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I got this coffee as a birthday gift, and I was in for a surprise at how good it was!

Allegro Coffee Blue Nile Blend Review


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It was on my Amazon wishlist, and I wasn’t necessarily in a hurry to get it myself, but I’m glad someone else got it for me!

It’s always a great thing to be pleasantly surprised by a coffee when you don’t know what to expect.


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When I looked at the picture of it on Amazon, it didn’t jump out at me too much or anything.

But you know what they say, “never judge a book by its cover.”

I don’t even think I read what the taster’s notes were. I just noticed that it was a popular coffee on Amazon.

But the thing about me is that when something is popular, I often tend to question if it’s that great. I don’t know why, it’s just how I am!

But this coffee far exceeded my expectations and was amazing from the first sip.

Overall I’d give this coffee 8.5 out of 10. It’s fresh, delicious, well-balanced. There’s hardly anything not to like about it!

So read on to get my full Allegro Coffee Blue Nile Blend review, starting with the taste…


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The Taste

The aroma is savory, rich, and sweet/spicy.

On the bag it says the taster’s notes are berry, tobacco, and spice.

These are right on!

I love it when what I taste matches what it says on the coffee bag. It makes me feel like maybe I’m not so crazy after all. Haha!

This coffee has a light-medium body, slightly silky.

It almost has a hint of licorice taste to it, but that might be a bit of a stretch.

The finish is awesome because the berry taste really lingers. It’s kind of a sweet, tangy berry taste.

This is a very well-balanced coffee. It really is amazing when you can taste so many different flavors or tasting notes clearly in one coffee.

They really described this coffee perfectly on the bag. I taste the sweetness of berries, a tobacco flavor, and a spice in this coffee.

And this coffee is really delicious!!

Allegro coffee Amazon


A Special Flavor…

I’ve tried at least a few coffees that say there’s a tobacco flavor, or tobacco notes.

But I’ve never really noticed it myself so strongly.

Or maybe I’ve never really noticed it enough to think, wow that’s a cool and great flavor the tobacco notes!

I can absolutely say that this is the first coffee I’ve tried where I’ve actually thought that! They definitely deliver on the tobacco flavor notes!

And that’s not a bad thing at all… it’s actually a really good thing.

It’s really difficult to describe, but it’s an awesome, unique flavor that’s a real treat and a rare find.

I can pretty much say that up to this point in my coffee blogging, just over a year and a half, I haven’t tasted a coffee that has a noticeable, nice tasting tobacco flavor.

It’s Nice And Fresh

This is something I only make note of and mention if it’s actually true.

I don’t say this about every coffee I try!

But Allegro Coffee’s Blue Nile Blend is definitely a fresh coffee!

It’s a factor that we can say makes all the difference in a coffee. And it’s usually quite easy to tell how fresh a coffee is.

With very nice packaging that’s airtight, this stuff will definitely remain very fresh all the way up until you open it with no question.

There’s not too much more to say about this point, except that it’s just a fresh coffee and you can taste it!


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Wrapping It Up

With some unique characteristics, a good price for such a quality coffee, and a delicious freshness, you just can’t go wrong with this coffee!

I really wasn’t very pleasantly surprised at how awesome this coffee was. And I’ll bet that if you get it, you will be too!

I can practically guarantee that if you like good coffee, you’ll love the flavor profile of this coffee and how the tobacco flavor notes deliciously shine through.

Have you ever had a coffee with good, noticeable tobacco flavor notes?

Let me know in the comments section!

I hope you enjoyed this review and that even more you’ll really enjoy this coffee if you try it! It’s really a winner with such an amazing, well-balanced taste!

And to that… coffee cheers!


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