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We have a lot of choices when it comes to pour over coffee brewers.

There’s really plain and cheap ones and fancy looking more expensive ones.

I’ve had the privilege to use a Bean Envy pour over for a few weeks and it was a surprisingly good pour over.

There are some features about it I really enjoy.

Bean Envy Review - An Awesome, Underrated Pour Over


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Also, it’s very reasonably priced for a pour over of its caliber.

If I’m honest, I’d say it certainly ranks up there with Chemex, Hario, and other big names in the pour over world.

Although, it has a unique taste that it brews.

I’m still amazed that different pour overs can all have their own unique taste! But that’s the beauty of the coffee world.

So let’s get into some great features about the Bean Envy pour over, some tips and the pros and cons.

Some Cool Features

This coffee brewer has some nice features that it comes with that are quite competitive with leading pour overs.

For one thing, it comes with a metal filter by default. I love this.

Bean envy pour over review

The metal filter is great because it not only means you don’t have to buy more paper filters, it also is a very well-functioning filter that makes a great brew.

In my opinion the filter is just the right thickness for a great cup of coffee.

It also has a rubber pad on the bottom which just makes it easier to handle, and less likely to break at the same time.

Unlike Chemex, which is pretty comparable to this one, the Bean Envy has measuring lines.

It has one for 4, 8, 10, 16, and 20 ounces. This can really be helpful if you want to make a certain amount of coffee or you like to measure it out for another reason.

These are a couple of very nice features that I noticed right away, and made this an enjoyable pour over to use from the first time I tried it.


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Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of the Bean Envy pour over, the way I see it:


  • Great deal for what you get
  • Metal filter
  • Rubber bottom piece
  • Great warranty
  • Built-in handle for ease of use


  • The filter takes some work to clean
  • The small rubber piece on the filter comes off easily

This pour over really has a lot of good things going for it.

I love the metal filter, as I mentioned above.

There are great things about it like I talked about, but the main benefit of it is that it makes a nice, smooth, delicious cup of coffee!

I really like the design, this coffee maker is practical. With the rubber bottom piece, the built in handle, and the measuring lines they give you a coffee maker that helps with your overall coffee experience greatly.

Not only is it an amazing deal – seriously. It’s much cheaper than other pour overs that have fewer features – but it has a lifetime warranty!

Awesome pour over, lifetime warranty. Does it get any better than that?

And I haven’t even said that about my favorite coffee maker ever!

Now for the cons.

I can think of only two “cons” for this one.

Honestly, they’re barely even cons, they’re hardly a big deal at all. But I don’t think I could review any product and say there’s nothing bad about it. That would just be weird…

It takes a little scrubbing to clean the metal filter. And you’ll want to give it a proper wash with soap at least once a week most likely depending on how much you use it.

You’ll want to at least wipe off the metal filter briefly with either your finger or a cloth after every use. But this takes about 1 minute. And what coffee maker never needs cleaning???

Another slightly more unique con about the design is that there’s a rubber piece on the handle of the filter. This is just for ease of use and it’s actually a nice feature.

But it’s not glued or screwed or fixed on in any way. So it comes off when you’re washing the filter or when you use it sometimes.

It’s hard for me to decide if it’s better without the rubber piece being screwed on or not. But again, this isn’t a big deal at all.

You simply wipe any coffee or water off of the handle, put the rubber piece back on and it’s good to go.

Some cons or problems are bigger than others when it comes to reviewing things. And both of these that I’ve found with the Bean Envy pour I don’t really see as major problems at all.

The Taste

This pour over delivers a great taste.

The thickness of the metal filter seems to be between a thicker filter like a Chemex and a thinner filter like a Hario or Melitta or others similar to those.

The taste is less acidic than a Hario V60 and similar pour overs, which I personally enjoy. It’s closer to the taste that Chemex delivers.

The taste is a very nice balance of being just barely acidic enough where the origin flavors come through but not enough to where it gives much of a sour or bitter taste.

For a pour over – and let’s face it, all pour overs deliver a pretty similar flavor profile – this is one of the top quality tasting ones I’ve had. It’s hard to say which is my favorite for taste, but this one is up there for me.

The Warranty

It has a lifetime warranty!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when a company has a good warranty what it tells us is that they stand behind their product.

They believe in it!

They have enough confidence in their product to say, “We’re so sure you will be satisfied with this that if something isn’t satisfactory or something breaks, we will make sure that gets solved.”

It also shows they care about the customer’s experience.

It’s already a great coffee brewer to start with, and on top of that they give a lifetime warranty. I’m not trying to be hype-y, but for real that’s such an amazing deal. If you get this coffee brewer, you’re set. Period.


While it has its unique taste, the quality of taste and its other nice features certainly make this pour over comparable in my opinion to any of the major name brand pour overs.

It just doesn’t have the name like they do.

It has its own look as well. It looks somewhat like a Chemex in that it has a similar shape.

But its more modern and sleek looking.

If you want to really get a great deal this pour over is practically a must.

Between the metal reusable lifetime filter, the lifetime warranty, the low price for such a nice coffee brewer and the quality of coffee you get, this pays for itself 10x over in my opinion.

I would almost go as far as to say there’s hardly a reason not to get the Bean Envy pour over!

If there wasn’t a different coffee brewer that takes the spot as my favorite because of the superb taste it yields, this Bean Envy pour over would be my top recommendation to get.


I hope you enjoyed this review of this amazing coffee maker! If you have any questions or comments about it please feel free to let me know.

Coffee cheers!


Crystal Graves

I can’t wait to get one of these. I’m so excited about it now.

May 30.2020 | 07:37 pm


    I’m so glad to hear! I hope you enjoy it so much.

    May 31.2020 | 04:59 am

Renee spano

Can I use a paper filter with the pour over and if so which one ?

Mar 03.2024 | 09:44 pm


    Yeah you can use a paper filter with any metal filter if you think it’s going too fast. I think size 02 should work for the Bean Envy.

    Mar 04.2024 | 05:43 pm

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