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The Difference Between Cold Brew and Iced Coffee – AND How to Make Them!

What exactly is the difference between these two very similar sounding beverages?

And can you make them at home?

First off, yes you can make both of them at home!

And the difference between them is pretty simple. They’re both …

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by Danny | 3:33 am

Can You Freeze Coffee?

“Does coffee taste ok if I put it in the freezer?”

“Am I allowed to freeze it?”

“Does anything weird happen to the coffee if I put it in the freezer?”

If you’ve asked yourself any or all of those …

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by Danny | 10:50 pm

Paper vs Metal Pour Over Coffee Filters – Which One’s Better?

Chemex, Hario, Kalita Wave, Bean Envy, Bodum, OXO Brew… what’s your favorite pour over?

I have my favorite, but that’s another article. Honestly, it’s really hard for me to choose a favorite, and… it can be subject to change!…

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by Danny | 7:23 pm

Pre-Ground Coffee or Whole Bean? – Does it Really Make a Big Difference?

I’m sure many of us have heard at some point that coffee will taste better and fresher if we buy it whole bean and grind it ourselves, at home.

Is it really true or is there just some agenda behind …

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by Danny | 9:49 pm

What’s the Cheapest Way to Make Coffee? – You’re About to Find Out!

This may be a question for the penny pincher or simply the curious alike.

What is the cheapest way to make coffee!?

I’m not only about to answer the question, I’m also going to give you the most simple way …

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by Danny | 11:24 pm

Hario V60 vs Chemex – Which one Wins?

Here we have two heavyweight pour overs.

I would go as far as to say these are the two most popular pour overs on the market right now.

Chemex and Hario V60


Chemex is a classic pour over that has been around since …

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by Danny | 10:17 pm

Mr. Coffee – America’s Classic Coffee Machine

Mr. Coffee is a staple of American coffee brewing.

It was actually the first automatic drip coffee maker for home use, just to give you a little fun fact. In 1971 the patent was filed for the revolutionary coffee machine …

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by Danny | 5:14 am

4 Starbucks Coffees to NOT Brew at Home – Don’t Buy These!…

I wrote an article a while ago about my 4 favorite Starbucks coffee beans and why I enjoy each of them so much.

Starbucks isn’t my favorite coffee, but as we all know, it’s pretty popular. I guess when you …

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by Danny | 3:39 pm

Dalgona Coffee – Is it as Wonderful as People Make it Look!?

There’s a huge trend that I’ve been seeing all over my news feed.

It’s a drink that definitely looks really… pretty… and was intriguing to me.

Dalgona coffee

It’s called Dalgona coffee, or whipped coffee, or maybe other names too. Like fluffy …

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by Danny | 6:47 pm

Are you Choosing the Wrong Coffee Beans for Your Brew Method? – Let me Help

It’s a big decision, one that needs a lot of ‘you time’ and thought. You really need to find yourself in a world of coffee choosery.

You have to take the commitment seriously. But if it goes wrong you can …

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