by Danny | 4:32 pm

How to Play Worship Songs on Piano

One of my biggest passions in life is music. Piano is my favorite instrument, and more than just music, my favorite thing to do is worship Jesus at my piano. My story of learning

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by Danny | 11:38 am

Embrace Your Inner Weirdness

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” – Robin Williams. I think that too many of us lose that spark.   But what do I know? I guess I’m

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by Danny | 10:46 am

Oolong Tea – An Earthy, Awesome and Healthy Tea

I’m making a big leap today. Here at My Home Brewed Coffee, I’m all about, well… coffee! No surprise there. And while I’ve only written about coffee on this site, I do in fact

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by Danny | 6:07 pm

Take Time to Unwind and Refine

You know, in our world of fast technology, getting answers to pretty much any question we could ask in seconds, staring at screens for maybe hours a day and so many other things that

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by Danny | 12:18 am

For the Love of the Game

People do what they do for a lot of different reasons. If you hang around me long enough, you’ll find out I love boxing. Well, the honest truth is that I mostly just love

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by Danny | 2:19 am

Here’s an Awesome Hack to Blaze Through the To-Do List! – It’s Wonderfully Simple

I don’t know about you… but I usually can’t stand to-do lists! Most of the time, at least for me, it’s pretty boring stuff. Sometimes it’s not! But usually it is. But either way

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by Danny | 12:06 am

The Power of Encouragement – You can Change Someone’s World

When I was taking piano lessons – I took about nine years of piano lessons by the way – I had three different teachers. The first one was for about five years, the second

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by Danny | 7:13 pm

Feeling Unmotivated? – How to Stay Motivated Step One: Accept Yourself

I’m going to be raw and honest here: I’ve been going through a lack of motivation lately and I feel like I’m running dry on my creativity! I’m having trouble thinking of new ideas

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by Danny | 12:33 am

Fear Not – An Invitation for Turbulent Times

What are you afraid of? And is it reasonable for you to have that fear? In light of current events – which I honestly don’t even care to name or talk about in much

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by Danny | 10:31 pm

Some Thoughts on Going Through Pain – What we Learn

This article has nothing to do with coffee whatsoever. Nor am I selling anything in this article! This is something that I have been thinking about lately and wanted to freely offer to you. And I really

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