by Danny | 10:46 am

Oolong Tea – An Earthy, Awesome and Healthy Tea

I’m making a big leap today.

Here at My Home Brewed Coffee, I’m all about, well… coffee! No surprise there.

And while I’ve only written about coffee on this site, I do in fact enjoy tea and drink it quite …

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by Danny | 9:51 am

What’s the Best Coffee on Amazon?

We’re here to talk about a doozy of a question today.

There are hundreds and hundreds of coffees you can buy on Amazon.

And honestly, Amazon is my favorite place to buy coffee because they have so many choices of …

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by Danny | 4:12 pm

Christmas Blend Coffee

Christmas comes but once a year.

And so does all the Christmas Blend coffee.

It’s kind of like Eggnog, you just have to get it and enjoy it while you can.

Christmas Blend Coffee


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by Danny | 7:36 pm

What is Chicory Coffee?

If you’ve ever heard people talk about chicory coffee and wondered about it, let me just tell you right off the bat that it’s not the same as “coffee coffee”.

The chicory plant, known scientifically as Chicorium Intybus Sativum, has …

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by Danny | 10:38 am

Is it Good to Buy Coffee on Amazon?

If you’ve never purchased coffee from any online retailer, Amazon or anything else for that matter, you might be a little bit skeptical about buying coffee online.

And that’s pretty understandable.

I remember I was also feeling a little unsure …

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by Danny | 8:56 am

You Don’t Have to be Hipster to Like Good Coffee

This is a subject I haven’t touched on for over a year, I believe.

When I was first writing articles here at My Home Brewed Coffee, I was poking fun at hipsters all the time.

You Don't Have to be Hipster to Like Good Coffee

All in love and good …

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by Danny | 4:41 pm

What’s the Difference Between a Moka Pot and a Percolator?

To the untrained eye, a Moka Pot and a percolator are the same thing.

Given, they both look very similar yes, and they even make coffee in a similar way.

But they are definitely different coffee makers, and the coffee …

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by Danny | 10:40 am

What’s the Difference Between Coffee “Grinds” and Coffee “Grounds”?

Here’s an article for grammar freaks.

I like to think of myself as someone who is good with spelling and grammar, usually.

But admittedly, there are people who are much, much better with using proper grammar than I am.

And …

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by Danny | 8:52 am

Take the Leap from Automatic Drip Machines to Other Brewing Methods – Trust me, it’s Worth it!

I’ve already briefly mentioned this topic in at least a few of my articles.

But I’ve never written entirely about it.

After almost two years of doing a coffee blog to help people with brewing coffee at home and talking …

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by Danny | 7:00 pm

The Best Coffee Scales for Home Brewing (Digital Scales)

Consistency is key, or so they say.

And if you’re looking for a fool-proof way to have a nice cup of coffee, or at least be consistent with brewing your coffee at the same strength every time, then it’s probably …

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