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Are you a coffee mug collector, like me?

I don’t know about you but I just love coffee mugs!

I’ve been collecting them for a long time.

I’ve collected the Starbucks World Icons series and I have about 30 of them. And I enjoy getting pretty much any other kind of coffee mug that I think is beautiful, fun, unique or that I like.

In my web store, Coffee Cheers Merch, I’ve designed many coffee mugs. I’ve made some series of mugs too!

One of my favorite series there is the animal mugs.

Animal Mugs


This is the toucan mug from the animal coffee mug series! Toucans are one of my favorite animals by the way.

If you’re an animal lover or if you know an animal lover, a great gift for yourself or them is an animal coffee mug!

It’s hard to not be happy or have a smile when you’re drinking from a mug that has a cute or beautiful animal on it, right?

A great place to buy one is at Coffee Cheers Merch! Let me tell you why…

100% Satisfaction Guarantee With Your Purchase!

This is practically the main reason to buy from any brand or store of course!

If you’re dealing with a business that doesn’t guarantee satisfaction with your order, you’re running a risk by buying from them!

If you buy something from Coffee Cheers Merch, whether that’s animal mugs, other coffee mugs, t-shirts, coasters, coffee makers or any of the other products available at the store, I personally make sure that if there’s a problem with the product that it will be resolved.

Whether that’s a refund or a replacement or whatever else.

You are safe when you purchase at Coffee Cheers Merch!

That’s the bottom line here.

And at the same time, I am confident in the products that I create and am very sure that if you like the pictures of the products that you see, you will like the product when you order it!

The colors, text, pictures etc are beautiful and look exactly as printed!

Take the toucan mug from the picture above.

The photo above is the stock image of that mug. Here’s a picture I took of the mug…

Cute animal coffee mugs


And when you buy coffee mugs from CCM, they are delivered in 4 to 8 days in a sturdy Styrofoam box.

I know that you’ll be happy with your experience at Coffee Cheers Merch!

High Quality Mugs With Beautiful Print

The white mugs that are sold in my web store are high quality mugs with a beautiful glossy ceramic surface.

They are heat pressed and the beautiful images and text on the mugs are solid on the mug.

They are microwave and dishwasher safe, and as I mentioned before they look exactly like the pictures.

The mugs come in either an 11oz or 15oz size. Although most of the animal mugs series are 15oz.

There is definitely no need to worry about the quality of these mugs!

I also purchase samples and test them to make sure the design is right, properly sized and fitted on the mug, and that everything looks good!

These are mugs and designs that I myself happily drink my coffee from, show off pictures on Instagram and on social media, and just love!

If I myself didn’t love the quality of the mugs, the beautiful colors and fun pictures and text on them, I wouldn’t expect you to!

The Animal Series!

Like I said before, the mugs with animals on them are just some of my very favorite mugs in the store!

They’re fun, cute, beautiful or all of the above!

There are plenty to choose from and the collection is growing!

Many of the animal mugs are realistic looking graphics of animals, because I think they look so great that way.

But some of them are cute, cartoon looking animals, and those are lots of fun too!

Here’s an example of a realistic looking one, the sea turtle mug…

Beautiful animal coffee mugs


Where to buy animal coffee mugs

I personally love the beautiful colors on this mug and looking at it reminds me of seeing sea turtles swim through the beautiful clear water of Hawaii when I would go snorkeling there.

The sea turtle mug is an awesome mug for anyone who loves sea turtles, marine life, or just a beautiful mug that’ll make your coffee drinking experience peaceful and just all around great.

There are also some really cute animal mugs in the store!

If you like cute panda bears or know someone else who does, here’s the perfect mug!…

Cute panda coffee mug


Cute panda bear


Isn’t the panda cute!?

These are of course more cartoony and not very realistic looking, but it’s just to show the contrast between the animals mugs that are available at Coffee Cheers Merch!

There’s something for pretty much anyone at the store, and the animal mug collection is still growing!

If there’s an animal you would like to have on a mug, you can feel absolutely free to let me know and I will see if I can put it on a mug for you!

I would be happy to have your feedback.

Whether it’s birds, bears, sea creatures, dogs, cats, or whatever else, I hope you’ll find something you love there!

They Are Not Sold In Stores

As it says on pretty much all the product descriptions… these mugs are custom designs that are not sold in stores!

The animal mugs – and actually every single other mug in my web store – are all custom designs that I’ve done myself.

So if you see something you like in the store, you can’t find a better deal for it on Amazon or some other store because no other stores have the mugs!

I enjoy reviewing coffee and other products from other companies here at My Home Brewed Coffee, but I’m also proud to show you my own products too.

If I do say so myself, I’m happy to say I designed the mugs myself because I really enjoy them!

I use my mugs to drink coffee pretty much every day because I honestly really like them.

For me, there’s something special about buying a custom design or something that I know is totally unique.

For example, I absolutely love handmade glazed ceramic coffee mugs from a pottery wheel… like this one here.

Every one of them is unique because they’re handmade. And they’re just so beautiful.

I love buying them knowing that I’m the only one who has that exact design and mug.

They can be kind of expensive because they are handmade, unique, and their specialty mugs, but I know that’s how it goes and I think it’s worth it for something I love! That’s how things work in the world of custom designs.

I do take the time with every mug and make sure that the graphic looks good, that it’s centered on the mug and in the right position, and that all the other details are good.

Sloth coffee mug

I am sure that these custom mugs will give you a smile and be a great addition to your collection!

Order Yours Today!

Again, you can’t find the mugs from Coffee Cheers Merch in any other store!

So if you like them and want to purchase some, you won’t be able to search the web for them.

I really do hope you love the animal mugs and other mugs in the store, and if you buy from Coffee Cheers Merch, it means the world to me to have support for my business.

But then again, if you don’t like them, please don’t buy them!

Unless you’re buying it for someone else who you know would like them…

Because at the end of the day, I want you to be happy, to purchase something you really enjoy, and I want to be able to make and sell things that people enjoy.

I’m a man on a mission: to make products that you will absolutely love, and to give you the best possible experience as a customer.

So if you’re looking for a coffee mug with a beautiful or cute animal on it, I hope that you’ll browse the store today and that you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

And with that, coffee cheers!


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