by Danny | 3:33 am

Can You Freeze Coffee?

“Does coffee taste ok if I put it in the freezer?”

“Am I allowed to freeze it?”

“Does anything weird happen to the coffee if I put it in the freezer?”

If you’ve asked yourself any or all of those …

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by Danny | 11:09 pm

I Have A Webstore! – Feel Free to Give it A Look

I’m going to be really honest with you here.

Well first off, I’m super excited because I just launched my very own webstore on Shopify called “Coffee Cheers Merch“!

Coffee Merchandise

I figured, what better name to use than “Coffee …

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by Danny | 3:56 am

What’s the Best Grocery Store Coffee? – Find Out Here! And Some Bonuses…

Have you ever found yourself staring at the coffee section in the grocery store for five minutes too long?

How about 10 minutes too long?

What's the Best Grocery Store Coffee?

I won’t say if I have or not. But I’ll bet now you know, anyway!…

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by Danny | 5:32 am

Don Francisco’s Coffee – Learn About Don, and His Coffee

Don Francisco’s Coffee has a certain special place in my heart.

I get very… sentimental over it.

Sometimes I lie awake in my bed in the late night hours just thinking about it and how good it’s been to me …

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by Danny | 7:23 pm

Pre-Ground Coffee vs. Whole Bean? – Does it Really Make a Big Difference?

I’m sure many of us have heard at some point that coffee will taste better and fresher if we buy it whole bean and grind it ourselves, at home.

Is it really true or is there just some agenda behind …

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by Danny | 11:13 pm

The Best Instant Coffee

Kick starting your morning with a good ol’ cup o’ Joe is great, blissful, and deliciously delightful, no matter what. Right?

We all know that the best part of waking up, is… coffee in your cup. (There are, however, some …

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by Danny | 8:44 pm

Gooseneck Kettles – The Pros & Cons, and Best Ones

Here’s a marvel of the modern coffee world: gooseneck kettles.

Gooseneck Kettles

They have a nice, classy and sleek look to them, and it’ll definitely enhance the vibe of your kitchen.

This is just one of the pros about gooseneck kettles.

When …

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by Danny | 4:15 am

Weight Loss and Coffee – Here are Some Facts, and an Awesome Hack

Our culture is in a health craze.

Or we should probably rather call it a greater awareness/consciousness of healthy diet and lifestyle.

It really is hugely important to have a healthy lifestyle!

The internet and search engines have made it …

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by Danny | 4:27 am

The 4 Types of Coffee Beans

Did you know that there are four types of coffee beans?

Maybe you didn’t! Unless you’re a total coffee expert.

I could only name two before I wrote this article.

I would bet that a lot of people think there …

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by Danny | 11:26 pm

Instant Coffee – Everything You Wanted to Know!

Ok, this article might not explain everything you have ever wanted to know about instant coffee.

But if you’re curious about how it’s made and want to know some fun facts about it, you’ve come to the right place!

You …

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