by Danny | 12:04 pm

The World’s Top Coffee Producing Countries

Coffee doesn’t grow everywhere, you know. It may or may not surprise you to know that coffee is kind of a tropical plant, or fruit, or bean, or whatever you want to call it.

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by Danny | 12:30 pm

Maxwell House Coffee – Some History, My Review, and the Best Deal!

If you know your way around the coffee world, then when you see Maxwell House coffee, you may be thinking something similar to me… It’s like a close cousin to Folgers or something. It’s

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by Danny | 6:29 pm

The Best Coffee Storage Containers – Top Picks to Keep Your Coffee Fresh

If you love coffee, I’m guessing you also love fresh coffee. I certainly do. And when it comes to making the best coffee possible and thus really enjoying your coffee, you want it to

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by Danny | 7:41 pm

What’s Better, Illy or Lavazza?

I’ve written articles about both Illy Coffee and Lavazza… and if you know European coffee, you know that Illy Lavazza are some of the heavy hitters when it comes to Italian espresso and coffee. These

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by Danny | 8:07 pm

Stumptown Coffee – I Tried 2 and Gave Up…

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, based out of Portland, Oregon, is not only a hip roaster, they’ve also become super popular. I must admit, I really like their design and branding, their coffee bags are fun

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by Danny | 5:10 pm

The Best Decaf Coffee

If you were to ask people why they drink coffee, the chances are at least 95% or higher you’ll get at least one of these two reasons: I like the taste and/or I want

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by Danny | 7:16 pm

Illy Coffee Beans

Some of the giants of the European coffee world are Illy and Lavazza. And for good reason; they’re both really good coffees! When I’ve visited Australia two times, I noticed that Illy is super

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by Danny | 12:59 pm

The Best Single-Serve Coffee Maker

As coffee culture grows and evolves, different brewing methods appear and become popular. One of the most popular ones today is single-serve coffee machines, like Keurig, etc. On average, Americans drink up to three

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by Danny | 7:19 pm

Folgers Coffee – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I’ve briefly mentioned the infamous Folgers Coffee several times in this blog. And usually always making jabs at this very well-known coffee company. Here at My Home Brewed Coffee, I love to recommend coffees

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by Danny | 10:15 am

Oat Milk and Coffee

As I write this, nearing the end of 2021, oat milk is a big craze. And what’s more, oat milk and coffee. We have oat milk as creamer, oat milk lattes, oat milk cappuccinos,

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