floral.

Just to be sure, there are no added spices in Christmas Blend!

There are at least some people who expect this coffee to taste just like a venti peppermint latte, and are maybe slightly disappointed when they find it’s just coffee! Gasp!

But alas, there are not (or shouldn’t be) any added spices or flavors.

What’s In Christmas Blend?

So you’re probably wondering at this point, what kind of coffees are in this special blend?

And that’s a great question to ask.

There are actually some growing locations for coffee that cater more to your Christmas taste than others.

Starbucks’ Christmas Blend, which is probably the most popular version of this holiday java, is made of a blend of coffees from Guatemala, Colombia and Papua New Guinea that come together to bring out the hero of their Yuletide brew… rare aged Sumatra.

At least that’s the 2020 version of it.

They change it up a bit every year, although with similar origins and blends.

Usually the origins that produce coffee who’s flavors are especially reminiscent of this favorite holiday are Asian coffees like Sumatra/Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, also coffees from most places in South American, such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, etc.

Certain African coffees can also add to the spicy sweet flavor of Christmas like Ethiopia or Kenya.

There are no rules or set guidelines about it though, it’s all up to the master coffee blenders to decide which origins will best give you that holiday feeling.

Just remember, there are no added spices or flavorings in Christmas Blend coffee!

It’s just pure and simple coffee, mixed to bring out the best of those flavors.

Quality Coffee

As you’d maybe expect, since this coffee is a rare treat that only sticks around for a few months out of the year, it’s usually and supposed to be made with high quality coffee.

Which means that it can be a bit more expensive than other, year-round coffees.

It’s not nearly as ridiculously expensive as something silly like Kopi Luwak, but just a bit more pricey than most other, non-Christmas coffee.

And this is because they often bring out more rare, “gourmet” and high quality coffee beans for this blend, so of course it makes sense.

Because of the fact that it’s usually made from great quality beans and obvious reasons, like the fact that Christmas is a time for giving gifts, Christmas Blend coffee makes a wonderful gift for any coffee lover!

And I’ve got just the recommendations for you!

Here Are Some Great Recommendations

Because it has no extra additives like spices or flavorings, it’s actually a great gift to get for friends, family and loved ones.

You can really just think of it as high quality, delicious coffee that only comes around at a certain time each year and has that certainly holiday feel that most other coffees don’t have.

And without further ado, here are the best Christmas Blend coffees to buy, and the best deals for them!


Starbucks Christmas Blend

I already talked about this one, and even though I have mixed feelings about Starbucks, the reason I really like this wintery holiday coffee is because it just brings out the Christmas feel so well!

It’s a great coffee that doesn’t disappoint, and Starbucks is a master at making this blend that only comes once a year.

It’s a delicious coffee which is a sweet and layered seasonal blend of medium-roast coffees with herbal and sweet maple notes, and it’s also insanely popular.

You can almost hear Christmas carols coming from it.

They’ve changed the name from Christmas Blend to Holiday Blend, which in my view is unnecessary, but it’s still the same great coffee.

You just can’t go wrong with this one for the holidays!

Starbucks Holiday Blend coffee


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Peet’s Coffee Holiday Blend

Another one of the big coffee companies also has a great Christmas bag of cheer.

Peet’s has some other amazing coffees, like Major Dickason’s Blend, which I really enjoy.

The company has a long history of delicious, good quality coffee and is widely distributed, and with many cafes all throughout the states.

Their Holiday Blend is a full bodied coffee with dark chocolate note and candied fruit notes, along with Indonesian spice.

Again, we see the Indonesian coffee prominent for that special flavor!

This one is pretty pricey I should say, so if that’s a factor for you, let it be known.

But it’s yet another one you can’t go wrong with.

Peet's Coffee Holiday Blend


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Jim’s Organic Coffee Holiday Blend

Jim’s Organic Coffee is a company that’s been roasting for more than 20 years.

They are committed to high quality coffees and artisan roasting.

This coffee is a a festive blend of Central American coffees.

It has velvety notes of chocolate and citrus, and makes your morning time routine at Christmas merry and bright.

Another medium roast coffee that is organic and good quality, and certainly a bright coffee as it’s only Central American coffees here, where you usually get fruity and sweet notes.

Jim's Organic Coffee Holiday Blend


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And If Those Aren’t Enough…

There is also this one from Schuil coffee that looks like a very nice coffee, but I’ve never tried it and there’s barely any information about it.

So if you dare, you could give it a try and let me know how it is!

And if for some reason even those specialty holiday brews aren’t enough to tickle your Christmas fancy, I’ve got another suggestion you’ll probably love.

Since this site is all about your home-brewed coffee, here are some suggestions that will spice up your coffee… literally!

If you want to make any coffee more “Christmasy”, try adding a little bit of cloves, cinnamon and/or nutmeg to your coffee!

All of these are almost the signature spices of Christmas and they will give you that real ‘sitting by the fireside with cozy Christmas music looking outside the window at falling snow’ kind of feeling.

And, if you’re looking for something more sweet and tasty like a dessert drink, you can check out an awesome coffee recipe here for a super decadent Christmas treat!

If this happens to not be sweet enough for you, then I don’t think even a peppermint mocha or the sugariest that Starbucks has to offer will satisfy!

Wrapping It Up

However you enjoy your coffee at Christmastime, whether you enjoy a special holiday blend or just a plain ol’ year-round coffee, I’m wishing you the merriest of Christmases, and a wonderful holiday season.

Any of the coffees from my recommendations make a great, cozy gift for someone else, or just a really nice treat for yourself at the most wonderful time of the year.

I hope this article not only gave you some insights about Christmas Blend coffee, but also gave you some helpful suggestions if you just want to just get some sugar in spice in your coffee without buying a specialty coffee and making it more holly jolly.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to let me know in the comments section, and be sure to let your hear be light and make your holidays merry and bright!


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