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I like the name Caffe Umbria. It just has a nice ring to it.

And eye-catching things are fun, right!?

Caffe Umbria Arco Etrusco Blend Review

I was on the market for some South American coffee and when I saw that this was a dark roast South American coffee.

They also have a cool design on the bag. So I gave it a go, and here’s my review of this awesome coffee!

I’d rate this coffee 8 out of 10.

Keep reading to find out why!…


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The Taste

This coffee struck me in a good way from the first time that I brewed it. It is very nicely balanced!

And if you know me, you know that I hate weak coffee, and I love well-balanced coffee. So if it’s brewed nice and strong, and it’s a well-balanced cup of Joe, I love it!

The aroma of Arco Etrusco is wonderfully sweet, and has berry and a slight chocolate aroma.

Taste is very smooth, tangy, sweet, woody, and slightly chocolatey. Wow!

It’s seriously an awesome combination. The coffee overall is nice and sweet, but especially the tanginess and woody notes really balance that out and make this an excellent cup of coffee.

It has a light/medium body. The aftertaste is very nice and mostly smooth and woody.

I really like how different things were emphasized in the aroma, the taste itself, and the aftertaste/finish!

Every brew method I used for Arco Etrusco was great.

My favorite was AeroPress which is also my favorite coffee maker in general. But it was delicious with pour over too!

This Is One Of Those Coffees…

Where the bag was too small and I didn’t get enough of it!

Seriously though, I really enjoyed this Caffe Umbria coffee. It’s quite exotic!

Caffe Umbria coffee

I bought the 12oz bag… and for me it was not enough!

I would’ve loved to have a bigger bag of this coffee.

But, I guess that means I’ll have to order it again. I would also be happy to try another one of Caffe Umbria’s coffees.

So maybe I’ll try another one and review it sometime.

There really isn’t that much more to say about it I feel like! This is just one awesome coffee that really made a great impression and the only “con” I could think of is that there wasn’t enough of it!

I also feel like this is an ‘anyone can like it’ kind of coffees. It tastes great, it’s well-balanced with flavor notes that pretty much anyone enjoys, and it’s versatile because it’s great with any brewing method.

Wrapping It Up

This is one of my shortest reviews that I’ve ever done on a coffee!

I really do feel like it’s pretty straightforward with this stuff.

Here is a link to just take a look at or buy this coffee. And I hope that if you try it you’ll love it as much as I do!


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Have a beautiful day, coffee cheers!


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