by Danny | 3:05 am

Kicking Horse Coffee “Grizzly Claw” Review

I’m always on the quest for an amazing dark roast coffee.

Sometimes I strike gold, sometimes it’s a bit flat.

I had previously tried Kicking Horse Coffee’s “Three Sisters” blend. You can read that review here if you’re interested.

It …

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by Danny | 3:37 am

Stumptown Coffee “Holler Mountain” Review

Here it goes…

My second review of a Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ coffee!

I’ve also tried and reviewed Stumptown’s Hair “Bender coffee” at the bottom of this article about four coffees that I’ve tried, if you’re interested to read that.

This …

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by Danny | 10:50 pm

Paper vs Metal Pour Over Coffee Filters – Which One’s Better?

Chemex, Hario, Kalita Wave, Bean Envy, Bodum, OXO Brew… what’s your favorite pour over?

I have my favorite, but that’s another article. Honestly, it’s really hard for me to choose a favorite, and… it can be subject to change!…

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by Danny | 8:40 pm

Kicking Horse Coffee ‘Three Sisters’ Review – A Savory and Smooth Roast

Kicking Horse is a popular coffee roaster that’s kicking butt and taking names all the way up in the Rocky Mountains in Canada, where they roast their coffee.

Their Three Sisters roast is the first coffee I’ve tried from them, …

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by Danny | 7:37 pm

Good as Gold Coffee Roasters’ ‘Tanzania Peaberry’ Review – A Nice, Buttery Brew

With a name like Good as Gold Coffee Roasters, I had high hopes as I was tasting this coffee!

I’ve tried Tanzania Peaberry coffees before but not extensively, just a cup here and there when I was a barista doing …

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by Danny | 11:13 pm

The Best Instant Coffee

Kick starting your morning with a good ol’ cup o’ Joe is great, blissful, and deliciously delightful, no matter what. Right?

We all know that the best part of waking up, is… coffee in your cup. (There are, however, some …

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by Danny | 9:01 pm

Stone Street Coffee’s ‘Sumatra Gayo’ Review

I’ve been reviewing coffees for a little while now.

Some of them really stand out, and some of them… just don’t.

Although I can appreciate a light, medium or dark roast, my preference is a good dark roast. I also …

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by Danny | 8:44 pm

Gooseneck Kettles – The Pros & Cons, and Best Ones

Here’s a marvel of the modern coffee world: gooseneck kettles.

Gooseneck Kettles

They have a nice, classy and sleek look to them, and it’ll definitely enhance the vibe of your kitchen.

This is just one of the pros about gooseneck kettles.

When …

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by Danny | 6:47 pm

My Last 4 Coffees – The Reviews and Recommendations

The choices we have for coffee to purchase are only multiplying it seems.

If this was an Instagram post I would now write #1stworldproblems. It’s definitely a 1st world problem that we have to think so much about which delicious, …

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by Danny | 10:00 pm

Javapresse Manual Coffee Grinder Review – Is it Worth the Wait?

Manual, hand mill coffee grinders are pretty trendy nowadays… at least in a certain coffee crowd.

So like any proper coffee experimenter, I decided to get one!

I went with the Javapresse brand, which is the hottest selling one on …

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