by Danny | 7:08 pm

Coffee + Ice Cream For Crow – A Masterpiece Oddity

Captain Beefheart was probably the weirdest musician who ever lived. A lot of people think Frank Zappa was weird, and sure he was. But he was more well-known than Captain Beefheart. And I think

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by Danny | 2:23 am

Coffee + Beast Epic – Iron & Wine & Coffee

Coffee + folk music just go together in a special way. It’s basically a fact. Iron & Wine is the epitome of modern folk. Therefore, Iron & Wine goes together well with coffee. Before

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by Danny | 5:10 am

Coffee + Giant Steps – A Pure Swingin’ Combo!

I just finished a bag of an amazing coffee called Coltrane by Red Bay Coffee. And since I love talking about how well coffee and music go together, I almost couldn’t help but listen

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by Danny | 9:29 pm

Coffee + ‘In My Room’ – A Fun, Eclectic Pairing

Jacob Collier is a musical genius. But that might be an understatement… he’s more like a musical super-genius. He’s an anomaly. Aside from that, he also just has a really fun personality and seems

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by Danny | 8:48 pm

Coffee + The Freewheelin’ – An Ideal, Rustic Coffee Soundtrack

Bob Dylan is a legend, a phenomenal songwriter, and a genius in his own right. He’s also an American cultural icon who has written numerous songs that have been covered countless times. I’ve covered

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by Danny | 6:18 pm

Coffee + That’s the Way – The Perfect Nostalgic Pair

I’ve loved the band Led Zeppelin since I was in high school. If you don’t know much about them, their most popular album is Led Zeppelin IV. It has their classic “Stairway to Heaven”

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by Danny | 10:41 pm

Coffee + Kind of Blue – A Cool, Mellow Pairing

Coffee and music is a wonderful, often sublime experience. Could you imagine going to a coffee shop without music!? I actually can’t. It’s literally impossible for me to imagine there not being some kind

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