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When a coffee impresses me, I love trying other coffees from that roaster/brand.

I absolutely loved Allegro Coffee’s Blue Nile Blend, and you can read my full review for it here!

So after that, I really wanted to try another one from Allegro.

I did just that, and today I’ll be giving my full review of Allegro Coffee’s Cafe La Duena!

Allegro Coffee Cafe La Duena Review


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It maybe wasn’t quite as good as Blue Nile Blend, but it was a great coffee, with a wonderful flavor profile.

Which I’ll explain in the next section.

Overall, I’d give this coffee 7 out of 10!

So read on to see why, and for my full review of Allegro Coffee’s Cafe La Duena!

The Taste

This is a very nicely balanced coffee that, in my opinion, does not disappoint!

The aroma is sweet, thick, velvety and chocolatey, but like cacao.

I was pretty excited to smell such a complex aroma.

The taste itself wasn’t quite as complex as the aroma but still nice… sweet and floral notes, along with a nice cacao taste.

The acidity is not too strong in this one but a slight citrus, slightly sour.

I’d say this is a full-bodied coffee.

And the aftertaste/finish leaves mostly that cacao/chocolate taste.

So you can probably notice that the main element in this coffee is the chocolate/cacao profile, I’d say.


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This also goes along with what’s written on the bag as the taster’s notes say, “sweet, balanced chocolaty”.

As I’ve said before, I do enjoy it when I end up agreeing with the taster’s notes say on the bag.

It makes me feel like I’m not totally crazy.

I do agree with what the bag says, although because for me I noticed the cacao/chocolate profile most prominently, I’d maybe put that first.

But that doesn’t really matter so much.

Good Coffee Is Good Coffee

You know what, whether you drink Folgers or only the highest quality, most expensive small batch coffee… I don’t judge.

I don’t hate.

I got a comment from someone on this coffee where they wrote something like this, “Ugh… Amazon produced and roasted. No thanks. I’ll take small batch coffee instead.”

And that’s ok, I don’t judge them either.

But for me, being someone who personally cannot bear the taste of Folgers, for example, I don’t just love every coffee I taste.

I also can be quite picky and my taste buds can be a tough crowd.

My favorite coffee (which is also made by my favorite coffee company), is a high quality roaster and they’re coffee is a bit more pricey.

But it’s interesting that someone would judge this coffee because it’s produced by Amazon.

I don’t know if they’ve tasted the coffee… but it’s good quality coffee!

It has a great taste, well-balanced, and it tastes fresh too.

So here’s the thing….

Coffee doesn’t need to be expensive, “craft”, hipster stuff that hardly anyone has heard of, or is ultra popular like the absolutely disgusting and highly overrated Stumptown Coffee.

This is a great coffee with a great taste, that’s fortunately not ridiculously expensive!

What’s wrong with that!?

The fact that it’s produced and/or roasted by Amazon!?!?

Give me a break.

Good coffee is good coffee, whether it’s made by Amazon, or whoever else.

And I call good coffee when I taste it, likewise bad coffee when I taste it.

Can we just get over the whole hipster thing, please?



Cafe La Duena by Allegro Coffee is a very fine coffee with a nice, balanced cacao flavor, no matter what snobs may say.

If you love a coffee with a cacao or chocolate flavor profile, like I do, then you’ll surely love this one.

Although I didn’t like it quite as much as I liked their Blue Nile Blend, I really enjoyed it, and it came quite close.

It’s well-balanced and it’s just an overall good quality coffee.

I hope that if you give it a try, that you’ll really enjoy it.

If you have any questions or comments about this coffee, feel free to let me know in the comments section and I’ll be happy to hear from you!

And with that, enjoy your coffee!


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